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  1. Check out my latest clip ♥️ My 7 month bump date ! 


  2. Chinkys 7 month belly update


  3. Don’t forget to purchase my newest clip and the next one I upload will be a pregnancy cravings stuffing


    1. Pmacovereasy


      Should totally do a weigh in too

  4. Don’t forget to check out my latest clip loves ♥️


    1. Lj1690


      Loving these preggo vids 

  5. Pregnant bed belly play and huge jiggles 💖


  6. My hottest moments clip is on sale NOW for only $4♥️


    1. grateful


      LTNS!  😍

      Great idea!  🥰

      Thanks for the update!  😁

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Huh, right now it's saying the file is not available.

  7. New compilation clip is out ♥️ My hottest moments in one video! 


  8. This is a compilation of my hottest moments ! Includes some of my favorite clips and sexiest clips !


  9. How about a chinky jawns hottest moments clip today ♥️?

    1. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      Hell yeah, that'd be awesome!

    2. StuffingCentral


      Go For it

      Yes Yes Yes GIF

  10. Do not forget to check out my newest clip to see my 20 week update ♥️



    1. jonasctba


      You are so big I hope you get even bigger after pregnancy

  11. MY NEW CLIP IS OUT ♥️♥️♥️


  12. My belly update has been submitted and is waiting approval ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. Maverick500


      Your so fat and sexy😘

    2. jonasctba


      I love girls who are fat and pregnant ❤

  13. A compilation of chinkys belly growth plus a 20 week pregnancy belly update !!


  14. New video coming out today ♥️ Stay tuned cuties   !

    1. Blompi



    2. Jordan


      Can't wait to see the new video 😍

    3. Yori Mor

      Yori Mor

      I think we all missed you like a lot cause girl you a sexy as hell and bummed us to see you go away

    4. jonasctba


      I'm so glad to see you here again ❤

  15. Hey cuties I just wanted to give an update that I WILL be returning very soon . I’m getting out of that sick phase and now starting to have quite the appetite 💕 I do how ever want to ask my followers a question . Now that I’m pregnant and my belly growth will be quite different than just weight gain, what would you guys love to see ? I’m still very dedicated to reaching my goal and continue to make great content for you guys but I’m also very new to being pregnant and filming weight gain videos while pregnant . I know there was quite a few awesome models on here who shared their content on here while pregnant and would love to see what you guys want from me now that I’m on this journey 💕 much love to you all cuties

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    2. Sexy_Beast_444




    3. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Oh wow I didn't know you were pregnant congratulations!! That is such wonderful news. I hope you are well and you and your partner and family are all staying safe ❤️ 

    4. Drya1bl


      We miss you

    5. bellyfan19


      Yes, you are definitely missed.  I was just going to post the same earlier today and then I got side-tracked with work.  Hope you are doing well. 

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