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  1. current weigh in and measurements!!!! followed by eating cupcakes n drinkin milk until i get sleepy!!! also a lil bit of chatting about how fat i gotten 😎 (sorry for the weird lighting??? i dont know how to edit videos lmao)


  2. a lot of my clothes have been getting pretty tight, so i tried on some old outfits to see how they fit!!! includes comparison pics for 5 different outfits that i wore at various weights also includes me struggling to put on clothes in general (im not good at buttons)


  3. i used to be pretty athletic, but after gaining 60 lbs in 6 months, its been a lot harder to work out!! in this vid, i try a few exercises that should be easy for a girl my age, but that i cant quite manage to do! my cat is in this video the whole time. hes just chillin tho.


  4. an ice cream store sells "polar pizzas"! a giant cookie topped in ice cream with chocolate and chunks of cookie dough on top! a few months ago i could probably only eat a slice or two but thats obviously not the case anymore


  5. after a long day, i smoke some weed, sit in my cozy blanket pile, watch tv, and of course stuff my face! i ordered some dominos pizza with some sides of bread, lava cakes and soda! obviously i ate an absurd amount and you can tell by all the burps and tummy rubs!! (theres not a whole lot of talking or action in this video! its pretty much just me shoving slice after slice of pizza into my mouth while watching the mindy project)


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