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  1. You're claiming to know more about me than I know about myself - but you're wrong! IMAO means "In my arrogant opinion" - that's all it is - not a fan of Christina's look. I saw a repeat of a "Two and a Half Men" episode of just a couple years ago - had a guest appearance by Lynda Carter - now that is a curvy super hot gal in her 60's that I'd do in a heart beat. Question for you since you have no problem commenting on what others are thinking - or not thinking ----- Do you do anything else besides living on this site 24 hours a day - commenting, posting visuals, and insulting other members? Hard to imagine how that can be.
  2. She could be the type - that once she puts the racket down for good - balloons.
  3. Sorry. losing interest - IMAO - Turning old looking and matronly.
  4. dml123

    Selena Gomez

    What kind of camera is that? Looks like a modern version of something you'd use in the 70's.
  5. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    If Kelly is going for the "skeletal" look - its not working.
  6. dml123

    Noelle Foley

    My mother would approve of this gal if I brought her home. Seems to really like her food, and there may be potential long-term - but that waist is far too thin at this point.
  7. Eventually, the yo-yo 30 lb weight gain between acting roles, then loss for the filming, is going to catch up to her. I see a 50 lb gain in the future that won't budge. She's will be a cute extra chubby gal, but this will likely limit her acting opportunities - unless she is willing to take on the matronly middle age supporting roles. Anyways, nice double chin in this most recent video.
  8. Is it my imagination, or is it possible that Lucy may finally be getting more secure in her chubby skin? It seems to me that she has begun to flaunt her killer curves (including belly) more in front of the camera. Could be just my wishful thinking, though.
  9. dml123

    Selena Gomez

    Haven't you ever seen a person on a steroid based drug (like prednisone)? Most organ transplant patients are on some form of steroid drug for anti-rejection purposes. These drugs give you a fat face and soft belly. Selena always had a naturally round face before her health issues - drugs will accentuate the effect.
  10. Paige is proof that you do not have to be overweight, or a gainer, to be worthy of a spot at a site named CURVAGE.
  11. Colleen Camp - From the hot maid you lusted for in the movie Clue to now ---
  12. She's not piling on any weight (appears to have lost the gain from a few months ago) - but WOW - what a body! Her IG account is worth following.
  13. dml123

    Noelle Foley

    Food, food, food, everywhere with this gal - but she doesn't gain. Worth following anyway for the cuteness and vibrant personality - what a girlfriend she'd make!
  14. What a chubby beauty. THIGHS to die for.
  15. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    If I found a bottle with a Genie inside - I would make this gal my first wish - the remaining two wishes would be unnecessary.
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