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  1. I decided to have some mashed potatoes and a gain shake tonight and now I'm soooo full. It's time to lay down and rub some lotion on this belly!!





    Goodnight curvy people!!

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    2. regbill
    3. penguinatorxl7


      Awesome! Your belly looks like it got BIGGER! :D

    4. BustyBetty210


      I'm a little bloated from my shake :D It had brownie mix in it!

  2. I don't disagree that hygiene is important, but nowhere in the quote did she say she doesn't EVER shower. She just said American's shower too much and she preferred 'cat baths'. I'm not quoting a scientific statistic here, but most American's I know shower once to twice a day, which can actually damage your skin and hair, no matter your ethnicity. I don't really want to start some reddit-esque debate about wording and all that since we're all here to look at beautiful curves and not argue, but when people start posting pictures of a beautiful woman we're supposed to be admiring and then just says something like "That girl STANKY" without anything positive or uplifting, the experience is ruined somewhat. I was quite enjoying browsing pictures until I read the comments here, then I felt kind of offended which ruined my lady-boner. All I'm saying is if we're going to post, how about we post things that are uplifting and not degrading unless we're specifically in a schadenfreude thread? I personally would rather see uplifting comments that tearing someone down on a website that is supposed to be all about body positivity and curves.
  3. Went thrifting yesterday and got some new clothes! Feeling really cute in my new crop top and workout shorts! 








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    2. BustyBetty210


      Thank you!! I was feelin' pretty sexy in it! It got a little cold so I put on a skirt, but I'm really happy I bought the crop top!

    3. Rebeljoe


      Damn you look good.

    4. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      This crop top if fitting so sexily. I hope it will be enhencing your beautiful curves even tighter. I wished I was your personal trainer and I could give you sportive food lessons while you are growing out this outfit.

  4. Just want to throw something out here because you guys are getting kinda' mean about Beets and I really like her. Just because a woman doesn't want to shower twice a day doesn't mean she's musty or reeking and being African american it's really difficult to take care of their hair in particular. I have a black friend who spends 7+ hours just to detangle, wash and condition her hair. IMHO if you're going to admire someone on here, you should admire them, not spend your whole time focusing on a single quote that could easily have been taken out of context and has nothing to do with this fetish or weight admiration. This whole thread went from admiring this woman's beauty to ragging on her bathing habits in the course of one post and all the mean comments kind of ruin the experience of browsing sexy pictures.
  5. Looking like a true curvage model Betty ;)

    1. BustyBetty210


      thanks :) I appreciate it :D

  6. Had a great dinner tonight!

    6 pieces of bbq chicken bacon pizza, 3 pieces of brownie, a nice biiig bowl of ice cream and 3 gingerales!


    I was feeling pretty full, but with some great encouragement from @Bballer5845 I was able to finish my food!


    sooo full!!


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      That second after pic has this air of happiness and pride that is just really gorgeous. :D 

    2. penguinatorxl7


      That is one stuffed belly :)

  7. I'm sooo looking forward to dinner tonight!

    Homemade/home grown chicken eggplant parmesan! 

    I'm gonna' get so stuffed!!




    1. AJ-Xander


      OMG, that looks delicious!

    2. BustyBetty210


      It was sooo good. And now it's gone lol. Even my feeder had a couple decent servings, so I guess I did alright. I hadn't cooked that dish in years lol!


      But my belly was happy!!

    3. penguinatorxl7


      That belly deserves a real good rub!

      You look super pretty with your long flowing hair down btw :D

  8. I'm feeling sexy today 😘😋🍑🍑


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    2. Rebeljoe


      Damn you look amazing. I'd worship you.

    3. Prinzalasia


      U are sexy 

  9. Yay! I got approved to be a Curvage model!!

    I'm super excited and I'm thinking about doing a bloat to show my tummy some love!


    What do you think? 😜


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. BustyBetty210


      It does! I've been under the weather today, but I'm trying to figure out the compression and format requirements for the clips store. I was going to post a belly play clip with you in mind @penguinatorxl7 😘

    3. penguinatorxl7


      Aww that's so thoughtfull of you Betty! I can't wait for it! :D

  10. Little bit of a food baby?


    1. grateful


      Love that food baby!    Remember eat for four!

      You, the food baby, your BF and us!    :wub:

  11. Hello my lovelies! I decided I'd start doing some status updates ;D 

    Here's today's lunch! I'm so looking forward to nomming some delicious Gyros! 20190923_183920.thumb.jpg.19320728667fc50a8646bf306d101f2e.jpg

    And a before the food baby shot 😜


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    2. regbill


      That belly of your's is stunning and your thigh's are looking so soft.:wub:

    3. Bellied-BATMAN


      MMMMMMMMMMMMMM  shawarma lamb. I love it, try the Lebanese style. a friend of mine recommended & the taste was supreme. 

