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  1. Today she was saying how a coworker had asked her why she never wore jeans anymore, to which she’d replied by saying they’re just less comfortable. I think that’s mainly due to her outgrowing hers, but she’d replied by saying that she prefers to wear loosing fitting stuff at work instead. She bought some of those loose fitting trousers in December and they’re already becoming snugger. As I’ve mentioned, she’s always had a big, shelf booty but it’s pretty massive at this point, which I think she’s enjoying. Her boobs have really been filling out too which I’m sure she likes too, and she has a permanent little double-chin which looks cute on her. She’s been eating a burger most days and said she’d actually eaten two yesterday, as she was super busy and it was the most convenient option. The downside is that she’s working long hours at the moment, so she’s not always home for me to buy her takeout, and she’s also on her feet a lot so probably burning quite a few calories from that. She won’t be working these hours for much longer though and I have to remind myself it’s a marathon not a sprint, especially considering how much progress she’s already made in just a couple of months. I’ve started noticing women I see in public with proportions like hers and honestly I get pretty excited at what she could look like if she continues gaining.
  2. You just get hotter and hotter the more you gain, keep the stuffing videos up 😍
    Rosie has always looked gorgeous in her videos, but the way her face has softened as she’s gained is so sexy and she’s looking stunning in this latest video. Her belly and thighs are looking huge and are really starting to eat into her underwear. She shakes her belly through the whole video and seeing it jiggle so much is so hot. She makes her way through a pretty huge Five Guys meal, especially considering she couldn’t eat as much as normal in the video. She seems to really enjoy it and lets out little moans as she eats. Some good burps from the milkshake too. Towards the end she pours the fries on her belly and starts eating them off it. Honestly the speed at which she can eat fries is impressive. She calls herself a pig and says she doesn’t have the energy to shower the salt and oil off, which is a huge turn-on lol. As always, the sound and video quality are really good in this. Being able to hear Rosie clearly as she takes huge bites from the burger and chews them really completes the video.
  3. lalt


    She looked like normal in her post yesterday, so unless she saved loads of posts to post in advance, she hasn’t had lipo cus there’s at least a small recovery time for lipo. I reckon she’d just taken off a waist trainer before she took the pic. Most of the fat around her waist is subcutaneous anyway, idk if that can be lipoed?
  4. During sex the other day my gf mentioned that the bed had been creaking more lately. It is a fairly old bed frame so I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it later occurred to me that that’s probably more due to the gain. She’s going through pairs of leggings and jeans so quickly lately, so she’s been wearing looser-fitting ones, which is kind of a bummer in a way but hopefully they won’t be loose-fitting for long. I realised she’s eaten fast food every day for the past week. That might be normal for some bigger women, but it’s a pretty big change from how she used to eat. She gets bored of the food at the place she works at so orders from nearby places a lot, she’s been eating burgers and fries most days and ate a huge chocolate dessert the other day. She said she’d meant to save it for later but ate it all without realising, which was pretty hot. She then went to the cupboard when she got home and ate chocolate after. She’s been working a lot lately so it feels like more of a treat when we get to eat together, which always means takeout. She really just rarely turns down any unhealthy food at this point, which makes me weirdly proud of her. I’m enjoying the results lol.
  5. Absolutely man. I really enjoy writing about my relationship, I recommend it.
  6. Written a couple more instalments of my first fictional story, for those interested.
  7. lalt

