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  1. Let us all use our telekinesis powers and built-in weight sensors to determine that. Who fucking cares!
  2. That last one sent me to the bathroom, damn she is hot!!!
  3. And she difinitly knows it, what a beauty 😍
  4. I wish I was that guy grabbing that sexy ass.
  5. What a hottie at any weight, but bigger is better
  6. dirkdelaware


    I just love her chubby little face.
  7. She is hot! Great ass and everything else.
  8. Yes Sir indeed! Love to be blinded by the light of that moon
  9. She is hot at any weight, but I enjoy her delicious thick body now.
  10. What a wonderful woman,absolutely beautiful.
  11. dirkdelaware

    Amber Rose

    Not to be rude,but I wish she had hair.
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