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  1. She totally pigged out last night, after she had had an exam. Mexican takeaway - quesadillas with extra cheese and chicken wings with mayo both as sides, tortilla for the main, and cajeta cheesecake plus the churros that I got for me with the hope that she'd eat them too for dessert. Cheesecake is probably her favourite dessert, and it's insanely high in calories - I should buy a whole one as a treat and see how many days she takes to finish it. Anyway, her big meal was kind of a reward for getting through one of her toughest exams, at least that's how she rationalised it. She complained how full she was after the cheesecake, but still managed to slowly, absent-mindedly, pick up churro after churro and eat them. She was real cuddly afterwards, and I casually let my hand rest on her stomach while cuddling her. I thought she might still be full this morning, but no, straight to the pantry for a muesli bar to snack on while she chose what to eat, then peanut butter on toast. Probably less than 500 calories all up, but I'm sure she'll eat more later in the day. I don't know if she has ever calculated her BMI, thankfully, so I won't bring it up unless she ever does - but I think there's enough evidence that BMI is a pretty inadequate tool anyway, so hopefully that can counteract the intuitive freak out to the categorisation of "obese". Yeah, this is real good advice. I would love for her to at one point agree to gain x amount of kgs for me, which would require me to tell her explicitly she'd look hotter to me a little heavier, so I wouldn't be able to use the "surprise" angle with that. That would probably work better before she gets too heavy, because it's more plausible / normal for me to request that she gets "thick" as opposed to requesting that she gets "super fat" haha. Maybe when we find out her weight after exams, I can confess that she looks better this way, and see if I can get her to agree to gain an additional 3kg or so for me? Any heavier than that though I'll definitely claim as she gains weight that I'm "surprised to discover" that I prefer her with more meat.
  2. Both of us have been pretty stressed with exams right now, so sorry for the lack of updates! Our reactions to stress are very different though - I forget to eat, whereas she . . . just the opposite. No idea what she weighs, but she has been steadily munching on snacks for the past week or two and eating a lot of takeaways for dinner. She hasn't been weighing herself because she says that if she does it will just add unneeded stress right now. She has been wearing the shorts I mentioned in an earlier post a lot too, because she always gets a positive reaction from me when she does. She thinks I like them because they show off her butt - and there is that - but I particularly like them because they make it really easy for me to compare how much her belly is pooching over the waistband each day. We had some friends over for dinner one night, and I noticed one of them take a second look at her belly and watch her eat with just the slightest glimmer of judgement on her face. So looks like her weight gain is getting noticeable to others! My girlfriend didn't notice the judgey stare, but as a kind of finger flip at the judgement, I responded by passing my girlfriend one of the Indian takeaway containers and told her encouragingly to have more, she needs to keep her energy up for exams. The friend looked a little more judgey at that, especially when she helped herself to a big portion of seconds. She complained about being really full that night after everyone had left. I laughed sympathetically and then told her it was nice to see her enjoying the food. I'm trying to slow ease her into the idea that weight gain and overeating is hot. I've been trying to swing it so that sex happens most often when she's really full. Partly because it turns me on, but also because I'm hopeful that she'll start to associate sexiness with fullness / fatness. So yeah. Everything going well. Lots of overeating, and she's barely made any negative comments about her weight gain - though I think she does still intend to address it post-exams, which is coming up soonish. No idea what she weighs, but I'd bet on her having gained in the last week. Out of curiosity, what was your response to this? Can't quite remember, but I think it was something kind of basic and lame because I didn't have a response ready. Something like "oh okay." I know I should have responded with something more like "well you know I think you'd still look great with an extra few kilos" so I'll remember that for next time. I've also made similar calculations! 78kg by Christmas would be a dream but I don't want to get ahead of myself! I'm so impatient for her to gain even more weight. Current goal is 82kg (180.8lbs) - that will make her officially obese. That's a while off but I think it's possible to achieve next year! Though if she ever calculates her BMI, I wouldn't be surprised if that would trigger a massive dieting attempt. She has always viewed herself as chubby, but in her mind that is firmly separated from being fat, and getting her to accept the latter may be hard. She is 21.
  3. Also, just another quick update from what just happened: After finishing her cake slice, she warned me: “I might gain a little bit more weight because I’m stressed with exams and I can’t be bothered also stressing over food.” She quickly followed up with: “I’ll lose it afterwards anyway.” I know she considers it a warning, but I consider it a dream! And we all know how much harder it is to lose weight than gain for girls like this.
