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  1. You are soooo gorgeous!!!!

  2. I hope you be ready for the summer ((I prepare pretty good content)) which starts today and because of that I put on sale this two wonderful videos of me at the beach 🏖 🐖🐽💋







    1. cutebelly99


      I can’t wait to see you at the beach again this summer even more chubby!

  3. 💋 night


    1. M.Y.15026


      You are a gift from god for feederism world! Omg!

  4. Laura can’t look more sexy in that tight, tight pregnancy belt... Laura is having troubles with her clothes... now is too big to fit on them, so she decided to try a belt to control all her extra fat, but come on, is too much extra fat... after a try she just enjoy her body, especially her huge belly... a bit of oil and a hot massage show us how enormous is she. After a sexy fat play, Laura try’s again to fit on her pregnancy belt just to confirm that any belt, even a pregnancy belt, are not enough for her belly.


  5. Coming tomorrow... how it was your weekend??? 


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      I had a pretty decent weekend, especially around Father's Day. I hope you had a good one. :) 

  6. Almost ready!! 😉 waiting for approval 🔥💋


  7. Laura can’t be more than a hog when after a night of chips and soda she wakes up to continue her feast of chips an more soda... just a common day in Laura’s life. Her mattress is full of crumbs and she doesn’t care about it, she just want to eat as much she can. Tight T-shirt and tight shorts who can’t support anymore the pressure from Laura’s huge belly... enormous muffin tops and extra fat legs are the owners of this video. You’ll be checking how all the extra fat in Laura’s body is causing struggles on her mobility... so hot!!!


  8. A real hog is coming  tomorrow 🐽🐖


    1. CityNight


      The way you eat and put those bags of chips at the same time, filling your stomach, like you don't care to be a gluttonous pig, and you are so decided to become obese, so sexy

    2. renatobrazil


      Goddess! guapissima!

  9. Have a Nice week!! 🐽💋🐽💋

    and this... this is how a Pig looks!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. John Smith

      John Smith


    3. WhoDat


      Off-the-charts sexy. Nice to see an attractive young woman with so much extra weight, especially your belly which is looking "nice and fat." 

    4. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Those shorts are filled in such a beautiful way by a cute nd amazingly sexy young woman with excellent curves. You are one of the sexiest girls ever. I like your dressing style.

  10. Day off and I’m using my time to check my albums and what a surprise this picture is from November 2017... I still have the same shorts but definitely now my muffin top is bigger 🤷🏼‍♀️🤰🏼🐽


    1. mrfatfatfatlover


      the real question is : Does these shorts even fit past your big thighs now ?

    2. regbill


      I would love to see how you look in those shorts now.


  11. Have a wonderful noon ❤️💋🐽


    1. acdc34434
    2. Mealstrom


      Ugh that gorgeous belly hanggg

    3. Bobbygirshiv


      You just made my afternoon wonderful 🥰

      thank you! 

  12. Morning!!... for real, be prepared... this video is simply hot, hot, hot! 😏🔥🍕

    ((waiting approval))



    1. Gabbo


      Like I said previously, why can't there be strippers like you in Australia.

  13. A few months ago you hired a beautiful, hot and “skinny Laura” as stripper. After many Striptease with pizza, She isn’t “Skinny Laura”…now she is “Laura Fatty”. Huge Legs, Fat hips, Round face, soft arms, enormous butt, sexy boobs and the most important AN ENORMOUS HOT BELLY. Looking extremely sexy and fat, Laura Fatty arrives to your place to give you what you want. Your wishes are true since she puts a lot of energy using the stairs... when she is ready to dance for you, you have a surprise for her, pizza!! She looks mad because she is gaining weight and she knows is your fault, however, is pizza, who says no to pizza. Your show started and what a show!!… She is Latina and she knows how to move that big butt for you. She discovered your love for big girls and now the striptease is even better. The place is perfect because you can check all her angles. She is dancing, eating, shack in al her fat for you until she is completely stuffed. She used to have the body that every woman wants, long legs, hot butt, golden abs... but now, now she is your hog, your own big woman.


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