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    Amazing video Shar! Our Goddess just keeps getting chubbier and heavier, and with that she just becomes sexier and more attractive 🙌Her belly is HUGEEE! It's so satisfying seeing it hang so free and without restraint, making her body so big. Only the imagination is the limit of how it feels and can be used 😉 You can see how much the area around her hips, waist and thighs have grown in size and wideness. Can't believe I'm still watching the same girl that once was this tiny, small model girl that got full from just some tiny snack...and now gourmandize calories without the thought of stopping. You're astonishing Shar, a true Goddess😛 Side note: I really do care about your health, and the most important is that you feel well. If something happens with your health, due to the gaining, please stop and prioritize getting well. We care more about you feeling good, rather than becoming immobile. Your curves is just a big plus for everyone, you are beautiful and always will be Shar. Thx and much love from Sweden! ❤️
    *Burps*..”Pardon me". We love it Shar. 👸 Yes you are fat but you hadn't the perfect body before. Now you got the perfect body. Your boobs look amazing, never seen them so full and stuffed as in this video. Those love handles at the back are amazing. You look really good in blonde hair and tanned skin. It’s so satisfying when you gormandize the food, it’s like you get even more satisfied than us watching. 🐷 I wonder how much more your belly can keep expanding. Besides the side effects of the tummy, what benefits have you found of having a huge belly? The video is amazing, definitely one of better. Keep doing you Shar. I hope besides all the eating and stuffing that you feel good🙌 /Adam
    Hello Shar!👸🏻 My name is Adam and I’m a admirer from Sweden. So I have followed Goddess Shar since she was about 12 stones (170 lbs) and never stopped since. This was the first time thought that I have a bought a video on her and on Curvage. And believe me. If you have a fetish for curves or just admire beautiful women, then this clip won’t make you disappointed. Her belly have become massive and must weight a ton. There are stretchmarks over the whole lower belly now, mostly of the fat hanging. Thighs have become huge. This is the most recognizable double-chin I have seen with her so far, like it really becomes clear when she lies in the bed. I think the boobs and the ass will keep on growing in time. I truly believe this is her biggest and most beautiful version we’ve seen, yet. She gormandizes food now in big proportions like never before and just don’t seem to get enough. She’s is so incredible strong, persistent and dedicated in reaching her goals. Like, I genuinely can’t think of a more beautiful women. You are as perfect as it gets Shar. You will reach 250 lbs in no time, and any goal you set in front of you. My dream is to meet and feed you. I hope you see this Shar, keep doing you👌🏼👸🏻
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