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  1. Its not new though is it, she's been putting this set and similar out for over a year. You need to get your tongue out of her ass
  2. Her stomach isnt half what it used to be
  3. Good be her massive schlong?
  4. I thought she was looking slimmer these days
  5. Your trying really hard with this and its just not happening, shes just not remotely fat
  6. barrywhite

    Iggy Azalea

    Not gonna lie, I expected her to be a lot flabbier
  7. barrywhite

    Frankie Essex

    Why in every set of pictures is she attempting to run? She looks so flabby and awkward
  8. Her ass has overtaken her gut
  9. When's she gonna gain some character?
  10. Did what? I see her content hasn't improved
  11. Dude, she's not breathing in at all and hasnt let herself go in the slightest
  12. And if your reading Lucy, expect this creepy guy in a bush watching you
  13. Isnt she the chick that takes her dad everywhere, it's weird and she's a douche
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