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  1. Love
    sexysabrina reacted to johnp0971 in [POV, SLO-MO] Receptionist Weight Gain Role Play!   
    Loved this clip!! The role play was on point!! Watching you in that dress and letting your belly out was so hot 🥵 the slow mos were on point. Loved how you stripped down and showed off. You’re so underrated can’t wait for more content to come 😊
  2. Like
    sexysabrina reacted to Chevalier in [*SALE*] MORE Old Clothes   
    3 words: Tippy toes jiggle.  I'm simply enamored by how innovative that was.  Sabrina briefly shows her face too, and that belly hug is adorable, nice beloved breasts too.
    These hauls are golden.

  3. Love
    sexysabrina reacted to Bobbygirshiv in Weight Gain Talk (Story Time)   
    Sexysabrina you are a true goddess! I love everything about this video! That scooby doo mystery machine crop top might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Then the weight gain story just tops it off and makes this vid absolutely amazing! I’m in love with your new stretchmarks and big growing belly! Can’t wait to see you get so much fatter ❤️
  4. Love
    sexysabrina reacted to lovechubbybelliedgirls in [*SALE*] Taco Bell Stuffing   
    Dope video! She's going to be good at this and you can she's really into eating and stuffing her very thick belly.
    Purchase if you like following:
    Overstuffing Taco Bell Stretch Marks Thick Belly (Nice Expansion) Fat talk (mentions how bloated she gets, as well as how she can't fit in clothes after bloating
  5. Love
    sexysabrina reacted to Chayward in [*SALE*] First Video Belly Play!   
    Nice belly play at the beginning. The way your boobs sit on your growing belly looks fantastic.  
    Oh and your cat’s pretty cute.
    If you like cute girls with chubby bellies watch this video (unless you hate cats, then it’s a judgement call I guess)
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