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    Chyy's is looking better in every video, her boobs and belly look huge in this 😍 As always, she looks sexy as hell stuffing her mouth with food and jiggling her belly between handfuls. Incredible burps too and just all round gluttony. Her dirty talk is so good too. So worth it!
  1. lalt

    Wifey weight

    This 100%. No idea how common feederism actually is, but I always wonder how big she was when they first met lol.
  2. God damn, the total package 😍 Getting better by the day!
  3. That’s a hell of a view to wake up to 😍
  4. I don’t like to talk about personal finances too much and I’m really not as materialistic as I sound in this post, but was wondering if anyone thinks about the same thing. I have a decent paying job and I’m financially stable, but I’m also still relatively young and live in an expensive city, so we don’t own our own house. I have enough money to pay for most of my gf’s food, not that she has any problem paying for it herself, but I do wonder what my life would be like if I basically had unlimited money and could buy her whatever she wanted, whenever. I’d love to be able to to take her to the best restaurants and let her buy anything she wants, or order her whatever takeout she wants, whenever. I’d order fancy breakfasts every day of the week, have an endless supply of gourmet snacks, etc. I’d also be able to buy her any clothes she wants, her wardrobe would update so often she wouldn’t have to worry about outgrowing clothes. She wouldn’t have to work either and she’s pretty lazy anyway, so I imagine her luxuriously relaxing the whole time. I’d also love to be able to fund numerous feedees online, like being able to pay for as much food as they can possibly eat, helping out with rent if they needed it, buying the best cameras so they can show their gains off in 4k, etc. The idea of being the one to enable them to totally dedicate their lives to gaining as much as they want to is a pretty big turn-on lol. Anyone else think about this?
  5. I love body positivity so damn much lol.
  6. Just unreal, absolute work of art.
    Chyy looks better with every vid, her belly’s the main attraction here but her boobs are looking heavy as hell. The way her fat swallows up her underwear is so hot too. She takes massive bites and bosses the feeder round (he’s off screen and quiet), telling him off for not giving her belly rubs. She chugs the rest of the beer after she’s done eating, and let’s out some big burps. She looks gorgeous as always too, and even better with a face full of food.
    Loved this video from BigBellyJudy. Starts off by showing off her huge belly before diving face first into the cake. She chugs some melted ice cream and then starts eating it by the handful, pure gluttony. She let’s out some amazing burps too and looks gorgeous doing it. By the end, she’s got it all over herself and is a total pig. Very worth it.
  7. She’s definitely noticed the extra attention but hasn’t really commented on it recently, I think she last mentioned it explicitly 2/3 months ago and I just said it was because she’d been looking so good lately. She’s always been pretty confident in her body, but I think that basically confirmed that I was liking the changes and so she had fun with teasing me more. I work from home at the moment so she gets a lot of fun out of teasing me by sitting on my lap when I can’t actually act on it too lol. Glad you’re enjoying the updates, will keep em coming!
  8. She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra the other day and she looked so damn good. She had the yoga pants pulled over her belly, which really emphasised how much it sticks out now, and it’s crazy seeing her filling out a bra that much, because she honestly didn’t really need them before. She’s looking so damn good in bed, it’s crazy feeling all the changes in her body, like when her belly rested on me as she got on top. She’s split another pair of jeans too, so she’ll inevitably be sizing up for the replacement pair and giving herself more room to grow. Same day, said she wanted to make dinner for once (she mainly eats fast food at work or has takeout when she’s home for dinner) so she made a sausage stew with focaccia, which was really good, so much so that she ate most of the focaccia herself. I wasn’t expecting her to stuff herself like she does when we get takeout, but she went on to eat a whole sharing pack of chocolate fingers by herself and some chocolate. It’s just so hot seeing her appetite increase basically every week.
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