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  1. CHARMIMG CHASITYS BELLY IS SO HOT!! I should have had her sit in me so I can get smothered by her belly!! Let’s fatten her up more! 

    1. Goku98


      Yes and also eat cake off of each other!!

  2. Have you met charming chasity??

    Who do you think burped the loudest? 
    Who can fit the most fingers in their belly button? Whose belly is hotter?!? 


  3. Are we cute or what


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Extremely! :D 

    2. Alyx59


      wow!  now that is😍 cute 

  4. I was able to convince my assistant manager to become a curvage model!! Watch as I introduce her and we do belly comparisons, drink coke, eat mentos and more!!! This was fun there was so much chemistry! Her model name is CHARMINGCHASITY !


  5. Cute video before the video with my assistant!!


    1. Goku98


      Beautiful view!

  6. Hope I didn’t distract the people driving by on the interstate!!!4A9DF053-BC36-4D48-9112-423F18C2F0AA.thumb.gif.8e0565da768278111c06c43fdbb28411.gif

  7. In this short clip Pretty Piggy plays with her belly, and belly button near a busy highway!


  8. Whoever sent this please send me a picture of your confirmation Email so I can send your FREE video!!! 
    Anytime someone orders something off my wishlist you can get a video for FREE!! 

  9. Doing a video today with my assistant, i will give you guys  her curvage name soon as she’s approved! What would you like to see?


    1. Goku98


      A stuffing and some belly play would be a cool idea

  10. Me and my best friend!!! 
    chocolate and vanilla!


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Prettypiggy


      I’m filming with my assistant

    3. dj2k1357


      You should film with her too. 3 little piggies haha

    4. go4thegold


      Nice, your friend’s belly looks alright, though I’m sure you’ll have her fattened up in no time!

  11. You think they’ll let me in the club with this shirt on? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0


    3. Zig Zag

      Zig Zag

      It wouldn't be a party if they didn't  😏

    4. Alyx59


      If they don't  it  is not worth visiting anyway

  12. My assistant manager wanted to show her belly!!A8FC1D20-B802-4139-B14A-678EB63C770E.thumb.jpeg.da713da7bdfc803fccdc9c08872e301d.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Gorgeous, the both of you! :D 

    3. Kenzo998


      How did you convince her, must have been a weird suggestion 😜

    4. Prettypiggy


      I’m transparent with everything my family even knows lol she’s totally down with it she’s going to become a curvage model too! 

  13. 56DECF9C-2886-4D09-BE46-5FD10B4D929C.thumb.jpeg.496ca62abf04e6ed538da67a4f93757a.jpegF775461D-CF58-4E97-9B04-54DC539279A0.thumb.jpeg.f8d281a4b6faa3a181f3ea3564a32d18.jpeg
    🙈 yumm 

    1. ivan_ivanov100


      Your bulging belly is always beatiful.😊

    2. Prettypiggy


      Thank you 😊 

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Very yummy. 😍

  14. Stuffing at work is the best!! I almost got caught which made this more fun!!!


  15. FEED ME TODAY!!! 
    Check out this stuffing video, Chinese is the best!!

    I’ve also added food cards to my wishlist!!!


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