  4. Yesterday she finally acknowledged that she'd gained weight - she weighs 73kg (161lbs) or so, she wasn't specific, up from her original 70kg. I'm hopeful that she's rounding down and it's more than 73kg. Our conversation went something like this, with me trying hard to compliment her per everyone's advice: "I'm like 73kg. I need to lose 3kg." "To be honest, I think you look better with that extra 3kg." "Really?" "Yeah, your curves and particularly your butt look amazing." (To be honest, so far her weight has mainly and noticeably gone to her belly, but I know she thinks her butt is her best feature and she was pleased by that. We were in the bathroom at the time and she checked her butt out in the mirror when I said that haha.) "Hmm." "I think you have nothing to worry about, honestly, I think you could carry another 3kg easy." She laughed at that and made a face that was a bit disgusted. "No way," she said dismissively. I shrugged. "I think it would look hot. Curvy. Feminine. But anyway. Just look at it as a bit of wriggle room. You don't need to stress too much about maintaining your current weight, because even if you gained a kg or two, you'd still look hot. Just relax." "Well, okay. I'm still going to watch what I eat a little more though, I don't want to hit 76kg." To be honest, I think that she didn't really want to lose weight. She just was seeking approval from me that I'm still into her at this weight. She was seeking the go-ahead to continue enjoying food, even though she says she doesn't want to gain. "Okay. You want breakfast?" So then we had breakfast and I made sure to grab her butt several times. I really want to touch her stomach more, it has been particularly tempting lately, but I don't want to freak her out. Anyway, I saw the conversation as a massive win. She's still not open to the idea of gaining much more weight, she's not very chill about it, but at least 73kg is her new normal. Hopefully after Christmas, 76kg (167.6lbs) could be her new normal. Judging by the way she ate yesterday, it definitely could be. And she seemed more confident. She wore a pair of shorts that showed off her butt all day. They had become a little tight in the stomach too, so I was treated to a view of her belly that was pooching over the waistband. Also, today she ate breakfast at 8am, and at 9:45am, just now, she helped herself to a massive slice of carrot cake with thick cream cheese icing that I left in the pantry. "I have to write a terrible essay and this helps," she said when she caught me watching her. I was quick to say, "oh, yeah, you totally deserve it." I should go get some extra snacks for study fuel!
  5. Yeah, I also really want to know how much she weighs but I have to admit she will probably let herself go more and gain more weight if she doesn't know her exact weight. Thanks for your advice! Also, on calories, 100 calories is definitely within the margin of error as I'm not exactly sure what her maintenance number would be, or exactly how many she eats in any given day - I'm just estimating. So I'd prefer to make sure she has (or what I estimate to be) at least an extra 300 a day. Of course, I would not be complaining if she regularly ate 3000 calories a day! Anyway, this is just a quick note to say that she ate okay yesterday, at least when I was with her, nothing special. But now it's Saturday mid-morning where we are and I made her pancakes which she ate and has now gone back to bed. She likes to sleep in, and I have no problem with her sleeping off a large breakfast that made her even more lethargic
  6. So I decided I would bring her three donuts home as a surprise for “us to share” – I took like two bites and she ate the rest. She was kind of tetchy a few hours ago at lunch but is in a much better mood now, contentedly munching on a pack of chips that I also put in front of her. I love to see when she’s relaxed and happy from eating. Right now I’m deciding what to make for dinner. Hopeful that she’ll finish the remaining half of Ben n Jerry’s tonight too. Also told her how hot her outfit today looks on her – it’s a stretchy sweater that shows every curve – and she seemed more pleased than usual. Guess she was suffering from a bit of insecurity. I want to start hinting that she looks better heavier so that she feels free to eat more. She's still wearing the sweater but took off her jeans when she got home, which gives me a nice view of her lower belly, which has a little bit of a curve going on. I think we’re just going to have a nice quiet night, cuddle and watch a movie, and I’ll keep putting food in front of her – for us to share, of course 😉 I think the secret is not to ask her if she wants something – rather to just put it in front of her and she’ll happily and absentmindedly help herself. She also seems to forget about food that she eats that isn’t part of a major meal – and thus justifies eating more later. She didn’t weigh herself today, so no update. Probably hovering around 72-73kg. End of year exams are coming up very soon, followed soon after by the holiday period. This seems like the best opportunity for her to stress eat, reward herself with food, and enjoy indulging. I’m hopeful that she will gain a few kgs over the next few months, and then in the new year she can maintain a slower, sustainable gain. Hopeful too that she'll accept her weight gain and just enjoy it - she certainly enjoys eating, she's a natural. I don't want to get too ahead of myself though.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately she didn't end up having anything sweet after dinner last night but I'm hopeful that once she has deprived her sweet tooth for too long she'll succumb and go way overboard. I should probably stock the pantry with lots of tempting options. We just met up for lunch and I could tell she REALLY wanted a donut from a stand that we passed but she still restrained herself. She just needs to let go and enjoy herself.
