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  1. Hey cuties I just wanted to give an update that I WILL be returning very soon . I’m getting out of that sick phase and now starting to have quite the appetite 💕 I do how ever want to ask my followers a question . Now that I’m pregnant and my belly growth will be quite different than just weight gain, what would you guys love to see ? I’m still very dedicated to reaching my goal and continue to make great content for you guys but I’m also very new to being pregnant and filming weight gain videos while pregnant . I know there was quite a few awesome models on here who shared their content on here while pregnant and would love to see what you guys want from me now that I’m on this journey 💕 much love to you all cuties

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    2. vegetaover9000


      I would love to see you have a nice and healthy pregnancy and grow a strong and healthy baby and share the chages of your body with us, and comment about everything. Pregnancy is very beautiful. Eat a lot of really healthy food and in good amount. By healthy I mean no industrialized crap  and only natural stuff that is full of vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, etc, etc, etc. For exemple: A nice dish of a big steak (yes, animals of any kind, made of flesh and bones just like you, after eggs the most complete food around, full of protein and vitamins), mashed potatoes or rice to give you energy (with real butter or olive oil and no margerine or hydrogenated shit) and lots of different vegetables(different vegetables have different vitamins). Eggs are the best food around and are cheap, they have everything life needs (well, they nourish a life inside them, just like you are doing now).

      Stay away from margerine, donuts, cheetos, industrialized ice cream, refined oils (canola, cottonseed, soy, sunflower(the least worse but still not good)), hydrogenated fat, stuff full of food preservatives. Don't be afraid to eat stuff with lots of animal fat (like some very nice ribs of stuff fried in lard), olive oil, any types of nuts and avocados because that stuff is healthy for you and for the baby, it will help developing its brain because brain needs fat and is the basis of hormones. There is evidence margerine and hydrogenated stuff leads to alzheimer and it can cause atherosclerosis and it is obviously bad for the development of an infant. Well, you you want to stuff, stuff yourself with healthy foods, like the sumo fighters do.

      Oh yes, and sunbathe a lot, get really tanned, it will raise your vitamin D levels and reduce the risk of depression and other mental diseases and it will help with the growth of your baby and protect you from delevoping severe symptoms from COVID 19.


    3. Chimaira10


      Boobs are heaving now along with your belly 😍😍

    4. Sexy_Beast_444




    5. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Oh wow I didn't know you were pregnant congratulations!! That is such wonderful news. I hope you are well and you and your partner and family are all staying safe ❤️ 

    6. Drya1bl
    7. bellyfan19


      Yes, you are definitely missed.  I was just going to post the same earlier today and then I got side-tracked with work.  Hope you are doing well. 

  2. I hope you’re feeling better. We miss you! Much positive energy your way for no complications with your pregnancy.

    1. Chinky Jawn

      Chinky Jawn

      Miss you guys as well💕 wait till I can eat again , I’ll be making up for all those missed meals !💕

    2. Chuckgreen505


      Miss you too piggy 🐖🐖😍😍

  3. Hey cuties 🥰 so I guess some people have figured it out , I wanted to say it in a video but yes i am pregnant , I have not been able to post because I haven’t been able to even get out of bed . Let alone eat. The struggle has been real that’s for sure , I’ve been only able to eat crackers and very few at that. I’m going to be taking a small break atleast until I can get up and eat a actual meal. Thank you for all the support and I’m going to miss you guys, in the mean time I’ll be responding to messages. 


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    2. S77



    3. bellyfan19


      Congrats!!!  Sorry you’re having a rough time of it.  You might try plain white rice...

    4. Jordan


      Congratulations that's so awsome 

    5. N29W39


      Congratulations!! and happy for you. Pregnancy is pretty rough but you will learn a lot from it. Looking forward to your big return... when you're ready. 

    6. Chuckgreen505


      Wow congrats❤

  4. Hi sweeties 💕 sorry I’ve been gone for a bit . I have some exciting news I’d like to share in my new video coming soon. A new video should be up Monday 💕

    1. Jordan


      Can't wait to see your new video 😀😀💕💕

    2. gflono86


      Can't wait to hear tha news

    3. wdyw


      Newly wed - super hot - attractive BBW


      Result - pregnant 


      That's my guess - 

    4. zorist


      Good to hear you’re alive 

    5. Vic_1567


      Hopefully you meant this Monday or something

  5. Missing you hard, Gorgeous!  Got a new vid in the works soon?  Hopefully you’re staying healthy and stuffed! ❤️

  6. Omg your so beautiful goddess.😘😘

  7. Check out my newest clip 💕

    quarantine snacking . It’s a smaller clip but I wanted to put it out anyways 💕


    1. zorist


      quarantine has done wonders for your figure ;) 

  8. This quarantine has chinky crazing some cookies and whip cream 😝💕


  9. Check out my latest stuff and chat 💕 


    1. Girlweightgain


      god your getting huge, and it looks amazing!

  10. Chinky just wants to sit down , talk and stuff her face


  11. Hi cuties I will be back with a video Monday 💕💕💕💕 for now please enjoy that most of my videos are half off 💕 


    1. Lysterfiend


      Cute lil chubby arms 🥰

  12. Sale💕

    Half of my clips are now on sale for just $2!! I will be adding more clips to the sale tomorrow 💕💕💕💕





    1. grateful


      Thanks!  ❤️❤️❤️

    2. gflono86


      Sexy af 😍😍😍

  13. How would you guys feel about all my videos being 70% off for the next week or 2? 💕 we all could use entertainment during our quarantines 💕

    1. AJ-Xander


      Well, you certainly know how to entertain us 🤤🔥. Go for it! 

  14. Check out my latest clip💕 CHUB RUB PT.3


  15. Chinky wants to show off her new hair and dance moves💕


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