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  1. Thanks! She tends to change out of them pretty quickly after splitting and the splits aren’t normally very big so it’s hard to get a pic. This thread is mainly descriptive anyway, I just post pics sometimes to illustrate what I can’t describe 😅
  2. They’re not mutually exclusive, maybe she just really likes to eat 👀
  3. She’s really been going for it lately, I don’t think she thinks about calories much at this point because most of the stuff she eats is sugary or fatty. She’s not a gainer or even a feedee really, so it’s not like she’s downing shakes, but she’s been eating a lot of crisps lately, and always works her way through the sweets and ice cream I keep buying so, as a feeder, I’m very happy lol. Plus, she’s been drinking more soda and fruit juice, which is pretty much pure sugar. She’s made a few positive comments here and there about all the snacks I get her too, so it feels very liberating to be pretty open about the role I’ve played in her weight gain. As mentioned in my last post, it was pretty hot in the UK recently, so my girlfriend’s had been wearing these pyjama shorts she’s had for ages around the house. She knows how much I like them because they were pretty skimpy even last year, but they only cover about half her ass at this point. It’s exciting to think what they might look like by summer next year. She finally found some new jeans this week and she looks so damn good in them. It’s hot seeing her bursting out her older ones, but I love the outline of her belly in high waisted jeans when they fit properly, plus they make her ass look huge, especially in the white pair. It also feels like a symbol of her acceptance of the extra weight, and I know she’ll be more comfortable in them when she has a full stomach. Honestly, I love how popular high waisted jeans have become with bigger women in general, because they really do an amazing job of accentuating all the curves.
  4. Good to hear you’ve found someone who appreciates you and made you feel as sexy as you look ❤️
  5. lalt


    She’s an absolute knockout 😍
  6. Absolutely, they look so much more grandiose and regal on plus size women. Something about the way they fit and obviously the bigger size.
  7. Sounds like you’re very lucky and you’ve got a fun future ahead with this woman. I think you’re right about being hesitant to push anything, you’re still very early on in your relationship and there’s plenty of time to introduce her to deliberate stuffings once she’d had a but more time to get used to your preferences. She’s already a lot more receptive to the idea of gaining weight than most women, so I’m sure she’ll be even more comfortable with the kink in no time.
  8. That side profile man… absolute dream.
  9. Incredible, her gain’s coming along nicely. That side profile and double chin 👌🏼 Good work man.
  10. Love your daily breakfast updates, always good to know your keeping that growing belly fed 😌
  11. She was wearing a dress about the house the other day that I hadn’t seen her wear in a month or so, probably because it’s been colder recently and only just heated up again the past few days. When she’d started wearing it again at the beginning of the summer, it reached just above her knee, maybe a bit higher, but I was surprised to see how much skimpier it is. I noticed she’d pull it down whenever she got up from the sofa, because it just about covers her ass now. She also split another pair of trousers she has while at work and tried a shop on her lunch break to find a replacement, but couldn’t find any that fit. She said the biggest size wouldn’t even go past her butt, which I think is partly because of her proportions, although stretchy jeans used to be enough to accommodate it, even if it was a bit tight. We had our usual weekly pizza night yesterday and it’s so hot how much she eats now. For context, I’m about a foot taller than her and workout daily (I’m very into body contrast lol), so seeing her eat more than me now is such a turn on. We had it with coke and had ice cream after so she was bloated and looking absolutely incredible by the time we’d finished. We were watching TV together after and she mentioned that someone very senior at her company had lost a ton of weight, showing me pics of her B/A. My girlfriend said that she’d been eating super healthy recently to lose all that weight and that it looked boring. All her coworkers seem to be dieting at the moment too, and I think they assume she wants to lose weight as well because they’ll jokingly tell her off whenever she grabs burgers or fries, presumably thinking they’re helping her. She seemed pretty annoyed by it, saying that she knows how to lose weight and that she’d do it if she wanted to. I was already pretty excited to hear her talk about her keeping her heavier weight as such an active choice, but she went on to say that she’d probably only try and lose weight if she had health issues, which she’s a long way off having. I don’t have any expectations about how much weight she’ll gain as she’s not a “gainer” as such, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if she stopped gaining weight, but that comment did make me pretty excited for the future because she’s really looking better by the week at the moment.
  12. God damnnnnn, she’s incredible.
  13. So glad to hear that man! Will have another update coming soon + a story I’ve been working on too. Yeah exactly, she knows I find her gain super hot, but it’s the little things she does here and there (intentionally and otherwise) that drive me crazy.
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