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  1. There's been rumors for years that she quickly blew up after retiring, but never anything of validity to back it up. I'm not sure these DM published pics are that proof. They are SO far in the unrecognizable realm that these could be of just about any aged grandmother the paps found on the street and made a claim. Other than the person in the pic themselves, or a close friend/relative from a small circle could ever dispute this claim, so it's going to stand in many folks minds. I'm going to remain unconvinced.
  2. man-o-war

    Selena Gomez

    Yeah, I'm not ever expecting a massive blow-up. More likely, she'll yo-yo from her current size, lose some, then back. It could all be related to her lupus medical condition and her drug treatment regimens. Agree that she looks better in her current thickness, but we're all FA's here, aren't we?
  3. Kelly Brook gives up on her decade long battle to keep her weight "somewhat" in check - quickly gains 30 pounds, mostly in the chest and belly, and dons a back brace to help keep her straight upright.
  4. Candii -- Your wedding in just several days will be a fantastic experience for you. I wish to stick my neck out and take the liberty to speak for this community. --- Congratulations, and all the best for you and soon-to-be husband. May you both find forever happiness together in your future endeavors and experiences. You have already given this community much to enjoy over the past three years, but a portion of your recent profile comment on f3** has renewed much excitement for what may be in store for the future. " ... Yes, I am gaining again after my wedding. No, I do not know when/if I will return as a content creator. ...". Please (if that gives you comfort & happiness) and PLEASE do find the desire to share your journey with us.
  5. man-o-war

    Selena Gomez

    A chubby Selena should be the poster gal for "Irresistibly Cute" !!!
  6. man-o-war


    The moderators are strict on twitch. Cross their line and you'll receive a temporary ban. Repeat too many times, and you'll get a permanent ban. She doesn't want that. No, she hasn't posted anything in some time. She's dealing with some issues, likely mental, right now. Says she is returning soon.
  7. Agree and agree. Another possibility is that she slimmed down for her annual Calendar shoot. Perhaps sales haven't been so good the past couple years as a quite thick model. You can only do so much with Photoshop before it becomes exposed, and she was bigger than ever earlier this year. The calendar shoot is over. Maybe we'll see her expanding again now.
  8. man-o-war

    Selena Gomez

    Oh my G! Blond, with the white knit top & cream bottoms! That's the cutest (and chubbiest) Selena I've ever seen.
  9. The creativity of her content has never been that good, but what I'd like to see now is to have subscriptions fall off the cliff's edge. Maybe then she'd make a connection that her modeling success in recent years has been largely from this community. Unless she has another income stream in the works, she'd likely regain some kilos to regain some followers.
  10. Yeah, the only redeeming value for us is that statistics show that the quicker you lose substantial weight, the quicker you're likely to put it back on, and often then some. It takes intense dedication to a new lifestyle to succeed. Over 90% of folks fail.
  11. Agree. Remember seeing a family clip years ago. Her mother was quite fat. It's in the genes. Surprised that she has managed to fight off the inevitable this long.
  12. man-o-war


    Up until after 4am EDT watching last night's stream. She was still going on the west coast when I quit. She is still cute, busty, and thick as ever, but it is now very apparent that she is not going to mix it up with anything (not even belly) to risk another twitch ban. What remains is rather dull, including long gaming sequences. She may get silly as she gets more White Claw and vape in her, but these are going to be all very similar. Until, if and when, she once again puts a little risque in the effort, I've decided her streams are no longer worth the time and missed sleep.
  13. Sarah's peak was 82.7kg (182 lbs) back around the first of the year. Blamed on a post hip surgery lazy aftermath. She then lost about about 10 kg first part of this year, but the kgs have slowly crept back to being now near her peak again. Blamed now on the NZ covid lockdown with too much wine, bad foods, and inactivity. She's not pleased at the moment, and at the urging of her fiance, she has undertaken an 8 week keto challenge to get back to where she wants. The interesting thing about Sarah is what her liposuction and bbl of a few years ago has done to her shape. Although at her tall height, she can carry some extra weight without looking too fat, her surgeries have caused any weight increase to all go disproportionately to her butt, hips, and thighs (and some to her surgically enhanced chest) giving her a very exaggerated hourglass figure. Her midriff is still totally flat as there are no longer any fat cells to expand. Even a tall gal at 80kgs would have a good pudgy belly going on. You can follow her fitness undertakings on her IG "siktofit" channel. I'd show you a couple screen shot captures right now, but IG (and FB) are currently crashed, lol. I happen to really like her (out of) shape appearance now. This keto diet thing is bad news. Hoping it is a bust (pun intended). 😁
  14. man-o-war

    Katy Perry

    Katy says she is still 10 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight. Looks like more than 10 to me. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/katy-perry-prioritizing-happiness-mental-171317351.html
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