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  1. Boredom eating is definitely starting to kick in with my significant other. After she already ate bacon, eggs, and toast for dinner, she had an entire pint of ice cream and an entire oven pizza, totaling around 3000 calories and that’s not including what she had for lunch, breakfast, or any other snacks she may have eaten while I was working. Quarantining is going to do wonders for her body.
  2. Not gonna lie, this fetish has put me in some weird places. Every girl I’ve ever dated, including my current 350 lb significant other, I’ve wanted them to get fatter, and I’ve only told my current significant other about that and her opinion fluctuates on that (she once told me she finds comfort in that but has also said she feels like she can’t win because I’m the first boy not revolted by her size and I still want her fatter). None of my significant others have actively tried to gain weight (my significant other is pretty care-free about what she eats and is probably gaining because of that, but it’s not intentional) so I’m always in this position of asking myself is the person I’m dating as attractive as they could be in my eyes? Am I satisfied knowing they may never be as big as I want them? And even if they do get that big, do I really want them to deal with any negative repercussions of this unhealthy lifestyle? It leaves me in a tricky spot where I pretty much know I’m the bad guy and I feel guilty but continue the cycle anyway. It sometimes makes me feel like I should try not to focus so much on my fetish, but it’s hard because so much of how I perceive attractiveness is how fat a girl is.
  3. As you could probably tell from my username, I prefer SSBBWs and definitely follow the larger women on here more closely (only exceptions are those gaining quickly and to a super sized goal). However, I know quite a few folks’ preferences on here is usually capped around 300 which is like a soft minimum for me (400-500s are perfection to me). Those people make me feel like an odd man out, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for SSBBWs and SSBBW admirers alike.
  4. I said wardrobe crisis which is a bit different than a wardrobe malfunction in my book. Fortunately, she didn’t bust out of anything in public; she just couldn’t find anything to wear because she thought she looked ugly (fat) in everything she put on no matter how much I insisted she looked good.
  5. Either her appetite has increased or she’s letting go a little and just eating when she feels like it. Yesterday, I counted that she ate five meals: breakfast, lunch, a meal-sized snack after lunch, dinner (with dessert), and a meal-sized snack after dinner. She has admitted that in public she doesn’t necessarily eat as much as she wants because she doesn’t want people judging her for being “a typical fat girl” so we’ve been ordering delivery or cooking at home more rather than going somewhere and I think she may have “let go” a little in doing so. She also had a feedee dream (though she didn’t call it that) where people she knew were offering her some type of food and she kept eating it and apparently said at one point “you all are going to make me fat, but I don’t care because I love this food.” Despite all this, she’s still not 100% confident in her appearance and we had a bit of a wardrobe crisis before going somewhere this weekend. It didn’t result in lashing out at me for fetishizing her so I guess that could be seen as progress.
  6. BigCuties Cherries I think was my gateway into this fetish. I saw pictures of her weight gain and something just clicked about how much hotter she was at the larger size. But still, I wanted to see her bigger and that should have been my first sign that SSBBWs were what really did it for me. I think Boberry is the one that sealed the deal on that one, though. Once I saw her, I knew super sized was what I was really into.
  7. You can get fat eating an excess of just about anything. Let her eat what she loves and a lot of it. Simple as that.
  8. She’s getting fairly confident with her body. A few times now, if she’s wanted me to do something and I was showing some resistance, she would “bribe” me by letting me play with her belly. She seems to be more okay with me checking out her body whenever she catches me. The biggest win of all, she let me play with her belly in the shower last night without it being part of a bribe and she didn’t seem to be uncomfortable. She’s really starting to realize and verbalize how much I love her belly and other fat areas. I’ll have to gage how confident she is and see if gaining is a question I can bring up without it getting immediately shot down, but I have a good feeling I may be able to soon; her gripes of being fat have seemingly faded. Also, she weighed herself at a doctor’s appointment and I tried to get a glimpse of what it was, but I couldn’t really tell. I believe the scale either said 358 or 368 but I’m not 100% sure. I’ll have to see if she caught it, she seemed to be a little distracted at the time. Either way, still over 350 and maybe gained a little so can’t complain.
