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  1. Recently had a surprise in myself when I got on the scale. There was a 12 lb difference from the last time I weighed myself. This was not intentional at all. It wasn't desired but I am open to accepting it. How do you adjust to the surprise and dismay that comes with that?
  2. I haven't been heavyset for long but I've traditionally always dated skinny/in shape guys
  3. Frequently described as my doppleganger haha
  4. I'm very new and still kinda adapting/learning about how things work here but I thought I could make a thread about for people to share turning their insecurity about their size (or for guys attraction to size) into a point of pride. For me I was raised in an extremely traditional Asian household and my parents have never been shy about pointing out my weight and as I've gained after college/starting work that has only increased. Which lately has become more like....screw you I'll get as big as I want and look however I want, and now less shame about it. Realizing that I don't need to have the traditional thin look to me. That and some appreciation for my curvier parts from my bf has been really helpful. It's something that has made accepting myself a bit easier. How about you?
  5. It's... interesting, that's for sure
  6. Hi all, I'm new here, 26, Korean American, 5'1'', 178 lbs, and I do have a bf but if you feel like being friends or something don't be shy! I like to chat and be friendly
  7. Soooooooooo my bf suggested I check this place out since I've put on a bit of weight recently and am not really feeling down about it or in a rush to hit the gym haha. I'm currently just kind of exploring this place so go easy on me. I'm 26, an east coaster, Korean American, and 5'1'', 178 lbs. Just like the title implied, just a chubby asian haha. Not sure what else to write for this but feel free to say hey XD
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