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    Casey is blowing up! Here she weighs in at her highest weight ever on camera! You don't want to miss this new update in her weight gain journey!
  1. So proud of you, Casey! You're going to reach your goals in no time!
    All I can say is wow! In this video, you see a different side of Casey. She really embraces her inner dominant feedee. Seeing her take charge and give you instructions on how to take care of her and keep her body growing is something you just have to purchase the clip to experience! Well done, Casey!
    Casey's gluttony knows no bounds! In this video, you can see just how much it turns her on to be a fat, greedy pig!
  2. Ivy Davenport. how has no one said that yet?
  3. My God. Look at what you've done to yourself. You had such a perfect, fit body. And now it's ruined. Destroyed. You used to be in shape and healthy. Now look at you. You're a walking heart attack. How does it feel to know every pound you gain is lowering your life expectancy? Are all the sweets and greasy junk foods worth it? Soon you won't be able to walk or even get out of bed at all. You've ruined yourself. Even if you wanted to go back to living a normal, healthy lifestyle, you probably couldn't. You're too addicted to your gluttonous, hedonistic ways. You'll never be that fit, healthy girl again. From here on out, you'll only get fatter, lazier, and greedier. Your health will continue to deteriorate until you are completely helpless and bedbound. all you'll be able to do is grasp and wheeze, the weight of all your fat pressing down on your lungs, barely able to reach your arms out to grab another handful of sugary treats to shove in your mouth. The consequences of your indulgence are catching up with you, Casey. It's only a matter of time now...
    Gluttony and indulgence at its finest! In this video, Casey absolutely submits to her fattest desires and pushes herself beyond her limits! A glorious sight to behold! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is a fan of pure greed and excess!
  4. Casey, that was amazing! I love watching you embrace your gluttony!๐Ÿ˜
  5. I would love to see you stuff a whole bunch of junk food totally naked or close to it. All the while talking about how fat you are, how much fatter you're going to get, and how much it turns you on. The more you talk about it, the more excited you get and the more/faster you stuff. Talking with your mouth full etc. Rubbing your belly. Taking time to admire all of the different parts of your body that are dripping with fat. Eventually you get to the point you just can't take it anymore and you have to touch yourself, while still stuffing food down your throat of course. You mean with your mouth full of food and talk about how much you love being morbidly obese and how you can't wait to be totally immobile until you finally get off. Maybe even get yourself off a few times in a row if that's your thing. I know you couldn't sell a clip like that on Curvage but maybe OnlyFans or ManyVids or something.
  6. Of course you've been pouring calories into your gut nonstop. You couldn't stop if you wanted to, could you? You're addicted, forever a slave to your gluttonous desires. There's no turning back now. The fit, healthy girl you used to be? She's dead. From here on out your only purpose in life is to get fatter and fatter. At this rate, you'll be completely bed bound in no time at all. How long do you think it will be until you never walk again? A year? Eight months? Maybe even less. You'll be pinned to your bed by the grotesque amount of fat engulfing your body, forever destined to do nothing but eat and cum. Keep it up, piggy. Don't ever stop gorging yourself. It's only a matter of time before you meet your goals.
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