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  1. I made my first weigh in video! I am so excited to do part 2!! I have my Valentine's day outfit on that I bought to wear for my feeder I hope you all enjoy it too!! You will be surprised of how much I weigh, I know I was!!! I hope to see a difference in the next few days🎀


  2. Good evening 🤗, so.... I am waiting approval but...

    I made my first weigh in video! I am so excited to do part 2!! I have my Valentine's day outfit on that I bought to wear for my feeder ;) I hope you all enjoy it too!!  Preview pictures below💜

    Screenshot_20200208-185607_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200208-185813_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200208-185836_Video Player.jpg


    1. Kyle82386


      Ask that wedding ring getting noticeably tight? 

  3. Video coming soon! Waiting for approval..

    Description below!!! 


    New video! So I did something....out of my comfort zone...I experimented with lotion while doing belly play and i even got the courage to do a little soft sweet talking!!!!!! 😉 my belly is bigger than ever!! I am amazed by how I've grown into this beautiful thick woman. I don't want to stop nor be shy anymore🙃

    Screenshot_20200131-153837_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200131-154013_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200131-153907_Video Player.jpg

    1. mrfatfatfatlover


      Really looking wonderful

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you! Your very sweet 😊

    3. Jackfrost509


      U do look amazing love ur stretch marks and ur bra looks cute 😍

  4. New video! So I did something....out of my comfort zone...I experimented with lotion while doing belly play and i even got the courage to do a little soft sweet talking!!!!!! 😉 my belly is bigger than ever!! I am amazed by how I've grown into this beautiful thick women. I don't want to stop nor be shy anymore🙃


  5. Watch me show off my size medium outgrown lingerie, my breasts look like they are going to pop right out! & of course, my belly is full, round and jiggly! 😉


  6. Ughh, it's been a long day.. Now I'm finally getting ready to relax & enjoy the evening on the couch with snacks & Netflix!! 🤤❤ I'll be uploading my recent video soon to be approved!! Sneak peek below 😉 sexy mama!!!💋

    Screenshot_20200125-162823_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-162844_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-162956_Video Player.jpg

    1. regbill


      You are a sexy mama indeed!😍

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you!! These comments always help me feel more comfortable with myself; I really do appreciate it 😊

  7. Good morning love's! 💜Thank you all for your support!  It feels amazing that you all welcomed  me back with open arms ☺ please don't hesitate to leave some feed back 😉 your thoughts mean so much to me, more than you know!  

  8. 😍 Watch me play with my round belly while in my Valentine's Day outfit! I know its early but I couldn't resist, it's so cute! This outfit complements my curves so well 😉 I hope you all enjoy💕


  9. Sneak peek of my new video! Finally had time and had you all on my mind 😉 Don't forget Valentine's day is coming up! 💕




    1. TemptressAurora


      💋❤ My favorite so far! I feel so soft and chubby!

    2. regbill


      From what I can see you should feel soft and chubby because you are soft and chubby.❤️

  10. Snack before work!! Chocolate icecream! 😉 I hope I gain a little more soon, I need to keep eating....I feel like I've been at a standstill...


  11. Midnight snack after getting off work!! Burritos with ranch, yum!🤤 I was kind of in a sexy mood tonight wearing my size small night gown from almost 6 years ago!!! Wow!









    1. Justin peterson

      Justin peterson

      That is so sexy and I love how you showed us your progress , what a true fatty for sure .

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you!!!😊

  12. Here it is!! My latest video I've made since I've been gone; have you noticed I haven't stopped gaining?! I tried to hold back while I was gone, but honestly? I think it made my cravings worse.. it's hard to turn back once you've already began letting yourself go!! Enjoy 😉 I know I have!! ❤


  13. Hey all!!

    Soo... I know I've been away for a while; I've had alot on my mind and alot going on.. but isn't it lovely when someone is away a while and they end up coming back noticeably.. bigger? Because that's exactly what these past several months have done to;; yours truly 🥰 & this wasn't even intentional!! But I guess there's no turning back once you learn the, "indulge & let go" life 🤤




    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Welcome back! Definitely looks like it's too late to go back -- so might as well just embrace it as you get bigger...and bigger... :D 

    2. biggerisbetter97


      Looks like you've been really enjoying yourself, you look sexier than ever! Glad to see you're back, hope all is well

    3. TemptressAurora


      I am so happy to be back 😊 Thank you all for the sweetness and support💕

  14. Watch me struggle as I squeeze into another pair of old shorts after gaining some more weight! I don't think it'll stop any time soon, I've been indulging for too long to turn back now 😉


  15. Haven't been on in a few days, but rest assured I'm still stuffing myself every night!! 🤤 just finished a full plate of meatloaf, fried okra, and mashed potatoes!! Also had about half a bag of chips 😅 ..and yet the night is still very young 😉


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    2. ViolentMasticator


      I believe an update photo may be in order m'veritable ventripotent vixen 

    3. regbill


      It looks like somebody is getting softer.😉

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