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    Besides the obvious for being on this Channel (bbw, big belly worship and all that) - Swamp Thing is pretty great, also Trolling

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  1. When you stay off Curvage for about a day but keep getting the itch (specifically by model @FattyFreya, show in this hastily put together/quality meme, who's stuff u should definitely check out, follow and maybe even buy) to come back for more... 


  2. When a random user talks junk to Curvage/Gainer content creators, but they only joined the site hours ago with empty profiles-- 



  3. And now for a smaller victory - a happy 100 rp points for the lovely bbw lady ..... Sike! It's for Me @CardSwamp! Yeah I tagged myself! (rips mask off) Im not a lady or that lovely but I got the points son!from the streets of Rochester, im hyped. I Assume once I reach 1000 I can use the infinity gauntlet to snap 100+ extra pounds to half the thin gurls of the universe...with their permission of course- This site is sick!



    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Don't allude to the N-word, please.

    2. CardSwamp


      No prob - yoink - Now it like it never even happened. 

    3. CardSwamp


      See, now don't even know what ya talking about (act cleaned) 

  4. Oh yeah. I completely forgot you had your own one of these threads. Lol
  5. What I need... Well a few hundred k would do me well. Lol... But no going by the general views, likes of most people on here, I'm sure u can guage what people would want... Or do ur own thing. Lol
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