    4. grateful


      Beautiful belly!   😍❤️

  12. I agree with both what Fattyony20 and Bella Abbondanza are saying, however I would like to point a few things out. I am unashamed of my fetish and my weight gain, but do I think my sexual kinks are the business of anyone who isn't engaging in sex or kink with me? No. Weight gain, however, as a fetish is a bit different from any other BDSM Domination/control fetish in that we gainers ACTUALLY wear our fetish every time we leave the house. (Much like the day collar of an owned sub, except we really CAN'T just take it off if we change our minds.) Gainers can't hide the fact that they're gaining and to then have the people we're gaining for be ashamed of us and unwilling to admit to liking us...well that just reinforces the insecurities that we are ALL here to try and dispel. The issue I think Curvage and our community as a whole needs to address is the Shame and secrecy because 'what if someone knows'. Well, For all the guys on here who have PMed me or chatted with me and said 'I wish I could find a girl who was into this' but then when asked if they're honest about their tastes say 'Oh no, I'd be too embarrassed' Or whatever variation of the public denial of their fetish....THAT is why you can't find a girl like us. Every time a group of guys (or girls) Goes "Oh my god, look at how fat they are, that's so gross." And you keep your mouth shut, and don't say "Actually, I think a little weight can be sexy" You are doing a disservice to yourself and this community. I was not a gainer until my Feeder told me he had this fetish. I thought this fetish was disgusting and was terrified of calories. I did not think this fetish was disgusting because of the weight, but rather because of the shame and the fact that there are so many feeders out there who make their partners gain without their consent. That terrified me. Once my feeder was open with me and talked honestly, we explored things together and now it's not just his fet, it's mine too. Are there chances of repercussions for expressing yourself honestly? Always, and in every aspect of our lives. Will we be happier if we take the leap and are honest with ourselves and true to our needs and desires? Even if it's hard to get there, in my experience, yes. Long story short, I think we do ourselves a MASSIVE disservice by giving into our fear and shame and hiding in the shadows. You don't have to shout it from the roof tops, but the next time your partner says "I feel so gross" Because of their weight, or your friends say "Ew, look how fat they are." Do yourself a favor, and don't stand silently by.
  13. Whereas I completely agree with the statement that leaving out surnames is probably a good Idea (I know I wouldn't want my surname popping up on a forum thread for many reasons) I would like to point out one thing that seems to be missed about the video the OP posted. The public outcry that was reported in the footage was against weight bullying and an outpouring of support for body positivity and anti-bullying. I think that - while concerns about protecting the ourselves legally are valid - it should also be considered what Curvage could do in a positive way as a community if we were 'outed'. If something like your hypothetical did happen and Curvage got national coverage, I think we as a community have the responsibility to say "Yes, we like fat chicks, yes we noticed these people had gained weight, and we in no way shame that or demean them as people. If anything, we think it's great!" Just something to consider.
  14. Thank you! I'm excited to see where it goes, I'm hoping to get to 240 and then see how I feel Thank you! I actually love the outfit in the pic with the pigtails, I wish it fit me still >< Aww! That's so sweet! I appreciate that so much! Thank you and please feel free to pm me about gaining if you want to talk!
  15. Hello all! My name is Elizabeth, Betty for short! I'm not really sure where to start or what to write, so....Background!! 😜 I started getting into stuffing and BBW back in college when I dated a guy who (after some coaxing) admitted to having an interest in bigger girls, (which I was not) and who was turned on by my big appetite. Even at 18 and 120lbs I could out stuff the biggest eaters in my life and I have always loved the way it felt to be full to the brim, but I hadn’t explored deeper into what about being full I enjoyed until I met this guy. Without even meaning to, I started gaining weight and his response was markedly noticeable. It made me feel sexy to see his reaction and how my body was changing, to see the lumps of my ribs turn into to soft rolls, my sharp hips bones rounding and filling out, my thighs starting to rub together. Before I knew it, I’d gone from a 32A cup and size 1 U.S. to a 40DDD and size 16 and was sitting at 200+ lbs. Admittedly the stretch marks took some getting used to, especially since they HURT at first, but now they're kind of like badges of honor, and I enjoy earning them. Despite feeling sexy with my new curves, I was very afraid that no one would want me if anything happened to the relationship that started my transformation (Which hasn't happened) and looking in the mirror certainly triggered feelings that weren’t what you’d call attractive. That’s when he introduced me to this site, encouraged me to get involved with the community and suggested I document my transformation. I really like it here and after lurking for a long time, I finally decided to muster up the courage to post a few pictures of my gain so far. I have always enjoyed and been intrigued by modeling so there’s never been a shortage of selfies on my phone (looking for something to upload I found 200+ just on my phone >.>), but I’m kind of new to posting stuff, especially that shows off my weight, (so please be gentle with me 😜 ). I'm posting a few pictures and I’d love some feedback, so let me know what you all think! The first two pictures are sort of in the beginning of my gain, the second two pictures are during, and the last was from a couple days ago and I just thought it looked cute ;D I hope you enjoy!!
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