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  1. She went to a friend’s hen party (i.e. bachelorette party) and told me how all the other girls were complaining about how “fat” they are and that how they needed to lose weight. From what she described, they all weren’t as big as herself so it was a bit insulting in a way, but she wasn’t bothered by it. As I’ve said, she’s very into body positive content, so I think she forgets how much a lot of women hate the idea of being fat. She still had a great time overall and drank a lot of cocktails. She bought a crop top for the party, I’m not sure what size it is but she said it was the largest they had and was still a bit too small, so it showed off her belly and arms well. When she came back, she was bloated and a big roll was bulging out between her trousers and top. She’s basically in plus size territory now but on the lower end of it, so finding clothes that fit is a bit tricky and she still buys from the normal range where she can as the selection is better. Her main struggle with clothes is her proportions, with her ass being the main culprit. She has a long, baggy t-shirt that she often wears around the house with just a pair of underwear on, it used to cover her ass without issue but it now rides up and she has to regularly pull it back down. It’s a similar situation with a black dress she’s had a while now, her belly and ass have made it pretty skimpy and I doubt it’ll last the summer at this rate. I can’t remember her wearing jeans since she left her job so I’m pretty she sure she’s outgrown every pair of them now. She got some new high-waisted black shorts that she looks amazing in. They give a great outline of her belly and the waistband isn’t too tight so there’s room for growth, which is good as I think she’s outgrown a lot of her yoga pants and I don’t think she has any jeans that fit. The shorts just about cover her ass, so she was driving me wild while she was walking round the house in them as I worked. She’s naturally got a real shelf ass but it’s getting so wide with the extra weight and the shorts really highlight it, plus they show off her growing cellulite nicely. She paired them with a crop top the first time she wore them so she had a nice section of belly visible. She was sat on the sofa kind of hunched over and her back rolls looked incredible because the shorts kind of pushed the fat up and bunched it together. I was a bit tired but, after seeing her in the shorts all day, that sent me over the edge and we were dry humping on the sofa pretty shortly after. I’ve said before how much I love undoing her waistband button and seeing her belly flop down, but the flexibility of the shorts really let it all hang out when it dropped down and I think she could tell I was in heaven as I squeezed and massaged it.
    First video I've bought from Kat and I love it, surprised she hasn't had more attention! She looks fantastic in this - incredible belly, huge thighs, gorgeous face, AMAZING arms, all highlighted by a cute cowkini. As another reviewer mentioned, she clearly loves food based on all the moans and feedee talk, and that really makes a stuffing video. Some great dirty talk too. She demolishes the mac & cheese burger so quickly and goes through a crazy amount of sauce as she eats big two boxes of waffle fries. Some amazing burping too, especially towards the end. Looking forward to seeing more from Kat!
  2. After eating some toast for breakfast, with chocolate spread of course, she mentioned that she was feeling very bloated. It was tiger bread, which doesn’t normally cause her issues, but it was the first time she’d bought it from that specific shop, so we just assumed it must have an unusually large amount of gluten in or something. As we got ready to leave to go shopping, I noticed how bloated she was, with her belly stretching her high-waisted jeans and giving her an amazing reverse S-shaped silhouette. Because of this, I thought she’d want a light lunch but we walked past a really nice burger place and she asked to go there. We ordered them with fries and chicken strips, and I was surprised at how fast she got through them all. Unsurprisingly, she complained even more about how bloated she was after that, saying how tight her stomach felt. After doing some shopping, we went to a cafe to have a coffee and a snack before we headed home. When she sat down, she immediately unbuttoned her jeans, which was extremely hot. By the time we got home, she was desperate to change into her sweatpants. Part of the reason we’d gone shopping was to get her some new trousers. Even though they’re loose fitting by design, she’d split her favourite pair before she left her job, just due to the physical nature of her work. Because she’d bought them before, she knew she could buy the same pair without having to try them on. When she was taking them off the rack, I noticed they were size 16, which was the biggest size they sold, and I understood what she meant when she’d previously said she was now between regular sizes and plus size. They seemed tight around the waist when she wore them the next day too, although I’m sure she’ll stretch them out a bit. Dress season is starting now anyway, so hopefully she wont have to squeeze