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  1. Would you laugh at me if I said this is as big as I plan on getting?
    I planned to go to the gym today.
    I've since downgraded that plan to a walk around the neighborhood.
    I asked my feeder if we could get Starbucks for our walk.
    He teased me and laughed.

    Basically my fitness strategy is going great so far. Beach body, here I come!

    CouchQueen - 2019-12-2(01).jpg

    CouchQueen - 2019-12-2(02).jpg

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    2. Kool3deaf


      Holy crap what happen to you, my mind gets blow with every comparison. I mean god dam you really BULK up, Maybe if you spend more time on cardio and less on heavy protein shakes. Oh well let’s Just see how massive you can really get.

      lol okay wait....are you in your workout clothes about eat something?

    3. FedericoBigLover
    4. tippedcandy


      Whatever you’re comfortable with! No matter what you’re beautiful!

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