  8. She weighed herself this morning, but wouldn’t tell me what is was because apparently “she’s still holding a lot of water weight so it’s not accurate.” So maybe it could be something like 73kg (160lbs)? Anyway I nodded sympathetically, I couldn’t really think of anything to say. She also mentioned how bloated she is as she squeezed into a pair of my sweatpants this morning and how she can’t wait until the bloating just goes away. Obviously it’s not just bloating – she has gained weight in the last few weeks. I've been keeping a mental tally of her approximate calories today and it's looking good. She had “healthy” muesli for breakfast. I checked the packaging and it’s really high in sugar, which is pretty common for commercial muesli. Also she poured herself way more than the proper portion size. Easily 500 calories with milk. She got an iced coffee with caramel syrup from the café downstairs around 11am. Heavy on cream and sugar. Probably 300 calories. She had a “healthy” pesto pasta salad for lunch. Heavy on the pasta, pesto, and olive oil, not so much on the salad part! Easily 600 calories. She had a blueberry muffin on the side (300). She turned down my offer of something to snack on in the afternoon, but then was convinced to order a burger for dinner because she’s been “so good” today – she said she’d only eaten muesli and a salad, apparently forgetting that the salad was mostly pasta and oil, and the coffee and muffin she had. I looked up the nutritional info on the restaurant's website and the burger was over 900 calories which is kind of unbelievable. I also ordered chips, which she didn’t ask for, but she absent-mindedly ate most of them with mayo while watching Netflix (500). We've just finished dinner, and I was hoping that she would want something sweet after dinner – she almost always wants something sweet late in the night – but I guess she was still trying to be healthy and she refused my offer. Still, I’m estimating that she ate over 3000 calories, so that’s great. She’s usually much more into snacking and dessert, but I guess she wasn’t too happy about whatever her weight was this morning so she was trying to restrain herself. It's still early here though (not yet 7pm) so maybe she'll get hungry later. What is really great is how big her stomach looks right now – I guess her meals were pretty high in salt, so she looks really bloated. She is wearing a tight white top and she’s slumped on the couch watching Netflix, in a position that really doesn’t make her belly look any smaller. She is also wearing a pair of my sweatpants which hang off of me, but which are stretched tight around her thighs and lower stomach. I'm worried how she'll react if she gains another kg or two and is forced to acknowledge the fact she has gained weight. I want to make her think that she has sexy curves, but without making her realise just how fat my ideal girl would be. She’s still pretty small relatively.
  9. Her weight is a beautiful sweet spot - I was initially attracted to her because she was a little chubby. And then of course I got to know her. I would still love for her to gain 10 kgs (22lbs). Her weight is mostly in her belly and thighs. Decent butt too. Definitely more pear shaped. Smallish breasts for her size - a B / C cup, but I'm not really a breast person so I don't mind. It makes her belly look bigger in comparison! She is eating pretty well today (nearly 1pm here) so I'll update at the end of the day too
  10. Yeah, there is definitely already a noticeable difference between us which I love! I know that she's a bit insecure that I'm so much slimmer than her - it's easier to compare your body to that of your partner when you're both the same gender. So I need to work on making her believe that I love her curvy body. The good news is that apparently she thinks the 2kg she has gained recently is just "water weight" or "bloating" and she didn't hesitate to eat half a tub of Ben n Jerry's late last night which is like 600 calories. I'm 90% sure it isn't just bloating because of how it looks, but I didn't correct her - she's happier believing it is.
  11. I’ve been dating this cool girl for a few months. She’s 165cm and 72kg, up from 70kg when we started dating. I think she’s put the 2kg on in the last few weeks alone – she’s been eating more junk food recently. It has encouraged me to think that maybe I could subtly encourage her to gain weight. I’m not going to share pictures of her – to be honest, I already feel like I’m cheating on her just by writing about her on this site. But I really want to share this stuff with people who feel the same as me. I’ve been into girls gaining weight for as long as I can remember, although I really only understood it as a fetish thing when I stumbled across some deviantart one summer during high school. I’m 22 and this will be my first opportunity to put it into practice. I've been lurking on this site for ages but only just made a profile. Oh, and for the record, I’m skinny and tall with a good metabolism, and I have no intention of gaining weight myself. This is just going to be about my girlfriend. Hope you all would be interested in hearing how it goes!
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