into jeans and trousers too often anyway. We went on holiday the following week and did plenty of indulging. We were at a hotel rather than an Airbnb so ate out for every meal, including a lot of pizza and burgers, as well as hot dogs, ice cream, cake, paella and hummus. We did a lot of walking about, so her thighs chafed a lot and she got out of breath pretty easily, definitely more easily than she used to, which often meant stopping for coffee and a sweet snack. She bought some biker shorts to help with the chafing and had to get the biggest size, XL, as the others looked too small. She didn’t try them on in the shop but assumed they’d be spacious as they were XL. They ended up being tight around the thighs but still helped with the chafing a lot though, I think she’s going to buy more pairs now we’re back in the UK. The aeroplane seats were a real squeeze to. With her ever-expanding ass, business class might become a necessity in the long-term… When we were been sat in cafes on holiday, there were a couple of occasions where she was flicking through old photos and stumbled upon a photo of herself from years ago, and she’d say to me something a long the lines of “oh my god, look how skinny I was!” Obviously I reassured her, but it never really felt necessary as she seemed to find the contrast amusing more than anything. She’s also mentioned her being fat as a kid a couple of times recently, which she’s only mentioned a few times in our relationship, so I do wonder if part of the reason she’s been fine with gaining so much weight is because she’s enjoying not having to restrict herself like she’s had to in the past. I think I’ve mentioned before, but she follows a lot of body positive influencers and will send me posts sometimes, so it’s always reassuring knowing she’s mentally fine with the weight gain.
  3. lalt

    The Agency

    "Are you fucking serious?!!" Having just woken and instinctively begun swiping through stories on Instagram, Helen had a rude awakening. Steph had posted a multitude of videos and photos last night, many of them featuring her getting far too comfortable with the object of Helen's desires, James. They'd been celebrating a mutual friend's birthday over dinner, followed by a visit to a nightclub, with the antics getting wilder with each post. Helen was furious. She didn't have anything serious going with James herself, but she'd been vying for his attention for a while. They'd even gone on a couple of not-quite-dates that had gone well, but he just didn't seem interested in committing. Helen knew she could be the one to pin him down though, he was smart, sexy and successful. Winning him over had become a goal in her mind. She wanted to see the look on Steph's stupid face when she locked him down. Steph's "stupid face" had certainly gotten chubbier recently though, even before Gemma had announced the bonus scheme. Maybe that was why James had been paying so much attention to her, that or her absurdly ample chest, or a combination of both. Not normally one to slut shame, Helen had rolled her eyes when she'd seen how low cut the top Steph was wearing was. She knew damn well what she was doing. She fired off a text to her long-time best friend Natasha requesting, or more accurately demanding, they go for brunch ASAP. Helen hadn't mentioned anything about James, but Natasha was used to her boy problems and could sense from the tone of her text that this was one of those occasions. She never turned down brunch anyway. Helen hopped in the shower, scowling at the memory of Steph's posts as the burning hot water rained on her skin. She muttered endless insults under her breath, berating her romantic rival. What did she have that she didn't? Was it really her growing curves? Of course, she'd scoured James' Instagram the day after they'd first met, identifying every one of his exes and scouring their pages too. He didn't seem to have particularly 'big' tastes, but they were all far bigger than herself. Remembering the agency's bonus scheme, maybe she could kill two birds with one stone... She towelled herself down, blow-dried her luscious black hair and slipped into a pair of high-waisted leather trousers, buttoning them up with slightly more difficulty than the last time she'd worn them. She paired them with a white crop top that let exposed a modest roll of belly. While she hadn't gained a substantial amount of weight in recent years, especially compared to the rest of the female population, she'd gone up a couple of sizes and often found herself squeezing into her older clothes. She was soon out the door and in an Uber with the air-conditioning thankfully on full-blast. It was barely 10am and already almost intolerably hot. As the car crawled along in traffic, Helen gazed into the shop windows they passed by and noticed just how big the mannequins were. Larger mannequins had gradually moved from being hidden in the plus-size section in the back of every shop to being displayed in those same shops' windows, before being replaced with even larger ones as the slimmer mannequins were retired altogether. In a move to be more accommodating of all sizes, some shops had started "slim-size" ranges, but those seemed to be relegated to the back of the stores as plus sizes