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Curvage Clips posted by BloatedBarbie

  1. $7.99

    Weight Gain Goals 🤩 1.0

    Real Talk Fellas: the serious gaining starts now!!! 😱 While swallowing a thick chipotle burrito 🌯  I talk to y’all about my serious weight gain goals.
    I’ve decided to officially go from being a stuffer to a gainer & I explain why! 🤓 Lots of belly play, slaps, burps, even a couple farts 💨
    After I’ve inhaled my burrito, I slug down a shake for dessert, jiggle my whole chubby fat in a dance video! 
    Lastly, prove how I’m growing out of my work pants!! 😱 
    Thank you SO SO much for all the support 💗💗💗💗 Make sure to leave a review if you like these type of videos!! Give me as much feedback as possible!! Thank you lovelies!! 

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  2. $7.99

    Secret Stuffing

    Maddie quietly sneaks upstairs to scarf down her Taco Bell & Wendy’s dinners while everyone’s asleep 🤫
    She has to be quiet so as not to wake anyone up, but her chubby thick body keeps making her bed creak really loud. Oh no! 🤭
    Her belly can’t stay inside her right jeans long! 👖 Lots of eating, fat belly play, burps, belly jiggling & pleasurable moaning throughout video! Wait until the very end to see pure satisfaction 🤤 

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  3. $5.99

    Double Quarter Pounder Stuffing 😘🤤

    First official curvage video!!! Super excited!!! Double Quarter Pounder is my fav at McDonald’s so I decided to film my risky business in my work parking lot 🤤 hope y’all enjoy! More to come! 

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  4. $8.99

    Bloated w/Milkshake/Lotion Belly Rub/Personal Talk & Curvage Future Videos

    She finally gets home after indulging in 2 basket of greasy fries 🍟 now time for dessert!!! So she slides into this sexy cow bikini to suck down TWO MILKSHAKES 🥛 🐮 She indulges in plenty of burps & burping because guess what?!?! She’s also drinking two large cocoa-colas 🥤 
    After she enjoyed her milkshakes, she moves onto a sensual milky lotion lathering on my bloated belly 🤩 she makes sure to show off all her bloated curves from All angles 💋 she hopes yall enjoy! Leave reviews after you’ve enjoyed yourself 💦 

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  5. $6.99

    Bloated Tipsy Weight Gain/Embarrassing Moments Talk

    Finally get to sit down and talk about her gradual weight gain & embarrassing fat moments after a very full food baby & a few drinks 🥳 Lots of belly play & burps from post food baby & water chugging 💦 💦 💦 a little more of a personal video so she hopes y’all still enjoy 💗

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  6. $9.99

    Clover Passion Patties Stuffing! 🍪 🍪 🍪 Busts out of Spy Suit!!

    Your favorite Spy Clover has discovered Passion Patties! 🍪 The addicting cookies that she can’t stop eating!!! She’s growing bigger by the second and she doesn’t know why!!!😩 She’s suppose to be on a mission with her mates Sam & Alex but these Passion Patties are too addicting! 😟She can’t stop! Her suit gets too small and she busts out so she can eat more!! Watch on how her belly grows and grows she can’t stop enjoying these delicious cookies! She’s so embarrassed that she can’t fit in her suit anymore but continues to eat! She starts to love her belly and play with it over and over again. Don’t miss all her sexy gaining angles from her burping, bloated belly, swinging titties and lucious booty & thighs 🎥Saved the best moments for video only not just screenshots 😘😏

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