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  1. Your belly looks so good! Love the piercing and stretch marks How much of that weight is from the past 6 months?
  2. Thanks for the follow 😘

  3. Hey, welcome! That is the hottest thing to me when a girl likes showing her chub out in public and seeing peoples reactions. Looking forward to seeing more of you and hearing about some of those experiences
  4. Was on a plane with my girl the other day and she was wearing a tight little cami like in the pics below (yes, that tummy requires a seatbelt extender) She was sitting by the window, and as we were taking off, the bumpy runway was causing her belly to jiggle like crazy! The people sitting next to us leaned slightly forward to look out her window during takeoff and there's no way they could have missed all that jelly bouncing around I couldn't have been more proud to show off my curvy goddess
  5. The other night I took my girl out to one of our favorite breweries. She has been on a pretty strict diet the past few weeks, really trying to avoid carbs and sweets. But when she picked this particular spot for dinner I knew a pig out was coming because she really likes their appetizers and beer. Before we left she was trying on some new clothes, including a really sexy dress. She was thinking of changing again since it was a pretty tight fit, but I told her it looked super hot and so she agreed to wear it to dinner. Once at the restaurant we headed straight for the bar area, which Kate prefers because the tables are higher so she can fit in the booths more comfortably. We started with a few beers and then each got our own order of avocado eggrolls (1,060 calories). I told her I'd drive so she got another beer and then out came a medium deep dish pizza - my girl had 6 slices (1,640 calories). Part way through the pizza she ordered a 4th draft beer (that's 1,200 calories total from the beer). She was really full by this point, but we had a buy-one-get-one coupon on our account for dessert that was expiring soon. She picked a fudge brownie sundae for herself and ate up every last bite (1,360 calories). I paid the bill and she leaned back and moaned that she was too full to walk and that we needed to go slowly. When she stood up from the booth I couldn't believe it! After three weeks of mostly eating healthy, all that beer and pizza had given her a huge bloated belly. The dress was now so tight I could see the complete outline of her stomach, including her love handles and belly button. She took hold of my arm and rested her other hand on her bloated belly just above the navel. Slowly we made our way across the bar area, through the restaurant, and past the valet workers and a couple groups of people in the parking lot. She continued holding her stomach until I opened the car door for her to get in. On the drive home she couldn't stop burping, which is unusual for her. About half way there she leaned her seat back and fell asleep with all 5,260 calories worth of food and beer still sitting in her stomach.
  6. Okay, fast forward a couple of years - Kate and I ran off together and she has gotten fatter She already knew about some of my fetishes when we got together from having been close friends with my ex, and she has just eaten them up (literally!). After she left her controlling ex, I was excited to test the limits of her appetite. Week after week I ordered us pizzas and took her out to all her favorite restaurants - Mexican, Italian, American - and filled her up with all the fattening food and beer she could handle. Her binge eating got out of control again pretty fast. She would frequently eat until her stomach hurt without any coaxing from me, and sometimes she'd stuff herself so bad that it was a struggle for her to keep everything down. All this out of control eating and her continual cravings for sweets has been so hot! But after gaining another 50lbs in just 18 months, and also struggling with some back problems, she is now trying to get her weight under control. She has given me permission to post some pics so long as I blur out her pretty face.