used to be. Exiting the Uber and entering the brunch spot, a popular American-style restaurant with a deliberately tacky 80s interior, Helen soon spotted Natasha seated at a table. Despite both having busy lives they managed to catch up regularly, and yet Natasha still seemed to look bigger every time they saw each other. "She must be 350lbs now..." Helen thought to herself, trying to estimate Natasha's weight based on her 5'8 frame and the figure she'd told her last time. Her ass was spilling over the sides of her chair and her arms were on full display, looking stunningly large. The red sundress she was wearing seemed to be struggling to contain her and gave a clear outline of her hanging belly. Noticing her friend had arrived, Natasha rose from her seat and enthusiastically hugged Helen. Helen was only able to partially wrap her arms around her friend, but felt immense comfort in how soft she was. Over the years, she'd seen her friend transform from a slender girl with a passion for ballet to a triple-chinned goddess who had to squeeze her chubby feet into wide-fit shoes. She had an incredibly busy romantic life, but never seemed interested in committing to any one of the adoring men who were blowing up her phone 24/7. They took their seats and began flicking through the menu when Helen blurted out, "I need to get bigger Natasha." Natasha raised an eyebrow in response and smirk crept across her face, "oh really? Why do you say that?" "Well, bookings are drying up at work and they've got a bonus scheme going - £5,000 for every size we go up," Helen replied. "Paid to eat? Sign me up. Those hips would be incredible with some extra pounds..." Natasha said, clearly picturing what Helen would look like at her own weight. "And I was just getting used to this world with chairs big enough to contain my ass," Helen said with a laugh. "What size did you have in mind?" Natasha asked, increasingly excited by the journey Helen was embarking on. "Well 20 feels like a nice round number" Helen replied. "That's a big jump!" Natasha said, surprised. "You'd look great though and who knows, maybe you won't be able to stop." Helen was now picturing what she'd look like at Natasha's weight too, she'd never considered being that big. She tried to imagine how the fat would distribute itself, how her belly would inevitably hang, how wide her hips would get, how she'd look with a double-chin. She was slightly nervous at the prospect of such a drastic change but felt an intense feeling of excitement bubbling in her. The waitress arrived at their table, not much smaller than Natasha herself. Her belly put a fair amount of distance between her and the table, the string of her apron just about fitting round it. "What'll it be?" she asked. "I'll have the All-American Deluxe please, with a few extra pancakes, a fried chicken burger and a cookies & creme frappe," Natasha replied, having unsurprisingly selected the largest dish on the menu, only to make it larger. "And I-" Helen began. "And she'll have the same," Natasha added, before closing both their menus and handing them to the waitress, who thanked them and headed off. "What the hell Natasha? There's no way I can eat that much food," Helen said. "From now on, when you're with me, we're going to do things my way. You want to get big don't you?" Natasha replied in an assertive voice. Helen was slightly taken aback, but a powerful feeling of submissiveness took over and then, quite suddenly, she was embarrassingly turned on. Her face did little to hide the complex mix of emotions she was feeling as she tried to compose herself. "Did you like that?" Natasha laughed. "Shut up! You only get to do this because you're my friend, okay?" Helen said, trying to compose herself. "So the feedee becomes the feeder..." Natasha said, causing them to both burst out laughing. They spent the next 15 minutes catching up on the last couple of weeks, with Natasha's life seeming to be increasingly consumed by wealthy eligible bachelors trying to woo her with visits to fancy restaurants and expensive gifts. She explained how she was tempted to finally commit to one of them so she could quit her job and became a huge, spoiled housewife who never had to lift a finger. Helen's mind flashed back to her favourite reality TV shows, maybe Natasha would be on one of them one day. The frappes landed on the table with a loud thud. Wide-eyed, Helen stared at the almost comically large glass. There seemed to be more whipped cream than liquid in it, coated in sprinkles and chocolate shavings. This was a version of coffee the same way a pug is a version of a wolf, she thought to herself. Looking up, she saw Natasha had already removed the straw, eaten the top of the whipped cream and began chugging the drink. The drink landed back on the table and she wiped the whipped cream from around her mouth with a smile, before leaning over and removing the straw from Helen's. "Hey! Why did you do that?" Helen said. "I'm sure you enjoy food plenty enough Helen, but if you want to get big then you need to completely let go," Natasha said, with a smirk. Helen rolled her eyes, before lowering her head to the mountain of whipped cream and taking in a mouthful, she hadn't realised how hungry she was until she tasted