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  1. Update because I haven’t done one in a while. Not much to report. My wishful thinking has me believe she’s gaining weight, but not completely sure. Her appetite is certainly growing; she will essentially get two meals at certain places and sometimes even have room for dessert. I’ve made it easy for her to binge eat things from time to time (getting her Oreos and a big bag of chips specifically). Unfortunately not much to report on Thanksgiving. She ate a good bit, but didn’t really overeat as I was hoping, but oh well. I think this really proves she can really pig out if she wants to, but is restraining herself to an extent. I still don’t think I’m to the point that I can suggest the gaining question, but I think she’s getting more comfortable around food which is at least a good first step.
  2. Very early in our relationship (I’m talking like 2nd or 3rd date), my current significant other asked about what porn I watched. I was honest and said BBW/SSBBW. At first she was mortified, thinking the reason I liked her so much so far was because she was fat (around 300 lb at the time) and while it admittedly was a big perk in my eye and definitely helped with a good first impression, I liked her personality and she made me laugh which were the real reasons I like her. It was an uncomfortable topic for a while since she hated her body, but we’ve become more open to talking about it recently. She admits a couple things. 1. Since she knew I had this fetish, she didn’t feel the need to try hard to lose weight for me and put on upwards of 50 lb without trying to and 2. That my fetish makes her feel wanted in a way she never really has been before. She says it may take a little more time to be 100% comfortable with her body, but I think she will be soon as I think she’s trying to work on herself in that regard.
  3. Definitely when a girl is confident in their body. There’s something about when a girl has the attitude of “hell yeah, I’m huge, and I’m proud of every inch of me” that’s so sexy. Also, anything else gets a little murky. If they’re dealing with it, they don’t have that sexy confidence, and if they hate it, I feel guilty.
  4. That’s the way you should handle it until you have the courage to tell her. Make it easy for her to gain and make her feel good about herself especially when she is eating a lot. Definitely keep those Oreos stocked; if she’ll clear a package, she’ll do it again. I still highly encourage you to open up about it at some point. It’s good to have that honesty in a relationship and she might be open to gaining if she knew how much you like it.
  5. I’m not sure what I am. Eating doesn’t turn me on, but I know where the food goes so I like it when a girl eats a lot (even if it doesn’t turn me on sexually). If my significant other wanted to gain weight, I’d start stuffing her face the moment she expressed she wanted to, but the process wouldn’t bring me any sexual satisfaction; seeing the results would.
  6. At that point, you need to respect her. It sucks, but not everyone is super accepting of our fetish. Maybe she’ll take time to get open to it or maybe she’ll never like the idea. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
  7. Early on, she asked about what porn preferences I had and I answered honestly. It’s an odd question and one not all women ask. I’ve also gone more in depth about my preferences in what we call ”honesty hour” when we both just talk about things we want to get off our chests. Just don’t be afraid to have that difficult conversation because otherwise, there’s no way she could know.
  8. Haven’t popped the gaining question yet, but after some getting used to, my significant other is coming around to my fetish. She’s mentioned that it makes her feel wanted and hopefully it’s making her comfortable enough with her body that I could ask the gaining question soon.
  9. Be open about your fetish. She might freak out about it at first, but she may come around. Seems to be working with my significant other though she hasn’t intentionally started gaining weight yet.
  10. Dang, how can we get these in America? Or better yet, this idea, but with food.
  11. So my significant other that I’ve posted about before has expressed that she is going to try to be more accepting of her body. She’s about 350 lb, and while I think her make this effort will hopefully help how she feels about herself appearance-wise, there’s some other things she’s expressed her gripes with that I’ll probably need to address. Clothes. She already can’t buy clothes from most stores and is really limited to places that either have plus size or specifically cater to it. She’s unfortunately also a little picky so it’s usually hard to find anything. Not to mention if I manage to convince her to gain weight, it could get harder. I’m not sure how far the Lane Bryant and Torrid sizes go, but she’s hovering around 3XL and 4XL in Old Navy’s plus sizes which are the biggest they have. Fitting places. Unfortunately, the world usually isn’t built for fat people. She struggles to fit into booths at certain restaurants, movie theater seats, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s too big for airplane seats. She’ll probably also need a seatbelt extender for my car if she gains a good bit of weight. These were the main two, but I might be forgetting other issues. Any advice on what to do about them?
