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    Oh boy what more can be said about this all around great bag of a video that hasn’t been said already, easily up there with one of your best - it was definitely worth the purchase and my enjoyment. (First time buying from you so I’m definitely pleased) (For my Rogo, I wouldn’t mind the “Bulging Bacon Belly” video)
    Definitely a really good video with great burps to go along with it. I really wish the last couple minutes of the video could’ve been added as a bonus track of some sorts - but it still doesn’t take away the video in its entirely. (One of my first videos I purchased from your catalogue.)👍🏽
    This video honestly checks off a lot of boxes that I usually look for in a video, I for one am a sucker for burps so that entire second half of the video was just memorizing for me. Keep up the good work Rosie! ❤
    Honestly, all I can say is wow. This was one of the first videos I've ever gotten from this model and was perhaps a bit hesitate with doing so, but I will say that this is one of her best videos currently. The belly play at the end was definitely one of the best parts of the video, tho I would've killed for more burps from you! That doesn't take away from how good the video is and the quality from it. Solid 5/5, keep up the good work 👍 [Was also asking if you did buy one get another for free, just a side question I was wondering.]
  1. Recently (well, long while back.) I purchased one of your videos and was wondering if you still was doing the buy 1 and get another for free? (It was your  late night  one for clarification, and yes I wrote a review foe it) But, yeah was wondering if you still did deals like that?

    If so, could I get the newest one you have? The outgrown swimsuit one if thats fine?  

    1. Roxxywood


      Hii, no I’m not 


    Ngl this video was absolutely pretty entertaining from beginning to end, the dirty talk and everything she did throughout the video was just so memorizing that I surprisingly was able to finish it all the way through in one go without switching to watch something else. Overall - It gets the five star approval from me.
    Personally I found this clip relatively entertaining and must've been pretty fun to be stuffing your gut at exactly midnight. The Burps were also pretty good in my books.
    Ngl, this isn't necessarily the first time watching one of her many videos. But this one seems to take the cake for me. An good mixture of both burping and stuffing kept my attention and overall, was a pretty good video in it's entirely. (I'm a sucker for burping videos, so here's a solid five star rating.) ❤
  2. Aye Roxxy? Are you still doing that buy 1 video and get another one for free? Cause I just bought a video and was wondering if you were still doing that deal by any chance?

    Just asking given that most models do it, so I was wondering if you were out of the many that do it as well?


    1. Roxxywood


      Hi, hmmm yes sure, leave the review and tell me wich one u like

    2. Expert233
    3. Expert233


      Already left a review under the video I purchased, I would like this video in particular if that's alright.


      Please and thank you for your wonderful videos.  


    4. Roxxywood
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