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  1. After some internet issues, finally here you have.... SPYING ON LAURA IN MC DONALD’S 🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟

    I need to admit that I left some people shocked at the restaurant, how often do you find a hot hug, on tight clothes, eating... devouring 3 hamburgers!!??…… anyways I hope you enjoy the video

    🐽🐽🐽 fat kisses 🐽🐽🐽



    1. Chevalier


      Completely unhinged eh? Belly popping out will always garner attention.

  2. Version 1.0.0

    Today is your lucky day, because you found this fat hug devouring 3 big hamburgers a big soda and a bid French fries at McDonald’s. Wearing a really small and tight shirt, showing her round belly and her muffin tops, she walks trough all the place, catching all the views of the people right there, on her enormous body. She takes a seat in the perfect place for you... now you are catching all her fat angles and now you have the best view to see how Laura is pigging this meal, who is definitely too much for a person. Bite by bite the pig goes finishing all that grease food. At this point, her belly is so big and rounder that the shirt she’s wearing is looking like a top... she looks completely stuffed but she is decided to finishing the 3 hamburgers so her best option is to unbutton her jeans to keep pigging.


  3. Hey, what about your week???… mine was busy but fine, and actually this is how I started the day, you doesn’t have an idea of how I’m looking now!!

    By the way... tomorrow I will be uploading a new video, and just because I think that my curvage family deserves a really good McDonald’s public stuffing I will give you right that... I’m not leaving any picture or gif because I want that you’ve been stunning tomorrow’s night when you find my video 💋🐽




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. renatobrazil


      Goddess! as always...

    3. Gabbo


      Looking inSANELY hot.

    4. maurice_deux


      That once flat and toned belly is definitely gone for good. Maybe you'll fatten up enough and get a double belly in time for bikini season😉

  4. I hope you enjoy me ❤️



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    2. jarhead78


      Getting some serious size on now! 

    3. degek2001


      Wow, sure you've not only me enjoyed, also yourself... ❤️ Henk

    4. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      I don’t know who’s gonna stop you getting fatter 😍

  5. Version 1.0.0

    A traditional burping video with a exceptional huge and hot Laura’s belly full of beers. Laura’s body has been getting so big and one of the main ingredients to have that big belly are beers, but how can she being drinking beers with no hot burps ... without any dude you will be crazy for her huge belly and how is getting bigger at the same time she is finishing Almost two litres of beers.


  6. Does anyone miss my burps???… or how big it looks my belly just with beers???





    1. regbill


      I love how your curvaceous figure really fills out that outfit your wearing. I especially love how those leggings really show off your gorgeous legs.

    2. Chevalier


      Those leggings are about to explode 😋😎

  7. Morning 💋



    1. regbill
    2. extra_m13


      that how every morning should be !

  8. I just end 4 double big mac’s, 2 big sodas and 2 big FF ...  Oh, and an ice cream... because Is just the lunch... I mean, I need to save space for my dinner 😉😏💋


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    2. renatobrazil



    3. dj2k1357


      Btw i also messaged you. Glad you liked my review :)

    4. maurice_deux


      Beautiful woman!


  9. My New video is waiting for approval, but here you have the link,  and hey, looks like I’ve been your good hog🐽🐽🐽


  10. Version 1.0.0

    Laura has been enjoying her steady in her home country and her body knows that... tacos, beers, tamales, a bunch of buffets, a lot of reunions and her no self control it should be working to gain weight and some centimetres besides she’s been trying to mantain her numbers... A body tour by her new extra fat is gonna gave you an idea of how Laura’s body has been changing... actually you only need to watch how hard is for she to cross her legs when she is sit, after that the measures coming to turn you on and you are not going to believe how far she went in only 2 months + the revelation of her actual weight.


  11. Did you miss me???

    No worries I’ve been a good piggy 🐷 eating a lot, recording a lot and much more important... getting bigger just for you 💋🔥

    I hope that after all the stuffings that I gave you during the past month you’ll be ready to know my new measures 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼

    And if you you think that March was a Month with good videos... April is gonna blow your mind 😏😏😏😏💋





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    2. degek2001


      Wow, so sexy round your tummy! ❤️ Henk

    3. maurice_deux


      Your former classmates from high school would be shocked to see how fat you’ve become! Love that your once flat tummy has now grown past your boobs. Looking forward for your hips to get wider and you to get even fatter and rounder:)

    4. Gabbo


      Someone really has been a busy 🐷

  12. BFFC603B-1BD7-4870-8AB9-5D8F08470D08.jpeg


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    2. regbill


      I love your new and improved figure.❤️

    3. renatobrazil


      We missed you A LOT. You are a GODDESS and you came back more beautiful than ever. Your curves are so much improved and your gorgeous face is even more gorgeous!!! I specially like your eyes and your lips. ;) 

    4. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      Omg i don’t have words.. 😍

  13. To maintain the Full HD 1080p format I’ve split the video on 2 parts... enjoy it!❤️



     Be free to enjoy me and leave your review 💋🐖💋🐖

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