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    As a sequel to the first Panty Party, which was crazy hot! This one out does it thanks to how much weight she has put on since last December. Lots of great fat chat and fat play in this video. Plus those panties be struggling!
  1. If you haven’t bought Piggy Panty Party 1 & 2, here are some great before and afters that give a taste of the hotness! Nikki got real fat, y’all!
  2. Even if a bikini bottom could cover your giant globe of a gut, any thunderous and ponderous step you took at you tried to waddle into the ocean would cause that gut to jiggly and flop out. Looking like a big oily ball of blubber shaking and slapping against those thunder thighs. Causing a scene and scaring children with how fucking massive it is. A testament to your gluttony and even rudimentary willpower. You’ve encased yourself in fat now a slave to your appetite.
  3. For a gluttonous hog with no willpower, it is like the Olympics! And you’re turning into a honey baked ham with all that sweating. The summer heat is just going to turn you into a rotund glistening piggy whose only salvation is lots and lots of ice cream. It’d be a shock if by next summer you can fit into any of your bikinis at all!
  4. Better size up because at the rate you’re growing they’ll split if you dropped something that is if you could even button them! And I bet you have to take a break waddling your fat ass from the couch to the fridge to catch your breath and wipe the sweat from your brow. Your cardio is eating until you can barely see straight!
  5. 140 pounds?! It is like you ate the old you and then couldn’t put down the fork. You’re going to need a wide load sign soon to let people know you’re coming. It is like ran away from being a sexy trim little thing, but we all know you can’t run anymore so now you’re waddling to being an enormous hog who eats until she can’t stand or breathe!
  6. Sure, just a little bit... it isn’t like you haven’t been eating like you’re going to the electric chair everyday for a year. It isn’t like you gave up your CrossFit laser focus for working a spoon and fork. It isn’t like you ask for seconds, thirds and fourths at every meal. It isn’t like you don’t have a midnight snack, and then a 1am snack. It isn’t like you haven’t decided to set up a chair in front of the fridge for meals...
  7. What a fucking complete glazed ham! From beach bunny to beached whale. Gone from an Olympic swimmer to a flotation device. Fucking fat and obscene. I’m surprised you don’t get cited for indecent exposure for that gut covering up those bottoms.
    Nikki continues to get massive during this quarantine! This video is a perfect example of what her piggish ways has done to her figure. It is also like you’re watching her complain in the morning after realizing what her teeth sting habits have done for her!
  8. Doing the lard’s work showing off how much Nikki absolutely blew up!
    I Stan Nikki because she makes excellent and hot clips. I may have gone into cardiac arrest after watching this. She is exploding out of her lingerie and show off just how fat she is getting in quarantine. Oooof! Would recommend.
    If you want to learn more about this piggy’s goals and preferences are then this clip is for you! Some great answers and some sensual fat play!
    This is such a hot video! Watching Nikki squeeze into jeans from the start of her gain and hearing her huff and puff doing it is incredible!
    Short and simple this video is hot! Nikki teases you with her growing curves and her planned gains in these trying times.
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