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  1. champburger

    Weekly Poll

    Put me down for donuts as well
  2. Just wanted to say...Go Pat's!

    Hope you have a great super bowl Sunday.  

    1. Loveinthebelly


      @champburger woo-hoo go pats #onemore #GoPatriots 

      Are you from new England? 

    2. champburger


      I'm from new Hampshire, but I live in California now!  It was 80 degrees today. 

  3. champburger

    Who is this amazing woman?

    Aka curvy papaya
  4. champburger

    Me & how to find me

    Welcome to curvage, gorgeous! There actually already a thread about your YouTube channel!
  5. champburger

    She used to post here....

    Can't remember her name. Anyone know? Or have more pix?
  6. champburger

    Just a few

    How did you miss the girl IN the pool in this pic?
  7. Holy cow, where is That from?
  8. champburger


    another video of her: Videos you might like
  9. there is a lot to like here, especially the pic of her in the orange-y bar & panties... aaaaaaand..... there seems to be a built-in storyline of the super voluptuous dark-haired girl fattening up all her friends.... or am i the only one thinking that? ;D
  10. champburger

    who is she ?

    i'll be seeing her in my mind's eye in about 5 minutes!
  11. champburger

    Jenna of epic proportions

    Stunning! excellent find.
  12. champburger

    Tight dresses

    this girl: tumblr_mvtjr68L3L1qdl2y9o2_500.jpg is AMAZING. more please!
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