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  1. SALE ON ALL MY CONTENT FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY ♡ enjoy while I make some new videos 🐽🍩🍨🍔💋



  2. On a late night snack hunt... you can always find my head buried in the fridge looking for something to fill me up with. 🐽💋🍩🍨🍝


    1. OBJ


      Baby let me help you grow bigger and bigger

    2. grateful


      Sleep eating please!    😍

      Gorgeous belly   😁

  3. Come sit and eat with me while I stuff my face with Wendy's! 🍔🍟🥤 

  4. Did ya miss me? ♡

    New video comming soon 💋🍔🍟


    1. regbill


      I did miss you.:)

    2. grateful


      Beautiful   😍

      Looking forward to it   ❤️

  5. Come and watch your fat piggie stuff her face with a huge loaded Wendy's feeding. Sit with me on the couch and watch bite after bite, her soft and plushy belly get harder and fuller and rounder. What a pig. 🐽🍔🥤🍟


  6. Once upon a time, this fit me 🙊 I guess my belly has grown too big for it to fit properly anymore...I love how tight this feels on my big growing belly 😍


    1. grateful


      Oh man, look at that.  😍

      Thanks for the pic  😁

    2. viragosilverado


      Looks like it still fits pretty good to me 😁

  7. Got any new pics today, you fat little hog?

  8. Dirty talk and a dirty fat belly !!


    if you can prove you purchased this video tonight (only purchased tonight)  I will give you one video for free. New content this week, let's do this ! ♡ 🐽🍰

  9. Feeling small and hungry.. 😞🐽

    She stood and stared into the mirror at her small, hanging, soft and starving tummy. Thinking about all the greasy and sweet foods she wants to stuff into her greedy mouth. Apple pie and ice cream? McDonalds big mac and fries with a chocolate milkshake? Donuts? Nachos? Ugh... what she would give to feel bloated and stretched and filled to the rim, burps escaping like bubbles from a soft drink. 

    She goes to the kitchen to see what she can find to fulfill her greedy need to have something in her mouth, anything.

    I wonder what she finds.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lt. Chubs

      Lt. Chubs

      Wow, you really write well. Fat, greedy, lazy, pretty, and quite literate? Too good to be true. 

    3. grateful


      I agree with Chubs....growing and smart   and pretty   :wub:

      (just lowered my ac a couple of notches, seemed hot in here)

    4. bellyluvr


      Can I continue the story?

  10. This sale ends tonight! 💋🌯



    Watch me get messy with this chocolate cake all to myself and become out of breath crawling around on the floor, trying to get my gut to hang down and touch the floor while I'm on all fours. Oh, how badly I want my belly to get big and huge and become my body's centerpiece. 😩

    Dont buy this if you dont like a little dirty talk and open mouth chewing. 









  13. New video comming today !! 🍰🐽

    do you like a fat piggie doing a little dirty talk while she stuffs her greedy mouth with cake as much as I do? 



    1. grateful


      **** yes! Dirty talk is entirely appropriate. 😁

  14. WATCH ME EAT A WHOLE •💋• CHOCOLATE CAKE•💋• AS A SNACK !! Fresh out of the shower and ready to get dirty all over again, for you. Watch me stuff my greedy mouth full of chocolate cake. Rub my belly with icing and eat out of my hand. Woke up starving and found a chocolate cake 🐽🍰 10 minutes is all it takes for me to devour it. I cant help it that I'm a fat, dirty little girl that loves to eat and stuff my face. Some belly ribs, open mouth eating, and struggling to catch my breath while I try to get every last crumb of cake in my mouth. I love being teased for being a little piggie.. dont be shy. 🐽💋


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