it. Without raising her head, she licked up more and more of it until she finally had to come up for air. She quickly scanned the room, nobody seemed to be staring. "Mmm, okay that's good," Helen admitted, wiping the traces of it from around her mouth. With enough cream cleared, she was able to take a swig of the sweet, creamy drink itself. "You'd be amazed at how many calories are in those things, they're practically a dessert," Natasha said, before taking another few gulps of her own, her chins moving rhythmically with each swallow. "I'm surprised you know that, you don't look like you've been counting calories," Helen replied with a laugh. Two giant plates landed on their table and an "oh my god" involuntarily slipped from Helen's lips. In front of her was a plate with a stack of six extremely thick pancakes drenched in maple syrup with a sizeable chunk of butter on top, surrounded by slab bacon, fried potatoes, sausages and a couple of fried eggs. By the time she'd registered the sheer quantity of food in front of her, their chicken burgers landed on the table too. "Natasha, I don't know if I can eat all this," Helen said nervously. "Sure you can," Natasha said, already stuffing a forkful of pancake into her mouth, swallowing it in an instant, and loading up another forkful. "Well I guess I'll try..." Helen said, doing the same at half the speed. Their conversation continued, albeit at a much slower pace as they spoke between mouthfuls of food. Helen quickly became surprised at the ease with which she was putting it away, she'd truly been inspired by Natasha. Occasionally, Helen would look from her plate and admire just how big her friend looked as forkful after forkful passed her lips, shiny from the maple syrup. Every few bites, she'd take a huge gulp of her frappe, quickly draining it and requesting another from the waitress. It felt like her friend had truly found her purpose - to pump herself full of fattening foods and get bigger and bigger. Helen surprised herself with the speed at which she was working through her own plate but it still felt insurmountable. Remembering the chicken burger, she picked it up and took a delicious bite, sauce quickly dripping down her chin. She took a couple more bites and paused briefly to wipe the sauce from her chin. As she finished chewing her mouthful, her attention turned to Natasha again, who had nearly cleared her plate. She held her head low to the plate, as if consumed by her desire to stuff her face as quickly as possible. Helen could see her opulent gold necklace trapped between her huge cleavage. As Helen dutifully progressed through her burger, Natasha mopped up the sauce with the last piece of her remaining pancake and let out a deep belch once she'd swallowed it. Thankfully the sounds of the busy restaurant largely drowned it out, but Helen knew that Natasha didn't care either way, she was proud to be a pig. "Is that all you've been able to eat?" Natasha asked teasingly as she absentmindedly massaged her bloated belly. "I'm trying!" Helen replied defensively, between mouthfuls of her burger. "I thought you wanted to get big?" Natasha said, "you want to get big, don't you?" Helen nodded submissively, unable to reply with her mouth full of pancake and syrup. Natasha's teasing was having its desired effect as Helen began chewing and swallowing faster. She undid the straining button on her waistband and felt her bloated belly spill onto her lap. Before long, she finished her chicken burger but quickly hit a wall, feeling physically unable to fit the remainder of the eggs, bacon and pancakes still on the huge plate in front of her. She felt pinned down under the weight of her belly pushing up her crop top. She'd never felt so full in her life. "I'm so full Natasha, I don't think I can eat any more," Helen said, between stifled burps. "Tell you what, finish your frappe and I'll accept your sub-par performance," Natasha said, clearly eyeing up the remainder of her plate. "Uh, okay," Helen replied nervously, assessing the third of her drink still remaining in its intimidatingly large glass. "Tilt your head back, open your throat, and chug," Natasha commanded. Helen righted herself in her seat and followed her friends commands. She felt the thick, rich drink flow down her throat and tried to mimic Natasha's rhythmic swallows she'd seen earlier. All the thoughts in her head soon cleared as she focused her mind on pumping the calorific frappe inside herself, feeling the weight of the glass grow lighter and lighter as the last remaining drops tricked into her mouth. She slammed the glass on the table and let out a loud burp, not nearly as deafening as Natasha's earlier, but certainly the loudest she'd ever done. She'd normally feel embarrassment in this scenario but she was too overwhelmed with the effects of her own gluttony to care. It felt like a switch had been flicked in her mind, like she'd found a new purpose. She slumped back in her seat in a daze, a faint smile on her face as she massaged her distended belly to bring herself some relief. Natasha wasted no time in taking her plate and clearing the remaining contents with ease, admiring her handiwork in the seat opposite. "Just you wait hun, you've got a big future ahead of you."
