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  1. Let me buy you food. 😃

    1. Violet999


      i'm new here, would you mind telling me, are there people really willing to buy a fat gal food?! I'm broke and would LOVE someone to buy me something delicious to eat! Or to send me a box of delicious See's Candies from back home that I've been missing for 10 years.


  2. wonderful gaining - i like your round belly soo much

  3. i gained 100 lbs!!! in this vid, i mindlessly play w my big fat belly, show off a lil bit, and talk about a few changes ive experienced. a lil aimless but im tryna get back in that video groove ya know???


  4. You are absolutely stunning I am so thankful 😍😍

  5. hello friends!!! quick update!!! as of this morning i weigh 258.6 lbs!!!! sorry the video content has been lacking, but ill make sure to post some spicy new stuff once finals week finishes up! just wanted to upload a few new pics so u can see how its goin!!!! (first pic is progress from 172lbs to 256 lbs) (pre and post thanksgiving stuffing)
  6. Sending supportive vibes.

    1. pet sounds

      pet sounds

      Just to be clear, I'm reacting to your tumblr post about disillusionment. Sorry you've had some bad experiences lately.

    2. chubbychiquita


      thank u sweet p <33333333

    3. pet sounds

      pet sounds

      Hope things are going ok; wishing you a great 2020.

  7. another vid for fans of the overly indulgent "weedy feedee" genre, i get stoned beyond belief and eat 10 mcdonalds cheeseburgers! you get to see me mindlessly shove burgers down my throat, smoke a lil in attempt to increase my appetite, and get to listen to an entire episode of rick and morty! unfortunate (but brief) cuts when my cat tried to eat my burgers. i cant lock him up. its complicated.


  8. i chug a liter of coke, and obviously, it makes me burpy af


  9. in this vid i briefly talk about and show off each area that ive gained! it's pretty obvious how much im enjoying it 😘


  10. in this vid i take on two half pound bacon cheeseburgers from wendys! it gets a little messy and i cant get my pants back on afterwards, but the burgers were pretty good!


  11. sorry the vid i posted yesterday wasnt working! it's up n running again and let me just say i can rock a pair of shorts that dont go up over my ass 😘

    1. grateful


      So cute 😍

      And adorable chubby!  🥰

      Thanks for the update!  😃

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are growing sexier and sexier with every newly added pound.

  12. !! in this vid i try on a few outfits from my wardrobe and talk a little bit about how poorly they fit (but how sexy i feel in them anyway)!


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