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  1. She’s at her highest 286 but she plans to drop 40 but we’ll see lol @NikeLove1986
  2. Last pic at her highest weight. Started her diet. We’ll see how this one goes
    So sexy. Love her progression as she gets fatter. This was a awesome video. So beautiful 😁👍
    Awesome. 😊 very beautiful and love watching that belly get full
  3. Would love the middle one. Be my valentine 😁 your an absolute beauty
  4. Love her growing belly 😊😊
  5. Update. Finally Told the wife about my interests in feeding and enjoyment at her growing larger. She said she figured as much since I never stopped her from snacking. So she mentioned going on a diet. Last 2 nights she’s said get me snacks now I’m hungry. I don’t think she’ll be dieting lol
  6. I’d love to see her go over. I’m always encouraging. But she’s also making it happen as well
  7. Hasn’t had a way in for a while. I’d put her over 280 now
  8. Thought I’d give everyone a wife update as she continues to grow
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