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    Every video Wendy posts is a masterwork of sensuality...don’t miss!
    In Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet, R says “see how she leans her cheek upon that hand / o, that I were a glove upon that hand / that I might touch that cheek”...watching this video I wanted to exclaim that I wish I were the ring upon Wendy’s finger, that I might touch that belly!! No one’s belly flows as beautifully as Wendy’s; it’s like a river composed of sweet cream, and she caresses and explores it so wonderfully. Highly recommended!
    Firmly agree with the earlier reviewers: 5 stars all the way. Wendy is a wonderful nature guide; there is a reverential aspect to the way she looks at the forest — and at the camera — and she touches her body with a similar sense of its natural beauty. And then she smiles...not to be missed!
    The dream afternoon with Wendy, who is a master of show/don’t show — of the seductive art of teasing. She is beautiful and this is a cozy afternoon you will not forget!
    You will adore this video, as I do, if you’re a fan of sensuality, of gentle caresses across a soft, beautiful body. Wendy is beautiful, and her skin literally glows here. Don’t miss this!
    The first of what will hopefully soon be many! I followed @FluffyMaddie here from her only f*ns site (similarly amazing) — belly play, stuffing, and sensual joy in food were pretty much entirely new to me beforehand, but I am finding it fun — and such a turn-on! — to watch these sensual, joyful videos. Highly recommended — and addictive!
    This vid has amazing ASMR elements, from the crinkling of the fast food wrappers, to the creaking of the bed, to @FluffyMaddie’s gasps of pleasure as she takes bountiful bites! And of course lots of beautiful boob and belly play. It’s dynamic, hot — and worth every penny!
    This is a gorgeous video, recommended to all! Wendy looks contemplative and beautiful as she explores the woodland around a mountain lake; then her smile brightens the scene like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. During a brief rest on the grass, Wendy lifts her shirt and hikes down the edge of her pants to caress her beautiful belly and hips...So sensual and so lovely!
  1. Hi Curvage, can you please explain how to leave a review on clips I’ve purchased? I have heard that I need to download the clip (it would be better if the functionality would allow a review after I’ve purchased and watched a video on clip Center, because downloading doesn’t always work). I’ve tried to download videos and it hasn’t worked yet for me. Please make it possible to submit a review. Thanks
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