    Lauren Gets Bigger

    Part 3 - The Mall Lauren woke on the sofa, still feeling slightly stuffed and with hazy memories of last night. The cocktails and sangria had really added up and she realised she’d been more ** than she thought, she was shocked at some of the salacious comments she remembered making. And she’d let Katie stuff her like a pig! She hoisted herself to sit upright and groaned, feeling her huge thighs taking up half the width of the sofa. With bleary eyes she looked at her phone, perking up as she noticed unread texts from James from last night. The contents didn’t immediately make sense to her, so she opened their conversation history and gasped in shock. Sometime last night she’d clearly been feeling confident as she’d sent him a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror, jeans unzipped and her extremely full belly hanging over them, out from under her blouse. She could see traces of dessert around her mouth and she’d been VERY generous with the cleavage, she looked very much like a woman of loose morals and zero self-restraint. Thankfully James’ response had been positive, responding with compliments on her figure and asking, “Have you been getting bigger for me?” Lauren felt pleased knowing he was on the same page as her. Katie, who’d been waddling about the kitchen when Lauren woke, noticed she’d finally gotten up. “Someone had fun last night” Katie teased, as Lauren massaged one of the rolls in her belly, feeling sorry for herself. The smell of pancakes emanating from the kitchen soon roused Lauren from the sofa. “They’re not ready yet” preempted Katie, to which Lauren responded by huffing, rolling her eyes and heading for the bathroom. She noticed Katie had bought a pair of heavy-duty scales, clearly having ambitious plans for herself. Lauren stepped on and heard them creak as the number climbed, eventually settling on 275lbs - a 10lb gain in a few weeks. She was pleased with this but also felt impatient - her date with James had really been a mental tipping point for her and Katie was really bringing out her inner feedee. She wanted to be much, much bigger, but she had no delusions about the limits of how fast the human body could gain weight. She hopped in and out of the shower and got dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt, admiring her new cellulite and growing saddlebags hanging of the sides of her thighs. “Breakfast’s ready!” she heard Katie call from the kitchen. Lauren hurriedly finished dressing and bounded out the bathroom for the kitchen table. Katie was already seated with David, working her way through the mountain of pancakes in the middle of the table while David did so at a much slower pace. David noticed her first and was clearly checking her out as she approached the table. “Looking good” David said to Lauren. “Not quite big enough for you though?” she replied, gesturing to Katie who was clearly distracted by her food, taking gulps from her pint glass of milkshake as a trail of it ran down her chins. David looked at her and contentedly sighed to himself, before glancing back at Lauren and saying, “Not quite. But looks like you’re on your way.” Lauren didn’t notice his response as she begun piling her plate with pancakes and bacon, drowning the pile in maple syrup. She poured herself a large glass of the milkshake and begun stuffing her mouth full. Katie took a break from eating and mentioned to Lauren that she’d heard her step on the scales. “Go on, tell us how much of a pig you’ve been,” Katie probed. Lauren relented and repeated the 275lbs figure from the scale. “Good progress, now let’s keep it up,” she winked at her. “What about you?” Lauren asked back, to which Katie replied with a self-satisfied “320.” She felt a pang of envy and ate faster. She hopped in an Uber to the mall and reflected on her body goals during the journey. She’d seen women with her proportions who were near her goal weight; they looked like goddesses to her, particularly ones pushing the 400lbs mark. Their huge asses would jiggle with each stride and their boobs would catch the attention of men who normally went for women a fraction of their size. She arrived at the mall and as she entered she saw another black woman who fit that description perfectly, with gorgeous long, straight hair and a miniskirt that barely covered her ass, revealing colossal thighs covered in cellulite. As she watched the woman, Lauren noticed a much smaller man emerge from beside her with a large bag of KFC in-hand. He had a smile spread across his face as she laughed at a joke he’d made, her small amount of neck disappearing beneath multiple chins. She looked like his queen. Lauren interrupted her inappropriate daydreams of the strangers in bed and hurried into one of the few stores that sold jeans accommodating of her ass. Leaving a second store empty-handed, she crossed both stores off her mental list of ‘badonkadonk-friendly’ shops, leaving her with a mixture of frustration and satisfaction. The third store, one that generally catered for ‘plus-size’ women, was a sure thing though. As she tried on several pairs in the changing room, she admired just how THICK she looked. Despite her successful efforts to add fat around her waist, her thighs had continued to gain and her ass seemed to get bigger every day. She’d gone up a size but was seriously testing the strength of the jeans she’d tried on, so she went up a size again and bought a few pairs. Seeing herself spilling out those jeans had reminded her of the picture she’d sent James last night, and she felt a rush of excitement. Her stomach growled, thrusting her in the direction of the food court. The stress of jean-shopping had made her hungry and Katie’s humble-brag about her own gain had ignited her appetite. KFC caught her attention and she proceeded there, before being overwhelmed by the endless possible combinations of the menu and ultimately opting for the ‘Party Bucket.’ She wondered whether the cashier would assume it was to share with others; she got off knowing it would just be herself. Her food came at impressive speed and she soon found a table after sadly failing to find a booth. The usual chair struggle ensued, absentmindedly adjusting herself as she began plucking several fries at a time, being careful not to break her brightly painted fake fingernails. Lauren began effortlessly stripping everything from the chicken wings with her mouth, intermittently stuffing a few handfuls of a side or the popcorn chicken into her mouth too. Ketchup and grease accumulated around the corners of her mouth as she couldn’t help but moan. It was delicious and she gained a deeper pleasure from knowing it was all going straight to her growing body. Having been thoroughly pushed to capacity by her last few meals and ‘snacks,’ she was acutely aware of how her stomach would feel with another stuffing. She was pleasantly surprised though, it seemed to have developed a newfound elasticity and she was surprised how long it took to begin to feel full. She’d finished most of the bucket and her sides by the time she slowed down. The endless salty food had dehydrated Lauren and she’d been chugging a large bottle coke consistently through the whole meal. This was inevitably beginning to have effects that Lauren had failed to consider, resulting in burps escaping from her mouth despite her best efforts to stop them. She tried to bury herself in her phone to avoid embarrassment, looking at James’ IG story and noticing he’d been on a date last night. He did mention he had a few lined up this weekend, so it was good to see what kind of women he went for. It turned out he’d been on a separate date for lunch too, he was clearly packing them in. More importantly though, he clearly had a type that Lauren fit to a T. Both other women were shaped like herself, pear-shaped and HEAVY. One of them was practically a body double of herself, but the other looked about 100lbs bigger. She was gorgeous too and absolutely stacked - the boy had done well for himself. She’d have been lying if she’d said she didn’t feel threatened by his other dates, but she was confident enough in herself not to be too bothered. By the time she’d finished digging through her romantic rivals’ IG profiles, she had finished the entire meal. A table full of wrappers and boxes lay before her as she slumped back in her chair, breathing heavily with traces of sauce and grease still round her plump lips. She’d given up trying to suppress her burps while engrossed in the IG profiles of James’ dates, but a final chug of the remaining Coke soon came back as a huge belch that took her off guard, garnering eye rolls from the adjacent tables. Her belly felt trapped under her too-small yoga pants and she let out of a sigh of relief as she untucked it, while keeping it covered under her t-shirt. She lifted herself from the chair, it creaking and groaning in the process, and her legs felt the added weight of food in her stomach. As she waddled out the food court she knew she looked bloated and obese, the grease from the KFC still visible on her shiny fingers. She rarely felt so sexy though and headed into a lingerie shop that caught her eye. Thankfully the store was quiet, but such places had become a lot less judgemental anyway since body positivity had become more popular. A red and black number quickly caught her eye though, featuring a thong and a bra that looked sturdy enough to support the weight of her boobs, and a matching belt and stockings to go with them. Once again, she let herself be generous with sizing; she needed room for growth after all. She made a quick pitstop on her way home, visiting her favourite dessert place to pick up a couple of XL milkshakes. She held off on drinking them though, giving her stomach a while to settle before she barraged it with more calories. When she finally arrived home she tried her lingerie on and thankfully had lucked out with the sizing. The belt of the lingerie was tight around her waist but it just about fit, her belly bulging out under it and over her underwear while the fat on her hips swallowed the strings of the thong. It could barely contain her. She sauntered round her flat in the lingerie, enjoying how it looked on her body and the surprising amount of support it provided to her boobs. She unboxed a package that had arrived while she was out, finding a funnel with a sturdy tube and wall mount contained within. She had no memory of ordering it, but she couldn’t remember sending James that picture either, so a drunken purchase wouldn’t surprise her. She attached the mount to the wall with relative ease and the funnel remained steady in the mount as she emptied one of the milkshakes in, making sure the valve was shut. After a pause, her ambition got the better of her and she emptied the second milkshake in. She knelt on the carpet and put the tube to her lips. The milkshake had slowly filled the tube up to the funnel itself and she could feel its coldness on the outside of the tube. “Here goes nothing” she said to herself as she twisted the valve, unleashing a flood of thick, chocolatey milkshake into her waiting mouth. It came much faster than she’d anticipated and she hurriedly swallowed to keep up with the pace. As intense as the pressure felt, Lauren couldn’t help but enjoy the taste of her favourite milkshake on its way to her throat. She felt her stomach began to fill with the liquid and attempted to twist the valve to slow the flow. It wouldn’t budge. The milkshake continued to make its way down the tube into her mouth as she frantically fiddled with the valve, swallowing as fast as she could so as to not spill it all over her carpet. She felt the belt of her lingerie straining from her expanding waist and drips of the milkshake beginning to fall from her chin. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to stop the flow and quickly submitted herself to it, her eyes rolling back into her head. As she sucked the last few drops from the tube, she was finally able to pull it from her mouth and immediately let out a deep belch, and another, and another. She was soon on all-fours, trying to relieve some of the discomfort in her belly as she continued burping. She’d totally lost control, her stream of thought slowed as she felt herself entering a food coma. She caught a glimpse of herself side-on in the mirror and fixed her gaze at her reflection - every part of her looked huge. Tensing as they supported the weight of her upper body, her arms looked massive, with her chubby fingers helping stabilise them. She gathered the strength to unclasp the belt of her lingerie, worried it would soon break otherwise. Her belly dropped down, relieving some of the pressure she’d felt and triggering another loud “urrrrrrp” from her mouth. She admired her belly hang, pleased it looked as heavy as it felt. The back of her thighs were covered in cellulite and creases from the weight of her ass above. She could see two trails of chocolate milk down her chins, and beads of sweat on her forehead. She was breathing heavily but felt intense pleasure from the experience, her pussy throbbing beneath her new underwear. She reached a hand down and felt herself - she was soaking.
  8. lalt

