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  1. so I forgot to post these from a few weeks ago... I've always been used to wearing a size medium but lately when I go shopping I try a medium AND a large in everything bc i'm now a large in a lot of things. Anyways I thought this dress was SO cute so I brought back both sizes and tried the large first. Could BARELY squeeze into it. I was shocked! It was SO TIGHT my sister and I struggled for at least five minutes trying to get this thing to zip. Just thought i'd share lol. 

    p.s I didn't buy it bc if I wore it out it would either rip or suffocate me by the end of the night





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    2. regbill


      You are a beauty from head to toe and all point's in between.:wub:

    3. Ivyrunner94


      Wow, you are beautiful 🥵

    4. mikebausch21


      You shoulda have grabbed the large! 

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