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  1. Can't get enough of this angle. I love it😍
  2. Someone has been overeating. If you keep this up you won't fit into any of your clothes wait that's already happened😏. You'll be snapping the elastic in your "fat pants"pretty soon. You're so beautiful😍👀🤰🍑
  3. I absolutely love this angle. You are a true feedee and i can't stop watching😍🤰
    Loved the video. You look absolutely incredible and mentioning what your fantasy was, I definitely got to thinking 😏. That pov right before the ending was jaw dropping actually. Glad you're happy with the turn out. People don't miss out on this video its amazing.
    Short simple and to the point I loved it. Those pants didn't stand a chance against your belly and you burping at the end was absolutely great.
  4. I absolutely can't wait. That polo won't stand a chance. I take it those pants are looooooong gone🤰😋😏🤤💕
  5. God those shorts are tight. I absolutely love it
  6. The person you sit on in the upcoming video is so lucky. I absolutely can't wait to see you completely squash him👀🤰🍑😋💕🤤
  7. Love when you do that too💕💕🤰
  8. Honestly i would pay like $30 for a video of you eating/bloating yourself in that button down shirt. Those buttons wouldn't stand a chance💕🤤🤰💥
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