    Diana Sirokai

    Perfection. Wish she was wearing white tho 👀
    There seems to be a trend on Curvage lately of chugging heavy cream and this makes an amazing addition. Chyy looks gorgeous in this video as always and she's looking huge, she's been gaining so nicely. She chugs an impressive 3200 calories in total, playing with her belly and letting cream drip all over herself. She lets out loads of huge burps between chugs too and her dirty talk is incredible, such a sexy voice 😍 Some nice boob and belly at the end too!
  9. lalt

    Diana Sirokai

    She’s huge, she just always hides it in her IG posts
  10. lalt

    Amber Nova

    That backfat is a work of art. Swallowing those bikini strings 😍
  11. On Sunday evening pizzas arrived and I brought them over to where she was lying on the sofa. She playfully complained about not being bothered to sit up to eat and I jokingly offered to feed it to her. She asked me if I really would, to which I said “gladly,” which felt quite bold. She followed up with “‘Gladly?’ Is that your fantasy then?” while giggling. I just laughed it off because I didn’t want to say “Yes, seeing you overindulge turns me on” quite yet. It’s good that the idea has been planted in her head though and that she’s not totally disgusted by it. She actually mentioned feederism about a year ago so she is aware of its existence, but that was the extent of it. Ice cream + chocolate followed as usual. I was really pleased when she asked for takeout again the following day (yesterday) too, because we really never used to have takeout nearly this often so she’s definitely upped her calories as a result. It was just Wagamama’s (Asian food) but it was pretty greasy and the portions are big, plus we shared half a tub of ice cream too and she finished off a pack of Oreo’s she’d been eating. It’s a little expensive always buying her food, but it means she has money to keep buying herself new clothes so I don’t mind. I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing chores while she lays on the sofa too, which she obviously likes and she still hasn’t mentioned any desire to lose weight. It’s been pretty cold lately so she’s been wrapped up most of the time (our heating only goes so high annoyingly) but yesterday’s she was a bit warm so was wearing a vest. It always exposed her mid-riff out of design, but it’s becoming more and more of a crop top at this point. Her backfat looks so good when she has it on and I can see all of her sexy arms. Not sure if she did it on purpose but obviously I pounced on her pretty quickly after. Without going into too much detail, I finish in bed with her on top much more often now, I love feeling her belly on top of me and her bigger boobs in my face. I think she likes seeing my O face too.
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