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  1. I am pretty sure it was more that she gave up watching her weight and then got comfortable with the extra pounds rather than eating to gain.
  2. I don’t think the loss was intentional. Let’s wait and see... I think she would like to get bigger again!
  3. I think she was at her all-time fattest in that pic (around 270lbs). She does look fabulous and her ass is just insanely big.
  4. Possibly my favourite pic of her in the last year or so... what a shape!!! Still claiming a 55” ass!
  5. Bit more info here: http://www.starnow.co.uk/cmartin/#
  6. Couldn't resist a comparison between the first pic I saw about four years ago of Morgan and now... What a gain!!!
  7. What a remarkable woman! How did I miss this first time round?!
  8. Woweeeee... Would love to know more about her!
  9. God I love comparisons like this! What an amazing figure!
  10. Oh my goodness!! What a find! It's made my day and I've only just got up!
  11. It's true... https://mobile.twitter.com/Lucy__Vixen/status/691934990335086595 This has made my day... She is heavier than me... 86kg... Wowwwww!!!!
  12. She was weighing in at 100kg in this pic!!! That's 220lbs... Here's a couple of posts from her IG where she says as much! She's lost weight now, but still stunning!
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