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  1. 21329D4D-BCD2-41BE-AEB7-0BE64B5B4DE7.thumb.jpeg.bf72b53105f518891fb5294d0f2bd820.jpegSo many Hot 🥵 new videos coming soon. Until they are released enjoy me in my romper that I squeezes into cant button it all the way like I used to but still looking Divine. 

    1. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You are so hot in that romper 

  2. Love it when you worship all This Thickness. 7F2468CE-9226-49F8-93C1-ABAB72022C20.thumb.jpeg.ac62400d8c9a4c5c9a6c480b58f2cc87.jpeg

    1. jdargs18


      Who wouldn't? Stunning with that purple and that view from above. Wow

  3. Im just eating today so you know I’m accidentally eat so much…. Welp lol 😂 enjoy my bloated self talking about food. 


  4. Good Morning, Your Gassy Goddess has been spreading gas all around town this weekend. Now I just want to relax all day in bed. 
    Be sure to check out some of the latest Gassy videos.



  5. Before I can even sit the burps starts. Long continuous burps, as I show off my thickness. I try to talk but interrupted by burps. I look good in this bodysuit and you love how I seductively rub over my body and keep burping.


  6. 😊 Always Gassy and Ready To Tease you.Snapshot_321.thumb.png.ca61e74ff261d063bb23508c070e2e28.png New Video Coming Soon.

  7. My Stomach is so bloated. I know it can't be this big naturally. I didn't eat anything today just sipping tea. The more I caress my Belly the hungrier I get. So of course I chat a little about food. Make sure you you get some good views of this belly and all my THICKNESS. Enough Chatting I am hungry and hastly leave thinking of what's the first thing Im going to eat.


  8. Praise and Worship Your Thick Goddess. 

    You can't help but surrender to such a strong beautiful Greedy Goddess632617708_SundayWorship.thumb.png.42e2fbdff820bac34a7793dbe7e90733.png

  9. Hope Everyone's Weekend is going good.

    Just uploaded another Burping Video. Until it's approve check out my others.


  10. The Burps are back and I can''t stop. I tell you about some recent fun and sip tea while I keep Burping. They are loud and continous at times. The view is primarily shoulder and chest up, unfortunately did not get all the belly rubs and bloated belly.


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