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  1. okay but ya girl looks like one of those tumblr feminists now guys. i’m fixing to get my nostril pierced too so let’s see how that goes🥴 had a second mental breakdown on halloween so i decided to dye my hair to Anime (Lime Crime Unicorn Hair)

    Estoy caliente como la mierda pero todavía extraño a mi ex novio 😩 




  2. you look gorgeous babe!  23 stone of softness. Pretty face too!. Would love to see and hear more from you 😊 

    1. bbw.kitten


      thank you! it’s really hard for me to update a lot of the time because i’m super busy with work and when i get off i’m tired! but thank you sooooo much 🥰

  3. I was feeling hot today, so I decided to cool off by getting into my new bikini and show you guys just how good I look in it. I decided that it was entirely too hot to wear even a bikini, so I decided to just take all of my clothes off to cool down a little bit. 😉 I also got some nice POV shots in there so there's a little bit of everything in this photoset for you guys 😋


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