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  1. My newest video! I've been trying to gain before posting a new video...have I gotten bigger?? Let me know what you think enjoy watching me bend over with my big belly!


  2. Good evening everyone 😍 shout out to all my lovely followers, thank you for sticking by me even tho I haven't been very active... 

    I've made a new video!! Have I gotten bigger?? Would love your feedback 🙃

    Screenshot_20200830-174328_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200830-174401_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200830-174430_Video Player.jpg

    1. regbill


      You may not have been active on Curvage lately but after looking at your pics you still seem to be actively gaining.

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you! I'm glad I look like I've gained...I was getting worried I was at a standstill. I'm going to try to be more active ☺

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are looking fantastic in those shorts and top. You are growing into your clothes better and better.

    4. TemptressAurora


      Thank you! I'm glad everyone is noticing ;)

  3. It's been a long time since I have posted an update..

    I've missed curvage so much..

    & gosh this is the first picture I've taken in a while! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves!! 



    1. regbill


      It's nice to have you back on Curvage and I have to say that pics is absolutely gorgeous,

  4. Love you in them miss me jeans 

  5. I made my first weigh in video! I am so excited to do part 2!! I have my Valentine's day outfit on that I bought to wear for my feeder I hope you all enjoy it too!! You will be surprised of how much I weigh, I know I was!!! I hope to see a difference in the next few days🎀


  6. Good evening 🤗, so.... I am waiting approval but...

    I made my first weigh in video! I am so excited to do part 2!! I have my Valentine's day outfit on that I bought to wear for my feeder ;) I hope you all enjoy it too!!  Preview pictures below💜

    Screenshot_20200208-185607_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200208-185813_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200208-185836_Video Player.jpg


    1. Kyle82386


      Ask that wedding ring getting noticeably tight? 

  7. Video coming soon! Waiting for approval..

    Description below!!! 


    New video! So I did something....out of my comfort zone...I experimented with lotion while doing belly play and i even got the courage to do a little soft sweet talking!!!!!! 😉 my belly is bigger than ever!! I am amazed by how I've grown into this beautiful thick woman. I don't want to stop nor be shy anymore🙃

    Screenshot_20200131-153837_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200131-154013_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200131-153907_Video Player.jpg

    1. mrfatfatfatlover


      Really looking wonderful

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you! Your very sweet 😊

    3. Jackfrost509


      U do look amazing love ur stretch marks and ur bra looks cute 😍

  8. New video! So I did something....out of my comfort zone...I experimented with lotion while doing belly play and i even got the courage to do a little soft sweet talking!!!!!! 😉 my belly is bigger than ever!! I am amazed by how I've grown into this beautiful thick women. I don't want to stop nor be shy anymore🙃


  9. Watch me show off my size medium outgrown lingerie, my breasts look like they are going to pop right out! & of course, my belly is full, round and jiggly! 😉


  10. Ughh, it's been a long day.. Now I'm finally getting ready to relax & enjoy the evening on the couch with snacks & Netflix!! 🤤❤ I'll be uploading my recent video soon to be approved!! Sneak peek below 😉 sexy mama!!!💋

    Screenshot_20200125-162823_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-162844_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-162956_Video Player.jpg

    1. regbill


      You are a sexy mama indeed!😍

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you!! These comments always help me feel more comfortable with myself; I really do appreciate it 😊

  11. Good morning love's! 💜Thank you all for your support!  It feels amazing that you all welcomed  me back with open arms ☺ please don't hesitate to leave some feed back 😉 your thoughts mean so much to me, more than you know!  

  12. 😍 Watch me play with my round belly while in my Valentine's Day outfit! I know its early but I couldn't resist, it's so cute! This outfit complements my curves so well 😉 I hope you all enjoy💕


  13. Sneak peek of my new video! Finally had time and had you all on my mind 😉 Don't forget Valentine's day is coming up! 💕




    1. TemptressAurora


      💋❤ My favorite so far! I feel so soft and chubby!

    2. regbill


      From what I can see you should feel soft and chubby because you are soft and chubby.❤️

  14. Snack before work!! Chocolate icecream! 😉 I hope I gain a little more soon, I need to keep eating....I feel like I've been at a standstill...


  15. Midnight snack after getting off work!! Burritos with ranch, yum!🤤 I was kind of in a sexy mood tonight wearing my size small night gown from almost 6 years ago!!! Wow!









    1. Justin peterson

      Justin peterson

      That is so sexy and I love how you showed us your progress , what a true fatty for sure .

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you!!!😊

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