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  1. Dairy Queen on a Friday night is there anything better?

  2. As great as summer is for too tight sun dress and arm flab on display, nothing beats the coming of fall and winter.

    Like that heavy coat ain’t hiding nothing. We can see that VBO and front butt, girl.

    Chubbybaby’s weigh in hits all the things you want from a weigh in: great context from her last weigh in, shift in POVs to show you the scale as it flashes those fateful numbers, and erotic fat talk detailing what has contributed to her gain. all that plus her inhaling a whole pizza and some belly play (complete with a belly button tease)! If what she said is her new philosophy in life then we’ll be seeing a lot more of her next time she weighs in. She’ll probably need a new scale too!
    This was a great combo video. It really gives you everything! A weigh in, measurements, and an impressive stuffing (with a cute burp). All for a tremendous value! chubbychiquita is so comfortable on camera letting her personality show while she details her monumental gain and how things have changed since gaining 60 pounds. She even does it while stuffing her face full of cupcakes! She stops near the end because you can tell her piggish side took over and she was as eager to stuff her face and drink her fill. I would have loved to see a view of the scale from her POV, but there is so much happening for such great value, it is a minor complaint. The lighting was mentioned in the description as an issue, but I enjoyed it. The soft lighting made it feel like a lazy Sunday spent listening to this rapidly growing young lady talk about her gain and stuff her face. Everything is even more impressive when you think about this being filmed on 9/13 and her recent IG post on 9/26 showed a substantial gain from here. She is only a rate to gain even more a month than she claims in the video! I would love for a follow up video after school starts where you talk about the reactions you get from your shocking summer gain.
    I was blown away by this video! Not only by dat ass (which is on display in its full and jiggly glory), but by how deft you are at talking about your fat, how much you love it and your gain. Fat chat is such an underrated part of clips, but you nailed it. You mix seduction with sensuality by talking about your jiggly, simply butt and wide hips. Doing this while showing off how soft and jiggly you are is a feat. even though you don’t show off your face, you can definitely see how much you love being and talking about feet from your smile as you talk (oh and that growing double chin)!
  3. Onen

    Female wrestlers

    Nia out here repping #niassbbw
  4. Onen

    Female wrestlers

    That ass though!
  5. Onen

    Female wrestlers

    Which one of you perverts made this Nia SSBBW SIGN?
  6. Onen

    Female wrestlers

    Now that’s a gain bay-bay!
  7. Onen

    Female wrestlers

    You gotta give us some hints to track down this!
  8. Onen

    Aidy Bryant

    She is fucking hilarious and kills it every time.
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