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  1. 2017: 2019: This is what happens when the Hollywood bigwigs are no longer allowed to say "Put the fork down or you're out of the show" without getting sued or socially shamed. Without external control actresses keep eating and getting fatter. Great days.
  2. I think anything that's formulated in terms of "I will only really like you if..." is likely to alienate your partner.
  3. I can share a real story that's stranger than fiction. I used to know a law student. Blonde, attractive, very preppy, conservative and a bit arrogant. She was your typical go-getter. Shortly after I stoped seeing her I learned she had become a city councillor in her 20's, the youngest ever, I think. But what I learned next is shocking. She went to jail for heading a coke dealing ring together with her boyfriend. I saw pictures of her at her trial, when she had been in jail for a while, and her face looked fat, puffy and unrecognizable. According to her lawyer she had been suffering from verbal and physical abuse by other inmates, and she was requesting for her to be moved to a safe module. Imagine a posh drug kingpin surrounded by poor addicted jailbirds. They must have gone down on her like a pack of hyenas,
  4. I agree. Women athletes and performers seem to struggle with the idea that fitness is a job requirement. Fortunately for us their struggle to comply is leading to a relaxation of rules and a situation where calling a female athlete or perfomer on her weight is becoming a crime, which, clown world or not, can only good for our particular interests.I know for a fact that coaches telling female athletes they need to lose weight can lead to removal from their jobs.
  5. We're not jerking to dead people. We're jerking to fat survivors.
  6. This on the left is what she already looked like without makeup in her late 20's:
  7. Let's just say Daddy doesn't need to escort her anymore.
  8. Ah, CR7's incubator-cum-actress.
  9. You mean you've jerked to pictures or videos of them after they were dead or you've jerked to actual corpses?
  10. I was wondering if she has butt implants. Her waist looks too tiny for that fat ass, and she used to have a pot belly.
  11. Where are you from, Saudi Arabia? is kissing a woman in public taboo in your neck of the woods?
  12. Only an actual deluded idiot would try to deny she's a Nazi bitch, but who cares? Let's just hate wank on her getting fat, assuming she is.
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