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  1. I hope you like to see the start and finish pictures of this inflation. It felt so Wonderful! How can I not share it?


  2. Maybe my uniform is getting a little tight... no panties for me or you’ll see every line.... 😍😘
  3. How’s my ass looking? I think I’m loving it...



    1. DieselDave


      Looking good.

    2. sweetzombiejesus


      Loving it too 💙 the ass to phat ratio is strong ☺️🥰 xx 🍑x🍟 = 😍

    3. Maverick500


      Absolutely love your plump belly and booty 🥰🥰😘

  4. If anyone’s missing me, I’m sorry I’m gone so much!


  5. I think I’ve gotten bigger... anyone wanna get me more food? I’m still hungry
  6. Oink oink! How do you think quarantine has grown on me??
  7. Incase anyone was wondering.... I got fatter ❤️ 


    1. wulfric992


      You sure did; that gut was already so big and flabby in September, it's really hanging now ;)

  8. I have many but they’re all work shirts or dress shirts. I’m growing so quick it’s hard to keep up.
  9. Oh yes a man let me in front of him today at the store because he thought I was pregnant.
  10. Always honey. I just wish I had more to stuff with tbh. This belly is a lot to fill.
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