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  1. two new stuffing clips!! I'm fatter than ever 🤰

    1. SVegan


      I am attracted to fatgirls🐽🐽😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  2. I don't know if I've ever eaten so many carbs at once! I eat half a baguette and a huge plate of spaghetti!!! I eat every last bite and get extremely bloated. I am such a fatso I can barely move or breathe! Look how big and round my belly gets in this!


  3. Another burrito stuffing video! I can't help myself. I've gotten chipotle THREE times this week because I'm such a little piggy. Watch me stuff my face with this big, burrito. My belly expands and gets very round and soft. I also chug some soda and burp! I jiggle and show off my belly at the end!


  4. I've taken a small break from filming stuffing content, but I'm still being a little pig!

    if you guys want to see more stuffing content, let me know by supporting and rating 5 stars on any stuffing vids you get 💓



    buy a stuffing clip today and review 5 stars and I'll send you an additional video FOR FREE! your choice of vid ☺️

    if I sell at least 3 clips today, I'll upload a new stuffing clip tonight! 


  6. soo.... I caved and got Chipotle again.... ugh I'm such a fatty. look how bloated and round I am. I feel like I'm going to burst!



    do you guys wanna see the vid of me eating it? 

  7. I'm craving chipotle SO badly but I can't justify getting a $10 burrito for the third time in one week.... a girl can dream 😪

  8. I am an absolute PIGGY in this burrito stuffing video! I make such a mess and the burrito falls apart, I just have to use my fingers and stuff my face! a girlfriend experience roleplay vid! 


  9. You have a surprise for me? A Chipotle burrito?! How did you know I was craving that… you’re the best boyfriend! I stuff my face with the MESSIEST burrito ever. It falls apart so there are lots of huge bites and eating with my hands. I make such a mess and you watch my belly expand as I eat more and more. I also drink some ginger ale to assist with some big burps. I’m pregnant with your food baby!


  10. don't be fooled.... there's a big belly underneath the clothes 😋



    1. degek2001


      Wow, lovely round tummy! ❤️ Henk

  11. It was her idea... she knows how much I love to pig out. I think I made her curious about stuffing and gaining!
  12. A breakfast food stuffing! I make a little breakfast sandwich with a muffin, eggs, veggie bacon, and some hash browns. It tastes soooo good, but I'm greedy and want more food! I show off my belly throughout + from the side at the end, jiggling it for you. I also burp a little bit at the very end.


  13. new close up clip live now! playing with my chubby belly~ I'm getting fatter!!



  14. POV close up belly play. I show you all the close up angles of my soft, chubby, fat belly. It’s so round and soft and bloated cuz I just stuffed myself with food. I jiggle it and show you many rolls my belly makes! I contort my belly into all kinds of shapes and rolls. So much jiggling and belly plopping in this. I even play with my belly button. I'M GETTING BIGGER!


  15. I have another video with a friend! My friend Eva and I ate an entire pizza by ourselves and recorded us doing it! We get soooo bloated


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