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  1. Hello! Its been a while since I made a post but I could not be happier to bring this new stuffing video and photo-set to you! Quarantine has done what we have expected: given me way too much free time to eat and eat! I have been gorging myself this entire lock down and the results to my belly are very visually obvious! I decided I had to make a video because my belly started to get so bloated to the point where I am officially the biggest I've ever been after stuffing! I am so happy to have made so much progress with stuffing my belly and I owe so much of it to everyone's support! So lets talk about the package! Huge photo-set of 120 bloated belly pics!!!- Huge 18 minute belly play video in 2 parts, which includes: Soda chugging! Slow, sensual belly play! sucking in and pushing out! belly/stuffing talk! and of course... My biggest most bloated belly! you'll see me start with a sizable bloated gut but be patient... by the end of the video you will see my belly at its biggest and tightest! Please note that the videos include clips that use horizontal camera as well as vertical portrait camera. Please send me any feedback I want to make better and better videos for you all! Please enjoy! -Brooke


  2. Hello Everyone! This is a photoshoot that I did a while ago that I am happy to post onto the curvage page! A new breakfast place opened in town that I immediately fell in love with and I just had to find out what all of my favorite foods there were. I went one day and just let my appetite run wild. I ordered so much food and ate like a total pig! I knew the experience was going to blow up my belly so I made sure to take some before and after photos! To this day I fell that this is one of my most impressive stuffings and im confident you will agree when you see what it did to my belly. I'm sure you will enjoy knowing that everyone at the restaurant saw me in this outfit! I really do love showing off my big bloated belly in public even when I'm so stuffed that my belly button is showing! The photoset is focused on me modeling my very stuffed belly from many angles. the pictures were taken on a high quality phone camera and are cropped vertically to show neck, chest, stuffed belly, and legs. enjoy!


  3. Hello Everyone! I am back with my second video for you! In this video I have stuffed myself with a big burger, a huge baked potato, and a steak sandwhich. After all of which I decide to chug a litre to add some liquid bloat! In the first moments of this video you see me munching on my meal, after some brief belly play for you to see where my progress is, we dive into the majority of the video which is the additional litre chug! Enjoy lots of belly play after. This video is a low price since I made the mistake of filming parts vertically, which while my whole body is in frame, its still a bit cramped visually. Thank you for supporting my stuffing adventure while I learn to make even better videos for you all!


  4. Hello Everyone! This was an attempted 3L chug that ended after 2L! Even though I didn't hit my initial goal I was so happy about the before/after results of this bloat! Enjoy a long chugging session with lots of belly play! I cant wait for my next attempt at more ☺️


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