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  1. Lol, AoE, Sims, Cities Skylines, Minecraft and Black Desert. If any girl here wants a gaming pal, text me 😁
  2. Welcome to Curvage beauty ❤️ BTW: Loved the Evee tight tatoo, so cute
  3. Difficult to answer, but id say @AnnaOli @[email protected] Oh what a dream buffet! Id love to be the dessert
  4. You are amazing Casey! Loved this episode too, cant wait for the next one!
  5. I´d say any man´s dream, such a goddess 😍
  6. Thank you so much for making such an amazing podcast! I wholeheartedly loved hearing your story and cant wait to hear the next one 😍 I also had mane doubts with myself along my life, having gfs break up with me just because they gained weight and i told them i loved them at any body weight, following with them having the same issues you talk about with family or friends, insecurities, and treating me bad for being a devil who made her gain weight ( i never oblligated anyone, and even helped them when they felt insecure and wanted to diet), and i can assure you they were much more healthier fatter than skinny (from being sick once a week beacause of bad eating habits, to never getting ill at all for more than two years, for example). However, as much as this society can be shit, it also can be amazing! Nowadays im much more open showing myself as i am, a fat woman lover. A BBW and SSBBW lover. And i found a lot of amazing people, and an amazing community, Curvage. I absolutely love this site, and love admiring all these beautiful big girls that share their body and stories with us. Thanks so much Casey for being such a beautiful representative of this community and for contributing for this amazing place to be known. I really hope everybody can get out of this closet you speak of and be happy and free. ❤️
  7. Hello Norexi, I hope you have fun archieving your goal and share your journey with us ❤️ Welcome to curvage!
  8. Your gain is absolutely stunning, i love your beautiful strechmarks
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