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  1. Whether thin or curvy, you are an absolute stunner. Breathtakingly gorgeous.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. As of this morning both clips show a completed charge while also showing an additional pending charge. However, after your explanation, I'm not going to worry about it. Once again, thanks for your explanation!
  3. Note the use of "potential," it may not be an issue at all, and it is extremely likely I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill I've noticed that with the two clips that I have purchased, the charge for said clip shows up twice when I look at my recent transactions on my mobile banking app. However, (at least for the first clip I've purchased) only one of the two listed charges ends up being approved, while the other stays a "pending" charge. Example: I purchase clip 1. Clip 1 costs $15.99. After purchasing clip 1, two charges of $15.99 show up. Some time passes. One of the two identical charges is approved, the other stays as a pending charge. I realize Curvage doesn't directly handle billing, but should is this cause for concern (admittedly unlikely) or am I overreacting (extremely likely)? Again, I want to specify that I have NOT been double billed, but two charges are showing up per clip, with one being approved, the other staying as a pending charge. Just a quirk with the billing system Curvage uses? Or is it cause for concern? Thanks in advance.
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