  12. Sorry for back to back updates, but I’m so excited. She elaborated tonight that my attraction to her weight will take some getting used to but to give it time and be patient. I think she really is trying to get around her mental block of “fat=bad,” and I’m excited for what’s to come if that’s the case.
  13. I agree with @oatmeal. She needs to know your preferences. My significant other was mortified when I told her I was into BBWs and SSBBWs, and while she still isn’t 100% in love with her body, she’s admitted that it’s nice that I like it since it makes her feel wanted and I may even be close to getting her to like her body.
  14. We had a long talk last night about things we wanted to get off our chests. I’ll focus on the fetish related things. It all started with talking about sexual experiences and of course, a lot of mine we’re talking about how younger me got into this fetish. She mentioned me finding her attracted to her was foreign to her as she always hated how big she is, but appreciates that I make her feel wanted. She asked if I’d find her physically attractive if she lost weight, and I was honest and said I wasn’t really sure (she’s the person I’ve been most physically attracted to out of all my relationships and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s also the heaviest). She was very accepting of all this saying it could be worse and that she didn’t mind. She asked what my ideal body type is and I confessed it was her but bigger (I never directly asked her to gain weight, but it’s instances like this that I kinda implied it). I mentioned it’s not uncommon for me to watch 500 lb women in porn and that I sometimes imagine her bigger when I want to get myself going. I told her it turned me on so much when she told me she gained 50 lb since knowing me. She was very accepting of all this and a lot of it didn’t surprise her. She also mentioned she would make an effort to lose weight, but she’s too lazy and if she could think of any reason not to she wouldn’t motivate herself to do it and kinda implied my attraction was an excuse to her. Like I said, she was very accepting and even already suspected a lot of the things I told her. It was good to get it off my chest and I think I’m in a good spot. She doesn’t really have the motivation to lose weight and it sounds like if I can get her to not hate her body, I may be in the clear to convince her to stay fat or maybe even get fatter. I think she might be trying get over her hate for her body because I mentioned I wanted to play with her belly a specific way during sec and she says not now but may in a couple months. Hopefully that means big things are to come.
  15. Long time no update so I’ll try to hit the highlights. She quit her job for personal reasons and is currently not working. Now she only really eats, sleeps, and watches TV so there’s no way she isn’t gaining, I think. I think that’s the biggest thing, but I’ll mention some lows and highs: Lows: I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to sneak my hands under her shirt and touch her belly, but she noticed that, and she asked me to stop so I have for the time being. One night, when I did it, she got upset about it and said she didn’t feel good about herself before going to sleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to respond to that. Just overall, she still sees being fat as a negative; I wish I could break that train of thought. Highs: She’s eating very well. Just yesterday, she ate a burger, made a whole tray of pigs in a blanket and ate almost the whole tray, snacked on some other things, and that doesn’t even include dinner (she also wanted ice cream, but her stomach got upset so she decided against it). The house is well stocked with snacks. I don’t deny her if she picks up a snack when we go shopping, and I even pointed out some cookies she likes at the store, and she got them. I’ve noticed she’s very easy to influence; she made pigs in a blanket because she saw a video of people making them and started craving them, and there’s been times that I’ve mentioned a food, and she’s wanted it. Might just be my imagination, but she seems bigger, too; her fave seems fuller, her belly feels bigger in my hands, and she just looks bigger to me. She also ripped through a pair of leggings she likes to wear; they’re pretty old so it’s possible that it was wear and tear, but in my head, it’s because she’s gaining weight. Anyway, excited for Thanksgiving. It’ll be the first time we’ll be having Thanksgiving together so I’m happy to see how much she’ll eat.
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