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  1. Kiss my 🍑


  2. Wow you guys really liked my last clip! Looks like I'm gonna have to grow out of my clothes again so I can give you another one just like it! Knowing me, that shouldn't be hard to do with a little help!

  3. Sorry I've been gone for so long everyone. I've been soooo busy, BUT I just put up a new video! I know you're all hungry for more of lil me!

  4. ILoveChocolate has really been packing on weight lately. Her old clothes barely fit anymore! Watch her squeeze her massive belly and ass into clothes that she's long outgrown. Looks like she should but down the spoon and do some jogging, but we all know she'd never get her fat ass up to do anything about her spiraling weight gain.


  5. I hope everyone liked the clip I put up yesterday! I got another one coming this week too!

  6. Hey! I put up a new clip today, and I had so much fun making it, and you can see ALL my best parts!

  7. Guess what! I have a new clip going up right now!!! 😃

  8. Take a peak into the life of ILoveChocolate! Watching her struggle to do chores with her huge round belly, greedily enjoy a delicious donut (chocolate! her favorite!), and then retire to her chair and play some video games! And you get to see it all, in all it's jiggly goodness!


  9. New video coming soon!!


  10. Hello and good morning everybody🥱☺️ Today feels like a very lazy Sunday!


  11. How is everyone doing today? 😜


    1. S77


      This is why I love this website !!

  12. I Love Chocolate is not only big, but so super soft too! (and jiggly) She loves touching her soft doughy belly, and jiggling her massive thighs!


  13. Omg I just realized I'm shaped exactly like the girl in the logo! Maybe I was just destined to be here! Btw new clip coming todayyyy!

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Sounds like it's meant to be to me! :) 

      Maybe you should try doing a pic in that pose to show that off. :D 

    2. regbill


      I agree. It would be cool to see a side by side comparison pic of you and the logo.

  14. ILoveChocolate is a new model to curvage! Are you ready to meet her? She has some things to share with you, a couple stories, and a special magic trick with her belly! Learn about what she eats, the shows she watches, and how she spends her lazy days!


  15. First clip going up tomorrow! You'll get a chance to know me, and see a lil tummy as well!

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