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  1. Just posted a video waiting approval. I haven’t been on much but I’ll try to change that. Please check it out! So I can make more videos for you 😘 anddd here’s a pic C6F31851-4B66-47E5-BAE8-C22B3F7473C8.thumb.jpeg.275044eaf4190ba2a8ec6c25b94026cb.jpeg

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    2. MadameMorticia


      Thanks I don’t really have any goals just experiencing this is all. Just enjoying it 

    3. MadameMorticia
    4. cristhebootguy


      I wish I could give you more food so you can stuff yourself more 

  2. Madame Morticia stuffed herself with whip cream and heavy cream earlier and then puts on a little show for your enjoyment with her stomach all nice and full and plump. She rubs her belly all throughout the video and then shakes her ass for you at the end. 😈 Hope you enjoy!


  3. Hmmm who wants to see me get bigger? Go check out my gallery under Curvage Models and see my beautiful belly wantonly on display for you all to gawk at and then go check out my first vid ;) The next one will be me stuffing myself to the max, more than I ever have before. A 2 part series in fact. There’s just soooo much food to engorge upon😘 Have a lovely day darklings. 

    1. cristhebootguy


      Can’t wait to see 

    2. BigOnes


      Ohhh i’m so excited😍

    3. Samuel88


      Just happened to land on your page, as you liked my post. Must say I love your attitude et je parle francais aussi y un poco Español. And I want you to gain a lot more. I am crazy about that. 

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