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  1. I'm feeling soooo full. someone was sooo kind and sent me a chipotle giftcard today. the way to my heart 💓
  2. I need some more clip sales before I can let myself go get Chipotle.... feed my belly so I can be stuffed!! my tummy is nowhere near the size it needs to be!! 



  3. good morning everyone! the question is.... what do I have for breakfast?! pizza or pasta?! I wish I had pancakes since it's national pancake day! 

    1. Bellylover777


      Both - and many pancakes too😋

    2. Jordan


      Can't go wrong with pizza ☺☺

  4. IMG_1499.thumb.jpeg.54e67caa8a642ee433070f4e0436a9e8.jpeg


    who's filling my belly today? 😇

    1. Bellylover777


      Would love to feed you until your belly is bloated like a beachball and then rub this stuffed belly - unfortunately

      I´m too far away😥

    2. annasane


      @Bellylover777 that's too bad, buuuut at least getting my clips is nice a second option 😇🐽

  5. I have 29 different videos.... spend Sunday watching me stuff myself... allllll because of you 💓


  6. fatter than ever!!! but I want to be even fatter with your help 🐽💓



    1. HungrylilKitty


      Omgosh you're so tiny like me  ...how tall are you? I'm 5'2 

    2. annasane


      @HungrylilKitty omg hahaha I love how you can tell. I'm 4'9"!! 

  7. hiiii guys! I just posted a new clip! I'd love for y'all to go see it! I'm getting fatter and fatter and I only can do that with your encouragement & support 💓
  8. I have a brand new stuffing video that is awaiting approval currently... I'm so excited for you guys to see it!



  9. This fat little piggy can't help herself! You're THE BEST! You got me Chipotle and my favorite soda. You just love seeing me get fatter and fatter with each day. And I love it too. It feels so good to be appreciated and fed by you, especially with all my favorite fattening foods. I stuff myself with this big burrito and I do a few big burps after chugging my sugary, fattening soda. Thank you so much for being the best feeder and keeping my belly way past full!


  10. EPzsumhUEAAeG1u.thumb.jpg.eca6133bbef9ddec1a2baf91b953c92e.jpgIMG_0831.thumb.jpg.fb4480db2281acc6eeebb8465a6def51.jpg

    CHUBBY BELLY CHALLENGE I've seein so many of those anime photo challenges around, the chubby girls needed one too!! 

  11. new quick stuffing clip! 

    the lowest price of ANY of my vids, JUST $4!!!!

    go grab it! 


  12. A quick late night stuffing. It's around midnight and I just want more food. I have a couple cinnamon waffles and I scarf them down so fast!! I eat them super messily and show off my growing belly!


  13. have you guys seen these japanese fluffy pancakes before?! I NEED to make a stuffing video with these, they look soooo good!!


  14. NEW VIDEO!!!

    My doctor said I need to start eating healthier foods.... but he never said anything about big portions 😏🐽


  15. The doctor says I need to start eating healthier.... This is my "take" on healthy. A WHOLE LOTTA NOODLES, RICE, and just A LITTTTTLE bit of vegetables... broccoli. I eat so fast and stuff myself until I'm beyond full. Doctor says I need to eat vegetables, but he never said anything about large portions. I jiggle my belly and show off how round it is at the end.


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