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  1. most of the calories in mass gainers are either dexterose or maltodextrin, dextrose goes through your system quicker so the insulin spike is shoter while maltodextrose takes longer to break down into smaller usable glucose monomers so will keep insulin levels raised longer but not as high you can buy the individual powders in bulk but either a 50/50 mix or 30/70 dextrose to maltodextrin if you already are having a high amount of sugars will probaly have best effects
  2. I can't wait to see your full figure
  3. I've made a short guide in the discussion tab here if you have any questions just message me😁
  4. I've gone trough most of the posts on here relating on how to increase your gain and i'm going to put everything here altogether along with a few bits that i've found online For a bit about me and why I wanted to put this together weirdly is because I got into bodybuilding and after seeing how small changes in that seemed to have a big affect and how the routines are put together and work I was curious if something could be made for gaining as well so hopefully this will be a good starting point for anyone if their interested. An easy way to look at it is calories in vs calories out so more in than out you'll gain i'll put a link to a daily calorie expendature caluclator at the bottom.but try to get all the nutrients your body needs its easy when you know how much you actually need its easy to neglect but easy to fix. Food and meal preperation As most of you know any food high in calories will make you gain but foods high in protien will not be as good as foods that have a higher carb, sugar and fat content, you still need some protien in your diet but that will probally come from other sources like milk or even from the eggs in cake if your eating enough. Try to not have all your calories as carbs have about the same amount of fats as fats take longer to digest than carbs so after the carbs basically do their thing you still feel full while still taking in calories from the fats. If you want to have a many calories a day as possible then having most if not all of your meals in liquid for is ideal as you will be able to fit more calories in without feeling full as liquids take up room better in your stomach then solid foods also big sloshy belly😁 Good foods Ice cream - as it can be melted and is still good, it can be put into shakes or smoothies to thicken or just add calories Heavy cream - great for hot chocolate, deserts and see above Custard - like heavy cream but vanilla flavour and more sugars Rice - high in carbs per gram and cheap Junk food - well this one is obvious Alcohol, specifically beer - alcohol will slow down breakup of fats and sugars in the liver so more is taken up as fat and the hops in beer are estrogenic which does help fat form Kendle mint cakes - they were made for going up everest they don't taste great but its like 400 calories in 85g so you can literally eat 9 and not feel full Lard - don't eat just use to cook with to replace butter or to fry with, makes great bacon Microbiotic drinks - junk food will not do your gut bacteria any good so keeping it healthy improves gut function to help with calorie uptake Peanut butter - high in sugar and fat and tastes good if you have a peanut alergy coconut oil or butter is about the same Avocadoes, high in fat and versitile good substitue if anyone is vegitarian Soy - its a good protien source if you want to have a concrete intake of protien but also contains pytoestrogens with can help with fat growth. Routines / Changes So being sedentary is best but doing light cardio and I only mean like a walk or jog wont burn many calories but will make you hungrier so is a good tool if you want to have a big meal or stuff but don't have the appetitie yet and if your just starting out a gain actually having a low calorie diet for a month while just doing cardio will waste upper body muscle which just burns calories anyway and put your body in a starvation state so will slow your metabolism so when you start your body will want to put on fat more. Wake up at weird intervals because one of the hormones in fat addition is cortisol which is a stress hormone so changing up your sleep schedual or just staying up late and waking up at diffrent times will increase cortisol causing weight gain or just being stressed which at the moment is probably easy for some people with whats going on. Have sugar often, if you eat sugar though out the day just snacking keeping insulin high will cause more fat to be stored an easy way to do this is dextrose tablets which are just sugars a pack is 400 calories for 85g again but easy to carry. Warm baths / massages, increasing bloodflow round the body either by direct heat or stimulation helps for fat distribution Staying warm, the warmer you are closer to body temp the less calories you burn by thermogenisis so it helps for lowering you daily calorie usage Eat late at night as a last meal of the day, you'll digest it while you sleep and being sedentary will help keep the calories. Don't have caffine or nicotine they both will supress appetite so you will eat less. Get bigger plates, they will trick you into eating bigger portions by comparison its a subtle thing but works. If your going to do a lot of stuffing you can use a method competitve eaters use is to train their stomachs by drinking large volumes of water quickly they can expand their stomach volume from 1 litre to about 4 use fruit juice instead for the calories if you choose to do it. Supplements I'm probally going to burst someones bubble by saying their isn't any magic pill to get fat, antihistamines and antidepressants like SSRI's can cause weight gain but only because they increase appetite and there are other ways to increase appetite anyway if you have them anyway then they will make you hungrier if w33d is legal where you are then its a really good way to empty your kitchen. There are some supplements that claim to increase appetie like black hole or APT but I have no idea if they work Multivitamines are good to take if you are having mainly a junk food diet but optional Creatine, it dosn't actually build muscle it makes muscles store water it works more psycologically but if you want to look chunkier then it can help take, 20g with fruit juice for a week then do 5g daily for best results. L-argenine/citruline, it helps with bloodflow for fat storage as in routines and will lower blood pressure because its a vaisodialator as well if anyone is interested. Dexterose powder, it's the easiest sugar for your body to take in and is pretty cheap Apetamin, it's an appetite suplement that works but I don't know how you would get it, If anyone has any ideas or contributions leave them in the replys and they will get added to Gain Guide V.2 if it gets made. Credits ghrian CuriousAmy13 goxem36190 Knew Nankdatank Links https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html
  5. I think that's its more down to the length of time they have been gaining weight so they're not eating as much but have had a decent calorie surplus for longer
  6. Vhhjkkk

    Gain Guide?

    would anyone be interestred in a sort of compilation of tips, meals and plans that makes someones gain easier? Ive been thinking about putting one togther but I don't know if their would be any intrest in one or if I could even post one on here.
  7. add an option for each tag on a video to track on the home newsfeed so new uploads are shown regardless if they follow the model, basically follow but for tags
  8. an opiton to whitelist tags for newly uploaded videos to appear on the news feed so if someone has a specific tag they search for the videos come up on their home page instead of having to search the clips store directly
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