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  1. I’d rather not. For starters, I don’t have many good recent pictures because she hates when I take pictures of her so I don’t (the less pictures I have of her, the less she tells herself she’s fat, anyway so not complaining about my lack of pics). Completely agree. I’ve decided to not “force” anything on her, but I am nudging her to eat more, hopefully subtly. Speaking of milkshakes, she expressed interest in getting a blender recently. I’m not sure why she wants one, but if we end up getting one, I’m excited about possibly making her shakes. I feel like if I can do that, she’ll gain like crazy. As a side note, it might be my imagination or wishful thinking, but she seems bigger. Something about her face feels like it’s chubbier and her arms, legs, ass, and belly look bigger. I think she also said one of her bras is now too small. Hopefully I’m not imagining things because if I’m not, I like where this is going!
  2. Well, if you do nothing, it sounds like she continues to balloon which might be the best move if that’s what you want. Either way, you need to let her know that she doesn’t need to compare herself to others. @allgrownup has some pretty good advice about this if you want to dig through his stuff.
  3. Good news is she’s not completely turned off by it (you said all this before sex, and that didn’t stop anything, plus you two are still together, lol), and she possibly already suspected so it wasn’t too jarring. The talking over dinner gives me some negative vibes, but hopefully, I’m mistaken. I could see this conversation as “I don’t want to get fatter so please drop it” or she’s willing to entertain the idea. I say hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  4. A promising start for sure. Pray she doesn’t have a high metabolism; that might make gaining hard to next to impossible. I say open up about this fetish ASAP, and bring up the “benefits” of it (she’s got a sweet tooth and she can feed that sweet tooth as much as she wants since you have this fetish). If you open up about it early, it builds trust and lets her know it’s ok to let go.
  5. In my opinion, they don’t owe you anything. You bought a clip, you presumably got enjoyment out of it, transaction complete. Everyone hopefully came out with a fair trade. Is it nice if a girl then says thanks or something nice in response? Absolutely, and I agree that it’s a good method to keep people coming back, but I also don’t think anyone is obligated to do so.
  6. I know this is like the third time I’m posting today, but I’m really excited about this one; she asked me to pick up something from the store (I haven’t gone yet). I’m still going to get the other snack so I’m excited to have two things she can and hopefully will snack on at our place.
  7. That one preview where you’re not wearing any bottoms, but your belly covers everything anyway is goals 😍
  8. My significant other asked me when we were still in a bit of a talking phase what kind of porn I watched. It made me very nervous at the time, but I decided to be brutally honest and say BBW and SSBBW. Seeing as she was a 300 lb woman at the time, I think it upset her a little because she thought I just liked her because she was fat (which wasn’t true; I saw it as a big perk, but the reality was and still is I like her for her). We’ve been together over a year and we’re very happy together. I think telling her about my fetish did a couple things: 1) Realize she didn’t need to try to change for me (she’s actually gained upward of 50 lb unintentionally since we got together). 2) Establish that I’m an open book and I’d tell her the truth no matter what which I think strengthened our trust. Hope this little anecdote helps
  9. Yeah. She’s already pretty lazy and makes me do most of the household stuff anyway which can get exhausting, but at least that’s less energy she’s using, I guess.
  10. Another small update: She ate a pretty big dinner, then later, she wanted something from a place that normally delivers, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t delivering at that hour yet the restaurant itself was open. I offered to go get what she wanted and she told me to do it. Hoping this just further reinforces that she can eat whatever whenever and that I will gladly go out of my way to get it. Also, we need something from the store so I’m going to put the picking up a snack for her to the test later. I have a snack in mind that she just kept eating last time it was at our place, and it’s tempting to get multiple, but I want this to be an “out-of-the-blue” surprise that she hopefully won’t think twice about and I think if I get too much, she’ll get suspicious.
  11. To be honest, I don’t know yet. I know some of my favorite SSBBW models are 500-600 lb but I don’t know how practical that would be. Maybe 400 is at least a good cutoff point, for now, and we’ll see from there. Micro update: She put on some shorts we got a couple months back on. They didn’t fit her the best then, but they’re really tight now so I think it’s safe to say she is still gaining weight. Best part about it is she didn’t complain about getting fat; she didn’t say anything which I think is a good sign.
    Plenty of belly and sexy lingerie. Still a good watch if smoking and feet aren’t your thing.
    Plenty of good angles of her body especially her belly. Worth a watch with all the juggling and how the belly sits in her lap.
    BigBunny’s huge belly is in full display as she eats hot dogs. She feels herself get bigger with each bite
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