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  1. I noticed recently when trying to put a couple clips in my cart that it automatically takes me to checkout without the option to continue browsing. Even tried clicking "Add to Cart" in other windows and it would only show the clip from that window.
    Definitely worth getting this video! Seeing Camilla's wide, bloated form jiggle as she gets into the pool and then proceeds to float around is an absolute treat!
    I can't recommend this video enough to anyone that's a fan of hers! If the pictures aren't enough to convince anyone that this is worth picking up, the twelve minutes of jiggling belly, wobbling boobs and swaying ass as she tries to fit into an incredibly tight bra, pants, and more should! Absolutely worth getting even with the sale over.
  2. A cake stuffing on all fours while wearing a bikini/bra and thong would be fantastic!
    A very wonderful clip overall! Everything about it was absolutely fantastic to watch. Tight clothes on a bulging body that shook and wobbled with every motion, hopefully some of these pieces of clothing will be kept for an even tighter review later!
  3. Force feeding, burping and the thought that every bit of food going in your mouth ends up making the feedee's belly heavier; and there's nothing they can do about it!
  4. Cake, regardless of size or type. Plenty of frosting on top of it also!
  5. Trying On Last Year's Fave Outfits looks to die for 😋
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