  4. lalt

    Erica Lauren

    Some story highlights. Looks like she’s eating good while in Vegas. Please lord let the food blogger caption come true…
  5. Out of this world. I remember her saying earlier this year that she was going to slim down, glad to see that hasn’t happened.
  6. As someone who can barely eat a medium domino’s pizza, the fact you can eat 2 large ones is insane 🤯
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who looks so good with a double-chin 😍
  8. Sorry for the delay in updates guys! Glad you’re all still interested, just thought I’d take a bit of a break so I have a bit more to write about. She’s now in between jobs, but before she left her last job she mentioned how she’ll be eating a lot more home-cooked food, as she got a lot of free food there (normally burgers) and never really brought her own. I think she wanted to reassure me though, as she quickly mentioned she’d be baking a lot more. That’s definitely turned out to be true. She baked a load of double chocolate chip cookies and ended up having them for breakfast for the next few days. Last week she baked a loaf of banana bread with chocolate chips and ate it in just a couple of days. She’s currently spending most days on the sofa playing video games, often eating chocolate, so she’s not really getting much exercise either. Before leaving her job, she mentioned rejoining the gym “because she’ll have more time,” but there hasn’t been a mention of it in months. Not having to leave the house has also meant that she normally wears pyjamas and yoga pants, so she isn’t having to squeeze into jeans. The warmer weather also means more dresses, which I think she finds more comfortable and her curves look great in. As I’ve mentioned, any weight she’s gaining now is a bit less noticeable to me because of how much heavier she is now, but she’s still regularly outgrowing clothes which is a good sign. She was wearing an older pair of yoga pants and her ass looked amazing in them (it got smacked a lot that day), and we ended up getting hot and heavy on the sofa, I tried to let her belly out so I could start rubbing it, but they were too tight and she had to let it out herself, which was really hot. She also mentioned how much more comfortable the looser fitting pair of jeans she bought a couple of months ago are and that she’s glad it’s more fashionable to wear looser fitting jeans than it used to be. That being said, she’s definitely filled them out a bit since she got them. I already rub and squeeze her belly a lot during sex, but now she regularly moves my hand to it too, which is incredibly hot. I used to assume that she was neutral about it at best and always made sure to give the rest of her plenty of attention with my hands, and I still do, but I think her belly has become a real erogenous area for her. The difference in size between the morning and evening is really amazing too, seeing her at her fullest really makes me appreciate how big she’s gotten, even if she has plateaued a bit lately. As much as I’d love for her to gain 100lbs overnight, we’re in it for the long haul so I’m just enjoying how much she’s already put on at the moment. I’m as encouraging as always (dutifully buying her snacks etc) though and I’m hopefully there’ll be another big growth spurt this year. She knows how much I like the extra weight on her now, so I’m excited to see how big she’s happy to get.
  9. Agree, I don’t think she’s gained much/any weight recently. She looks incredible as always though.
  10. I don’t think that product’s meant for me but I’m buying 20 of them.
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