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  1. That is some boob growth!! She must have doubled in size in two years!! Nice!
  2. Here are a couple of my favourite comparisons... her bum really has blown up in the last year. I also added a couple of other faves, just showing how much she can stretch a top... plus a before! Also you might want to have a look at this: https://imgur.com/a/VqDzvou... 😳
  3. She is a very, very good looking woman and as others have said, beautiful at any weight, but seeing how she has gained is just beyond hottttt. She looks fabulous. So do you prefer now that she has gained what looks like four stone?
  4. WOW!!!! Would love to see more... that is an AMAZING gain! Would also love to hear more about how she feels about it and whether it was intentional and what role you had to play! (Think you’ve posted in the wrong section though.)
  5. Honestly, I can’t quite believe how the fatter she has got, the fewer clothes he has worn! Just truly stunning girl and stunning gain... just fabulous. Thank you so much!
  6. Such a gorgeous little porker!! I loveeee how big and deep her bellybutton is... shame she shows it off so rarely...
  7. JESUS H CHRIST!!!! She is a UNIT!!! Look at the SIZE of her ASS and QUADS. This is why I love cycling... you do get a lot of girls who are predisposed to gaining like this... they choose cycling because they are more thick and muscular (and ill-suited to running)... invest a lot of time in training... and THIS happens! I did a big cycle event in London this summer and it’s quite distracting seeing so many girls like this out on the course...!
  8. Wonderous... she has definitely grown!! Just a perfect woman!
  9. I agree - those arms are as thick as I have ever seen them and her ass is sticking out like never before!
  10. Madison is the best example of this: There are so many pics of her with her belly poking out and she clearly loves it!
  11. Wow!! What an amazing woman! Sorry to be late to this party, but I am loving hearing how this is progressing... keep it up!
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