  7. Here’s another experience with Kate... This is an interaction Kate told my ex about, who then repeated it to me. She was picking up her bf from work one day, and when he got in the car he was staring at her belly for a minute and then told her, "You need to not eat fast food anymore". A couple days after this happened I was hanging out with Kate while our partners were working. She said she was hungry and I offered to take her to McDonalds, which was just around the corner. She agreed, and then once we were in the drive-thru line she tells me, “I’m not supposed to be eating this stuff”. I told her I wouldn’t tell anyone and then ordered a whole bunch of stuff, hoping it would encourage her not to hold back. She ended up getting a chicken tenders meal with large fries and soda, and two double burgers. Later that day we met up with the girl I was dating, and after running a couple errands we all stopped for ice cream. My ex was dieting, trying to get her chub under control before swimsuit season, and she got a small cup of ice cream with fruit. Whereas, Kate took full advantage of her boyfriend’s absence and ordered a big sundae with brownies and all her favorite chocolates on top. Knowing that she had just been told to lose weight, the way she was eating was just naughty and rebellious
  8. Beautiful! There's nothing hotter than owning your curves out in public like that
  9. I have to tell you about Kate. I first met her in college, she was a close friend of the girl I was dating at the time. She was only 5'2" or 5'3" but with an incredibly curvy body and the most beautiful face. Slightly chubby cheeks and upper arms. She's got big perky DDs and there is naturally this little bit of an arch in her lower back that causes her big round booty to stick out in the hottest way. She also had a chubby little belly that stuck out just enough to be noticeable in most of her outfits. She was the heaviest girl in that group of friends and I've gotten to spend tons of time with her as well as hearing some stories from her friend I used to date. She moved into an apartment with her bf, and as low-income college students, were living off tons of drive-thru food and cheap pizza. We were always over there barbecuing, swimming, drinking tons of beer, baking cookies. I remember my ex telling me this girl had "problems" with binge eating, and so she was always trying to encourage her to exercise and come to Weight Watchers meetings, but I don't think they went to very many together. During one semester this girl put on a huge amount of weight really quickly (30-40lbs) to the point where everyone was talking about it including my ex. One day we were at a brewery celebrating someone's birthday, and Kate pointed out a very heavy girl in the room who had recently had a baby and asked me if she looked as big as her. I told her "no way" and that she still looked super hot. But in truth, she was closer to that girl's size probably than anyone else at the party. She had put on weight all over, but what was most noticeable was her stomach. She now had a proper little spare tire that hung over the waistband of her jeans. On one occasion around that time we were all hanging out doing tons of beer bongs (I've always loved getting her drunk) and the topic of her high school cheerleading days came up. Soon she was running back and forth doing cartwheels and round offs, and each time her shirt rode up and exposed her big jelly belly, which was bouncing around all over the place! I think her bf was really embarrassed, but to me it was so exciting I'll never forget. Another time a bunch of us were hanging out over there drinking beer and we ordered several pizzas and appetizers. I watched Kate in her tube top and booty shorts putting away plate after plate of pizza and bread sticks with extra sauce and ranch dip. Shortly after that she walked past me holding her bloated belly, heading towards the bedroom. Her boyfriend went to check on her and then told everyone that she had an upset stomach and needed to lay down for a while. I heard about several situations where that big appetite got her into trouble. I remember my ex telling me that Kate got written up at work for calling out sick with stomach aches too often. I was privy to a conversation between her bf at the time and my gf at the time that went like this... my ex: how is Kate feeling? Will she be here soon? her bf: yes, she is better today. But damn, she really loses control sometimes. The other night she got high and ate a whole tub of ice cream. Sometimes dairy doesn't agree with her. She made herself so sick she called out of work in the morning and spent all day in bed with a tummy ache. my ex: f*** that! Make her get up and walk it off. She shouldn't be rewarded for pigging out like that. There were many times when we would stop and pick up drive thru fast food after late nights out on the town. One time we went to In-N-Out and Kate ordered a 4X4 with animal style fries (that's a quadruple burger with cheese-smothered French fries from the secret menu). I gave her a high five when she ordered it. How often do you see a really hot girl order something like that? And she ate the whole thing, no problem.
  10. This is my favorite thing! I absolutely love showing off my fat goddess Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm new to the site. My girl is extremely curvaceous and most of the time she's completely unapologetic about it. She's only 5'3 and over 250lbs. She has a smaller frame, so her belly sticks out a lot, and she also has big boobs and a huge behind. She mostly wears tight-fitting clothes - low cut shirts, skin tight jeans, booty shorts, yoga pants, and tops that cling to her shape. It's fun taking her out to eat all the time, we have become regulars at many restaurants. We go out for huge dinners and brunches and she'll eat til she can barely move. It can be especially hot eating at sidewalk cafes or pubs with high tables where her curves and meal choices are even more out on display. It can also be exciting to do simple things like grocery shopping or walking around the block since she won't feel the need to get dressed up, and often goes wearing little undershirts or workout clothes that don't quite fit like they used to. When people stare because they think she's hot, that's fine. When they stare because they think she's too fat and/or shouldn't be eating what she's eating or wearing what she's wearing, I'm cool with that as well. I'm always proud that she's my girl. She is the perfect representation of what I like - both physically and as the person I'm in love with.
  11. I think there's a definite correlation between weed and overeating. My girl sometimes uses a vape pen, sometimes a water pipe. Ganja and beer almost always cause her to pig out
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