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  1. guess who finally got a new photo set together! it's a big one, in every since of the word. 😃

    speaking of big things, i've got newssss

    starting weight, april 2019: 165lbs (74.8kg)
    accidental gains, july: 185lbs (83.9kg)
    officially obese, august: 196lbs (88.9kg)
    first goal weight, september, 200lbs (90.7kg)
    new goal weight, ???, 210lbs (95.3kg)

    i got to 200lbs, and i thought about it...
    i thought about going back to the gym.
    and i decided that i do want to eat healthier food.
    but i'm not losing the weight,
    regardless of people asking when i'm going back to the gym.
    in fact, i'm going up to 210lbs.

    my "after" pictures you've already seen are going to be "before" pictures.
    i hope you're ready.

    in honor of this new milestone
    let's appreciate where i'm at versus where i've been.



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    2. lolhax123


      Your gut is so round! Any chance you could do a clip with talking in it?

    3. douglas221


      I think 210 won't be enough for you once you get there. 😉

    4. CouchQueen



      why your belly "before" was so red? you wore like a waist trainer?

      good eye, lol. yeah, i was into waist training.
      i wore a waist trainer all the time, while working out, at bed time, etc. just to have that skinny waist i always wanted.



      Your gut is so round! Any chance you could do a clip with talking in it?

      I've got one in the works where I talk about my weight gain. It'll come out soon 😘

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