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  1. Your belly is definitely looking big and stuffed. You really did a number on yourself
  2. Absolutely lovely. Victoria Secret can't even hold you.
  3. Looking plump and round there. Such a greedy piggy 💕
    Great video from start to finish. Your belly looked absolutely amazing in the video and by the end your belly was looking very round. Slapping your belly was honestly the best and the perfect touch. Loved everything
    I absolutely loved this video especially with how your belly kept poking through your zipper and the fact that your button popped completely off from your huge belly was icing on the cake. So much pressure for one little button. Belly Vs pants BELLY WINS
  4. Being under your belly is absolutely breathtaking
  5. I would love to see your belly being stuffed with that button shirt on or that belt strapped across your belly while stuffing
  6. I would absolutely love to stuff your belly an to see that button pop from overindulging
  7. I can't wait to buy this one. Love stuffings with tight clothes. Can't get enough. 

    1. goodgirlgrow


      Awww!!! Thank you (‘: I’m flattered you want to see me in tight clothes stuffing

      maybe I’ll finally take the time to learn to make gifs! 

    2. Supper1


      Can't get enough of your stuffed belly. It's one of the best 

  8. I would give an arm and a leg to see her in that dress buttoned up and stuffing /bloating herself. I wonder how long they would last
  9. This was absolutely perfect. Those shorts looked soo tight especially on your belly. The way you were burping and rubbing your bloated belly was breathtaking. When you leaned back your belly looked absolutely distended and huge 💕 and when your button completely popped was out of this world
  10. I absolutely love your belly. Probably the best in the world honestly 

    1. mykawaiifatbelly


      Awwww, thank you so much!! 🥰

  11. Absolutely loving your belly in those tight clothes you should definitely do more 

    Absolutely love how big you're getting. Love seeing your belly bloated and stuffed. You're definitely the best
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