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  1. dml123

    Noelle Foley

    Agree - but what the hell is going on? Does she ever eat any of this food? Food everywhere but on her body. If she is eating, what is her secret? Does she spend 10 hours a day in the gym, or does she have a tapeworm?
  2. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    God, has she started to wear her grand-mother's clothes?
  3. Just watched the new video of Lucy in the yellow outfit - she looks big - biggest ever, IMO. However, just like other recent vids, there is very little revealing footage. This one has some of the most evasive filming I have ever seen to not fully expose the subject of the shoot - simply ridiculous. Lucy, you are big - everyone can see it. You continue to do modeling shoots for an audience looking for plus-size material, but you are hiding from your true self. Makes no sense.
  4. Wow, I did expect when I resurrected this thread that it would result in some controversy - it certainly has woken up some of the Curvage folks from the dead - which was needed. However, I more rather expected all those on here who were stiffed by Azsmiss in the past would again come out of the woodwork to express their old grievances and hatred for her. What I didn't expect was this to turn into a discussion of who is bigoted, and who isn't. You can continue to comment about what you think of the situation with Azismiss, but I think we should now chill with the back & forth about opinions of another one's personal thoughts and beliefs.
  5. Ah, she still has an active account on at least one FA website - that makes her STILL relevant, and a subject for discussion and opinion. If you are personally no longer interested in her, why are you reading this thread, and commenting? You are entitled to whatever opinions you have about her, or the situation, but you have no business chastising others for offering theirs. Rumors? Not 100% confirmed? The information comes directly from her user account. I suppose that she could be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of her followers, but please offer up some theories on why she would do that.
  6. dml123

    Nigella Lawson

    She is the big 6-0 on her next birthday. Amazing genes!
  7. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    Her clothes these days are so unflattering. She'd look better if she just accepted her curves and wore outfits that surrounded them. Will we ever get to see that belly again?
  8. Thanks for the faith in me, bub. It is called f_e_a_b_i_e, and she has had accounts on there for some time. I don't think it is proper to disclose her username here, but if you actually know anything about her/him, you will find her/him in a search. I assume you know what "FTM" stands for.
  9. I wonder what will happen to those massive & luscious boobs - have them removed? Talk about sacrilege!!!
  10. At the risk of suffering the wrath of the anti Azismiss/AA crowd - I thought this to be news worthy enough to revive the thread -- Azismiss is soon to become a man. New haircut already in place. Put that in your pipe and smoke it awhile.
  11. Picture of Sarah from today in Bali. I don't see an extra weight, or expectation of anything happening anytime soon. Sorry to all those who had hopes, but I think this thread can be retired.
  12. You are not totally off base with your comments, and I still believe in Lucy too. However, it may seem like child's age to some of us, but 30 years old for a glamour model is pushing the upper limits. She does need to decide where her place is and go all in - either as she is now, thinner, or bigger. Also, it is not true that you cannot make money weighing "a ton". The SSBBW scene is very active and there are models making excellent money - Cherries, Layla, Marilyn, Mary Boberry - to just name a few. I am not much of a SSBBW fan, personally, and would not want to see Lucy go there, but there are opportunities at all sizes.
  13. dml123

    Kelly Brook

  14. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    Yeah, what a farce. She must have one rock solid contract with SlimFast in her favor, or they would have canned her plump butt a while ago, On another related note - are we all waiting in great anticipation for the "latest" triumphant return from obesity of Jessica Simpson? She is supposedly working hard to get that waist back and allow the world to see her again. How many times do we have to go through this? You are a natural fatty, Jessica - when are you going to accept this fact and be free from the social pressures? Soon, nobody will care anyway, as you are rapidly approaching your over-the-hill days.
  15. IMAO, you both make points - it is not her weight at issue - she remains big, curvy, and sexy - it is the material itself. The sets are not very creative or revealing - usually you watch 3/4 of it before she even gets those awesome jugs out, and then it soon ends without much further exposure or action. It is almost like she has reverted back to being ashamed of her size which seemed an issue when she first piled weight on in fast order. Still it is hard to fathom, as she will readily admit to being a big girl now.
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