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  1. I absolutely adore seeing your girlfriend's beautiful growing body everyday keep fattening her up and I can't wait to see her get massive
  2. I just love when u (show and tell) all the beautiful things changing in ur growing body with each new pound of delicious fat you pack on
  3. I just love how ur lower belly and upper thighs and arms are fattening up,..sooo sexy, don't stop gaining weight
  4. Can't wait to see u try this on in the next 10-20 pounds, hehehe
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your sexy feet and toes,..it's so hot when u talk about how ur mobility and flexibility is changing as u fattening up 🐽🐷🐖♥️❣️❤️
  6. Kyle82386

    Photo number 1

    You are going to look so beautiful please keep posting pictures of every delicious pound you gain,. I cannot wait are your thighs to become massive and hard to lift anymore your lower belly sag into your lap and touch the bed when you even try to lift yourself up off the couch please keep gaining weight and I can't wait to see cellulite and stretch marks start to form as well this is going to be so beautiful seeing before and after pictures ,..(p.s.),.... Please don't shave your vagina or armpits I love seeing a natural bush
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    Is: fedcar273

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