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  1. Sorry for the wait, guys!

    Have you ever fantasized about that skinny ex girlfriend that you always wanted to be fat?? You would try to get her to let loose every now and then, but even if she managed to pack on a couple pounds she’d immediately lose them. Maybe she was a workout freak, maybe she just had a fast metabolism... But now, you’ve run into her again. And holy fuck — she’s gotten fat as fuck. 

    She knows it’s something you’ve always secretly wanted and she sees your eyes glancing down towards her soft, round belly peaking out of her shirt. Actually, let’s be honest. That stretch marked covered gut is on full display and it’s like she doesn’t even care! 

    Lots of Belly Play, belly and weight gain talk, and even a little mutual gaining talk. 

    Check Out Your Ex’s Huge Weight Gain and Enjoy as she Playfully Teases You with her Soft Belly






    1. dj2k1357


      Ooh that description was hot. Seems like you have knack for this feedism lifestyle. Im gonna definitely check this out when im paid :)

    2. sexysabrina
    3. Geradin


      I would love to have you as my girlfriend! Especially if you wouldn’t mind going to heavy metal concerts with me 🤘

      If not that’s fine to. It has just always been my dream to find a chubby metal head! ❤️

  2. Sorry for the wait y’all!! In this video I’m your ex girlfriend that’s put on A LOT of weight since the breakup. I tell you about how much my body has changed, how much fatter and softer I’ve gotten since we last saw each other, and how much I want to keep gaining! Lots of Belly Play, body exploration, and even talking about mutually gaining!!


  3. Newest clip is up ❣️

    Weight gain talk!!! 



    1. CardSwamp


      (Insert scooby doo reference here) 

  4. I wanted to talk to you guys about my weight gain, how I’ve noticed my body changing, how I feel about it, and how others have reacted to it 😇


  5. Happy Thursday y’all! 

    Heres my latest clip trying on more old clothes including button up tops!! 


    AND I’ve put my Double Stuffed Burrito Stuffing video on sale for half off!!! For the next 24 hours :)


    go crazy, go ham, and please review ❣️

    1. CardSwamp


      Merry Thursday to u too. The fact you don't get as much traction with these posts is criminal if u ask me. Ya got so much going for you

    2. sexysabrina


      Well, thank you :)

      tbf I’m still new! 

    3. CardSwamp


      Well wish you the best then. Lol 

  6. Here’s my newest clip y’all!

    More old clothes, more fat, more talking, more tightening buttons and more belly time :))

    i really like the angles in this one.  please compliment and review my belly ❣️



    1. CardSwamp


      Well first, the compliments - yeah the angle is pretty Great and really like how the pink top goes with everything. Second, the belly review - I think it's really nice--round, pretty plump and nearly flawless when it comes to your skin. Ya skin tone really compliments it...aaaand that's my review I guess...great. Lol

  7. I went through my closet and pulled out some clothes that fit not even two years ago. My belly just spills out of my shirts now. Everything is so tight and my gut cannot be contained lol.


  8. Just for today (24 hours) my Taco Bell stuffing clip is half off!! I’ll try to do a sale at least once a week, and this is the first one!! Normally 5.99, now 2.99



  9. Check out my newest clips! I released a bunch yesterday:)

    and please rate! It helps me figure out what’s most liked :)








  10. Post stuffing belly play sitting and standing!


  11. Here’s my latest videos!! I’m trying (and failing) to button up an old church shirt! I can’t believe how small it is!! 


    And here’s me talking and stuffing a huge burrito while playing with my belly 😇



  12. Here’s a video of me talking, playing with my belly, and stuffing on a huge burrito!! I was so full after this I felt like I was gonna pop 😂 Please rate if you like!


  13. Here’s a button up shirt that used to fit me! Here I am now struggling to get even one button done. I get so out of breath trying to squeeze this skinny shirt over my fat body.


    1. lovechubbybelliedgirls


      Your belly play and talking with the camera is fantastic. Love those slaps on that thick belly. Is bellybutton play a deal breaker?

    2. sexysabrina


      Of course. I can do that! That kinda stuff is totally cool. 

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