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  1. check out these three different pics from three different shoots :)

    the two gym clothes sessions have just been uploaded as a single set
    and they include me gorging on donut holes

    the other pic is from my most recent video, which is now 25% off


    i'm so happy with my progress since joining curvage.
    i have sets from a couple months ago where i'm maybe 15 pounds lighter
    but still curvy af. i'm curious if you guys would like to see them..

    Status 03 - 2019-08-12.jpg

    Status 01 - 2019-08-12.jpg

    Status 02 - 2019-08-12.jpg

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    2. luckyroo97


      You are one of the most beautiful women Iv'e seen in this community in a long time. Your gain is freakin amazing!

    3. berserker1


      You are the best thing that happened to this forum in a long period of time!

    4. nekyia


      I'd definitely love to see them cause you look crazy sexy at any weight so please let us see you at 175lbs :)

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