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    Absolutely love this. The fact that you already destroyed the zipper beforehand is great. Especially when you lay back and can literally hear the fabric ripping. A+. Great job
    Absolutely love how full you got and were straining those buttons. Especially the grand finale when those buttons popped off. Honestly love your button pop videos. Can't get enough.
  1. OMG you've gained so much since i last saw you. You're really putting it on🤰. Keep going
  2. I can't believe it either but you look absolutely incredible🤰☺
  3. You honestly are one of the best on this platform. You're so real and genuine. I appreciate all that you do. That belly to shorts ratio is absolutely crazy that they still button. You are the G.O.A.T☺🙌
  4. The best thing is when clothes are destroyed in the process. Hopefully the buttons are next. What a piggy☺🤰😍🍑
  5. I absolutely loved this interview. It was so to have your perspective on things. I even get what you're going through and I'm not even a model. I'm extremely proud of how far in life you've come, i can't even put into words how i feel☺. You've definitely inspired me on more than one occasion. You're doing a great job at just being yourself and honestly it's a nice thing to see and hear. Sorry this became so long😅 but i really do appreciate all that you're doing. Hope you have a great weekend👋Bye
    Loved the satisfying sound of that popped button. Just too much belly to go around. Really enjoyed how this was your first one and out of the gate you will forever have me as a supporter. Great job and continue to grow. Can't wait for another one. 😍🤰😏
  6. OMG you're massive. How does anything fit my gosh. I love all you and what you represent🤰😍🤤
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