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  1. Drat! I thought there was an update ☹️
  2. DorFox

    Selena Gomez

    Nah, it's just you. Wishful thinking.
  3. DorFox

    Kristen Johnston

    Hmmmm, neither link works for me.
  4. DorFox

    Wifey 2.0

    that was my favourite thread, I hate it when they disappear without any explanation.
  5. DorFox

    Wifey 2.0

    Where did this thread go?
  6. DorFox

    Rebel Wilson

    Looks like she may have lost a few.
  7. DorFox


    Anyone know what has happened to her as her Clips4Sale has no new content since 10/14/17 ?
  8. Thought I would try to make this brighter as it was hard to see this wonderful stomach against the dark wood. KFD AND SH*T: As your crabby moderator, here's the obligatory PSA about posting stuff online and the allegory of peeing in the pool. Off my lawn, now. GO!
  9. Here is her current BMI (Please don't flame me as we all know these can be meaningless, this is just a bit of fun) I used a figure of 200 pounds as the reference. This would have you believe that she is 54 pounds overweight.
  10. I know US sizes are different to UK sizes so I decided to look them up. US size 20 equates to UK size 22 which is pretty big. The measurements are :- Bust : 45" Waist : 36.5" Hips : 47" I love your girls shape, she looks solid rather than flabby and in my opinion does not look as though she is around 200 pounds. Please keep the commentary coming ;D
  11. Wow absolutely stunning! you are indeed a lucky man ;D The stories and now pictures, it just doesn't get any better - Thanks Osaka. As for watching out, perhaps you could watermark the photos which may make whoever stole them think twice before claiming the photos as his own.
  12. DorFox

    Search Function

    Thanks Heart, I thought it must just be me as I had seen no other comments but I am at loss as to why 3 different browsers all have the problem.
  13. DorFox

    Search Function

    I assume it is just me but I cannot use the search function anywhere in the forum. As soon as I do it just blanks the page and leaves the Curvage logo at the top withh all the tabs but nothing below. I am using the latest Firefox but have tried with IE11 and Chrome with the same result. Any ideas?
  14. DorFox


    Gricha, what can I say! I had a small archive that I cherished but yours blew me away. Many thanks for the upload. If Gabore uploads his as well I will go through all that I have in case there is one or two not up there yet but you guys look to have it covered. Thanks again.
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