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  1. I uploaded a clip but it won’t play, does anyone know how I can fix it so people aren’t downloading a clip that doesn’t work? 

    1. WhoDat


      Give it a little bit, sometimes it can take a minute. Check in like another 30 minutes. 

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      If it’s still not working, check with the bouncers! 👍

  2. I’m vegetarian so anyone with good vegetarian recipes send them my way! Also I will be posting videos soon so taking requests. 


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    2. grateful


      My life long fantasy is watching some one grow with totally clean foods.  😍😍😍

      Amazing skin and glow in the dark curves!    ❤️❤️❤️

      A real special gain.  😁

      Don't know if you're vegan but if you're a loose lacto vegetarian you must be sure to know your protein combinations.  French fries and ice cream sundae, apple pie a la mode, milk and cookies, etc. hahahaha

      It's entirely possible to get fat raw vegan-nut butters and cheeses, avocados, bananas, dates, figs.

      My longest reply to an update yet! LOL

      Thanks for your update! 😃

    3. Jordan


      A button pop video with a pair of jeans or shorts or button shirt 😀😀

    4. Foodlife


      I’m not vegan, just vegetarian.  Cream and cheese are a gals best friend 💛 

  3. Honestly wish I got stuff to make tacos tonight


    1. grateful


      Getting thicker!  :wub:


      Beautiful pic! Thanks!  😁

  4. Definitely feeling softer. My old dance teacher would be irked if she saw me right now. (Peep my dog in the back) 


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    2. Zep Lee

      Zep Lee

      Cute dog and cute belly. Those jeans look tight. And your instructor should be proud that you grew into such a beautiful woman.

    3. Sir Jeffrey

      Sir Jeffrey

      Any woman with those kind of socks can't be bad. 😀

    4. nomercy58


      Not common to find other Colorado people on here. Anyway, you look lovely. 

  5. Another before and after. Left is October, the middle and right are November after about a 10 lb gain. 


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    2. Anotherperson


      Very impressive, I wonder how soft you'll look in another 2 months...

    3. grateful


      Look at that belly and the perfect hips for it to sit on 😍❤️

      Beautiful pics! Thank you!  😁

  6. So far I’ve gained about 10 pounds going from 125 to 135 ish in the span of a month. I can’t wait to continue gaining! 


    1. Dh123456789


      Looking good! What got you into gaining? Do you have a goal weight?

    2. Foodlife


      I’ve always been into it, but never could since I was a dancer, now that I’m done performing, I finally can(: My goal for now is 200 lbs. 

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