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  1. In honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to make a little thigh appreciation post. They jiggle and they wobble and they're soft and comfy! They're great! Hope you like mine and the little stretch marks I have along with them. Also hoping that this time next year, I'll have a nice feeder to keep me plump and happy. 😊💗


  2. My first curvage clip! I woke up and wanted to show off my belly and my little pouch of tummy fat. My phone camera isn't the best but I hope you like it!


  3. Thank you! Glad to be here. 😊
  4. Thank you! I'm glad this community is so welcoming ♡
  5. Hello all! ♡ I'm Mari and I'm a new chick on Curvage, looking forward to modeling. Someone's gotta love these rolls and curves as much as I do, right?
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