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  1. So... my boyfriend told me I'm too fat and I eat too much and that he wanted to break up with me if I didn't change. Well of course I don't want to change. I love stuffing my belly and getting as full as I can and burping whenever I want and just having a big, round, soft, jiggly belly. He doesn't appreciate me the way that you do. So I decided to leave him for you. I stuff my face with this pizza for you and burp A BUNCH after I drink from ginger ale. You never judge me and you just encourage me to keep gaining and eating, unlike him. You're such an amazing, caring boyfriend. I'm so glad I have such great a feeder boyfriend like you.


  2. I've been eating SO much tonight. I'm never satisfied and I keep going even when I know I've had enough. It's never enough


  3. if you haven't gotten this clip yet, you definitely should... my tummy looks so big and round bursting out of these jean shorts. oh and if you buy it by the end of the weekend and leave a review, I'll send ya another vid of your choice for free!



  4. NEW CLIP!

    I try on an old swimsuit and it's prettty tight. I'm about to go to the beach and you help me prepare by stuffing me even more with a delicious pasta lunch. Now I'm REALLY stuffed in this swimsuit.




  5. I tried on an old swimsuit and it seems like it's getting tighter and I look even fatter than I normally do. My belly rolls hanging out... my back rolls hanging out. I'm getting ready to go to the beach and you made me lunch for before I go. I'm going to look even fatter and more stuffed in this swimsuit! Everyone will be staring at my belly at the beach... but I know you love the idea of that. How does the swimsuit look on me after I eat a full plate of pasta and bread? You're the best boyfriend! Oh and I burp once and get shy about it.


  6. stuffing in jeans reallllly shows me how fat I'm getting 🤗


  7. This is a great clip where I stuff myself more than I ever have before. It doesn't seem like much, but whew it made me BURST out of my jeans shorts. My belly looks so fat and bloated in these shorts. I have to unzip them because they become so tight as I eat these french fries and mozzarella sticks. So fattening and greasy. My favorite to plump me up. Watch how it progressively becomes harder and harder for me to finish all my food but I stuff myself until I eat every last bite. I pushed my limits so much! It becomes hard to breathe in these jean shorts the more I eat. So much bloating, burping, and stuffing in this.


  8. In this clip you can just watch me stuff my face with this large cheese pizza. I got it all for myself. How many slices do you think I can eat by the end of it? I REALLY push my limits and you just watch me eat and get fatter and fatter while I ignore you. With each slice of pizza I get more and more breathless. It's so hard to breathe being so stuffed. I show off my HUGE fat belly at the end and jiggle it around. I'm getting so much bigger and I can't help myself! I've only been on Curvage a week and can feel myself gaining. I also have soda and do some big burps/belches throughout.


  9. Ever since I started college I've been gaining SO MUCH! I just have no one to discipline me and tell me not to eat as much as I like... so I indulge. And I love it. I love having multiple meals and multiple desserts a day! I can't help myself. Especially with the stress of school, at least I have all my food to comfort me and make my belly nice and big. I eat some cupcakes in this and get my belly plump and squishy and show it off to you. I just keep gaining! Not the freshman 15... more like the freshman 50 😱 I make such a mess stuffing my face with these cupcakes. I get frosting all over my face, crumbs all over chest and belly.


  10. In this vid I try on all my old tight skinny jeans that I haven't tried on in over a year... It's been so long and I don't even know if I'll be able to get them on. They look SO small now in comparison to my big belly... it'll be interesting to see. I'm just as surprised as you when I try them on! As suspected, I've gained a bunch and my belly and muffin top hangs out of all of the jeans. Even the ripped jeans, my thigh fat is popping out of the holes! This is my first video where I try on my old clothes. This really makes me realize how much bigger I've gotten recently! My belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger!


  11. You know how much I LOVE pizza. You are just the sweetest and best boyfriend! You cooked me an entire pizza for me to eat all by myself. It's such a romantic, thoughtful gesture. I love getting fatting for you and bloating my belly and making it all squishy and jiggly for you. I finish one massive slice of pizza and I'm so stuffed I can barely breathe. I still have another slice to go and you challenge me to eat it all.... so I push my limits for you, my wonderful feeder boyfriend, and I eat it all. I feel so good and stuffed. I show off my big belly and rolls to you. I even do some big burps at the end. Every day I spend with you I get fatter and fatter... and I love it!


  12. I have SO much pasta and bread on my plate right now. I haven't eaten much all day long and I've been thinking about this pasta dinner since I woke up. I've been craving it. I can't help myself and binge on so much pasta and bread. I just wanna stuff myself so much with this delicious meal. Pasta is my all time favorite meal and I don't hold back. I eat every last bite and even go for more! I drink orange soda with my meal and I get a couple really good belches out, I surprised myself. I chat with you a bunch in this about how much I love stuffing myself with pasta for you. I show you before and afters of my belly. I get SO bloated and my belly gets so jiggly and squishy soft. I play with my rolls a little bit. Look how fast I shovel this food into my mouth and clear my plate.


  13. 15 mirror photos of my chubby, full belly entrapped in my tight, red fishnets. I show front and behind shots! You can see alllll the curves in this.


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