  9. The opportunity presented itself. We were talking in bed and the conversation got to my fetish, again, and she asked what I liked about her body and admitted if something on her body could be considered fat or big, I think it’s attractive. She went on to ask how much I’d want her to gain (hypothetically, I think). That question caught me off guard; I know what my answer is: 50 lb at least, preferably 100 with 150 or more as an upper limit. However, I wasn’t prepared to answer it because I didn’t have the guts to admit it yet. I kept thinking of an answer that would not scare her, but I never did before she changed the subject. If it comes up again, I’ll be honest especially with a question like that making me think she’s really trying to rationalize this gaining thing.
  10. Despite the last update she still seems to be self-conscious and a little reluctant to overeating. She wanted more food the other night after dinner but was hesitant to ask me to go get it. I assured her I could get whatever she wanted. At first she said she wanted a lot of food, but once I finally convinced her to let me go get her something, she just wanted fruit. Extra calories are extra calories, I guess, but I know she could have eaten so much more. Anyway, despite that, she seems more confident with her body; she’s started to let me shower with her which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but she hasn’t let me because I suspect she didn’t want me staring at her body. She asked me recently if it was okay for her to get on top of me to straddle me (she was afraid she was too heavy). I’ve never tried squashing so I don’t know if I’m into it, but she’s rolled on to me a couple times, and I enjoy when she puts some weight on me so I said yes. She finally did last night during foreplay and it was great and afterwards, she caught me staring and said she didn’t mind me doing it, then so I’m hoping I’ve broken a lot of her insecurities about her body. I know one road block remains: her double chin. She always hides it when taking pictures and I know she’s super insecure about it. I find it very attractive, and when I get the right opportunity, I’m going to tell her. Honesty has gotten me this far, I’m sure it will prevail again.
  11. I feel like the 300s are where you start transitioning from BBW to SSBBW. Like 200s are certainly typically pretty fat, but it’s not until the 300s before things start to really fill out, things get harder like fitting places and doing things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super attracted to girls way over that weight and I’m even wanting my 350 lb significant other to gain weight, still, but those 300s are almost like a point of no return: will you gain weight or turn back? There’s certainly some girle here that want to go past those 300s and even further, but they’ve got to start somewhere and when they reach it will they want to continue? For our sake, I hope the answer is yes, but you never know.
  12. I guess spoiler warning if people want to watch it. Watched the first episode. Other than the “juxtaposition” they’re trying to play up with the “hot guy and fat girl,” I think it’s decent. I’m glad the show recognizes people like us exist that prefer larger women, but it kinda rubs me the wrong way that two of the guys are being portrayed as being kinda shitty (one is acting like an ass about a potential bariatric surgery and the other one comes off as hot headed). Chris and Joy seem like the best couple and tbh, most of what they showed of them was more about the social aspect which I enjoyed more. They do talk about health issues which always puts this whole fetish into a murky spot morally and while I get that’s essential for documenting something like this, it definitely was the part I liked the least (but I’m pretty sure that’s mostly due to the moral murkiness of it all). I hope if anything people get from this is the message sprinkled through some of the show that the world isn’t kind to fat women (people are rude, it’s harder for them in certain situations that don’t cater to their size, and they struggle with confidence).
  13. My significant other and I were scrolling through Hulu shows and saw it and were appalled by the description. I don’t have it word for word, but it was similar to the one Google pulls up: “Three couples, where the men are hot and the women are obese, endure strain on their relationships and attempt to overcome adversity; the lovers struggle to conceive, endure backlash from friends and family, and suffer a nasty public attack.” We were both appalled that they implied fat women can’t be hot, too and agreed the description was in poor taste. I’m a little curious about it, though because I feel like you rarely see FA’s and fat women in the spotlight and hope the show has more of a positive outlook on everything. It looks like the first episode is out; has anyone watched it? And if so, is it worth a watch?
  14. She asked me last night somewhat out of the blue if I liked her body (a little odd since she knows about my fetish, but whatever). I told her I loved it and that I find it very attractive. She then asked if there was a way I could find her more attractive and I think she already knew the answer. I said yes but that she probably wouldn’t like the how. She asked if it was if she was bigger and I told her yes. She told me that she didn’t know why but that made her feel comfortable. In the past, she always said if she gained weight, she’d hate it, but now she’s finding comfort that I’d find her more attractive at a larger size.
  15. I feel like the obvious answer is the belly, but the more time I spend with my significant other, the more I realize that I like any part of her that looks fat: double chin, fat legs, fat arms, rolls, etc. Before I met her, I feared it would be purely visual and the feel wouldn’t be as great, but I love feeling her fat any time I get the chance. The feeling of fat in my hands is just heavenly.
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