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  1. Finally made it.

  2. Hello beautiful curvy people!

    I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long, but things have been wild with all this COVID quarantine. My grocery stores are completely shopped out every time I go to get groceries, I only have toilet paper because I hit up Costco BEFORE all this madness, and I've admittedly been quite disappointed because I can't get enough food - especially with half the local restaurants closed even for delivery. I'm sad to say I've been shedding lbs in this quarantine unlike some of the other lucky ladies on here who have managed to find stuffing noms. I will try to be more active coming here soon, but between stores being shopped out and my state funded food stamps getting cut, things have been a little discouraging for this cowgirl 🐮😭

    Much love ~ Betty ~

    1. Muncle


      Ah that sucksss. This won't last forever though, and you'll get back on track. In the meantime I hope you find what you need. Hang in there beautiful💖

    2. regbill


      I'm sorry to hear about your plight. Be careful and stay safe. Things will get better.

    3. mj3200


      On the bright side you have time to spend in that beautiful garden that was in some of your pictures 😊

  3. OMG thank you so much! I love her!!! That's a HUGE compliment!! 😍😍🥰💖💋
  4. thanks so much! I was photo dumping off my phone and realized I had a lot of old pictures!
  5. Hello beautiful curvy people! I've been MIA for a while because I had a guest staying with me and was pretty busy enjoying some delicious food, which I will be posting pictures of soon! But for now, I found some old photos from before I gained 75 lbs (ish) and got all my sensitive stretchies, so I wanted to share them with you! As a special thank you to everyone who gave me a warm welcome back, I also am including a few more... >.> Revealing photos than I have in the past. I hope you like them! 12/11/2015 1/21/2016 1/21/2016 3/8/2016 3/18/2016 2/7/2016 4/23/2016 5/9/2016 5/23/2017 7/29/2017 7/29/2017 9/10/2017 9/10/2017 9/13/2017 3/31/2018 4/28/2018 9/3/2018 6/21/2019 I'll be posting more afters (Current) photos of me soon, but I hope you can appreciate these in the meantime!
  6. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I'm really getting to the point where I love my curves!
  7. Hello beautiful curvy people! Sorry I've been gone so long, i had a friend staying with me for 3 weeks and was sooo busy eating good food and having fun I forgot to hop on!!

    I'm having a nice big meal today!


    And I think I've gotten a little bigger. What do you think?




    1. regbill


      I see that you've been packing on the pounds while you were gone and they look great on you.❤️❤️

    2. HungrylilKitty


      Omg girl that burger looks HEAVENLY 

    3. BustyBetty210


      It was soooo good! Double bacon cheeseburger with grilled onion, mushrooms, lettuice, tomato and mayo. I just finished the peanut butter shake and I'm working on my fries. I'm gonna be so full!

    4. grateful


      Hey! LTNS!   You were missed!  ❤️

      You're lookin' good!  😍

      Thanks for the update! Luv that belly BTW!  😁

    5. Nickmpt


      Your belly is to much fat 💙💙💙😍😍😍🔝🔝

  8. Hello beautiful curvy people! Just a reminder that my clip sale ends tonight at midnight! hope you're all having a great holiday season!!


    1029181178_GIF6.thumb.gif.93423a7f77177d9fb84b6b1905c40c2d.gif 2083571661_GIF4.thumb.gif.277c71cabb54fb895f21612f33140d6e.gif







    Happy Holidays!

    1. grateful


      Hot!  🔥

      And so cute! Awww, baby's first measurements!  😍❤️

      What a big baby!  😁

      Thanks! Hope you get some great surprises!  🎅

    2. Nickmpt



  9. Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know my clips are going to be 20% off until Christmas eve! Hopefully I'll be able to get another up in the next few days, but I've been in a whirlwind with all my Christmas preparations! Thank you everyone for all the love and support, it's been amazing and has really lifted my spirits! Happy Holidays!!
  10. Aww, you're so sweet! Thank you so much! Sorry I've been letting things in my forum slack, life got a little wild! Thank you! I was really nervous to do a try on clip, but the reaction definitely made me feel better!
  11. Hey! Just letting everyone know I'm running a Christmas sale! all my clips will be 20% off until Christmas eve, so grab 'em while you can! 

    My intention for my next clip was a dancing video, does anyone have any holiday requests? feel free to let me know in the comments or a pm! Happy Holidays!!!


    1. grateful


      Does that mean Santa will be delivering finger drives with yummy content this year?

      I hope so!  ❤️😍🥰

  12. Yay! Feeling pleasantly plump after food :D



    1. grateful



      Beautiful!  Thanks!  😄

    2. regbill
  13. Lunch! Gonna eat well today!


    Double bacon cheese burger with mayo, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and grilled mushrooms, a side of fries, a peanut butter shake and a ginger beer! Yumm!



    1. regbill


      After a lunch like that I see more fluff in your future.😉

    2. Luna Hellborn

      Luna Hellborn

      I'm very envious! 🤤❤️

    3. BustyBetty210


      I just couldn't say no to a good burger!

    4. grateful


      Great update!  😍❤️

      Thanks for the pics!  😁

    5. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Bigger meals are making cute girls even cuter. Great pictures! Thank you so much.

  14. I took a small food coma before I could post these after dinner, but here's the food baby!




    1. regbill


      That's one impressive food baby you have there,👍

    2. regbill


      P.S. From what I can see your thigh's are also looking nice and fluffy.

    3. grateful


      Beautiful belly!   😍😍😍

      Great update! Thanks for the pics!  😁

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