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  1. Snack before work!! Chocolate icecream! 😉 I hope I gain a little more soon, I need to keep eating....I feel like I've been at a standstill...


  2. Midnight snack after getting off work!! Burritos with ranch, yum!🤤 I was kind of in a sexy mood tonight wearing my size small night gown from almost 6 years ago!!! Wow!









    1. Justin peterson

      Justin peterson

      That is so sexy and I love how you showed us your progress , what a true fatty for sure .

    2. TemptressAurora
  3. Here it is!! My latest video I've made since I've been gone; have you noticed I haven't stopped gaining?! I tried to hold back while I was gone, but honestly? I think it made my cravings worse.. it's hard to turn back once you've already began letting yourself go!! Enjoy 😉 I know I have!! ❤


  4. Hey all!!

    Soo... I know I've been away for a while; I've had alot on my mind and alot going on.. but isn't it lovely when someone is away a while and they end up coming back noticeably.. bigger? Because that's exactly what these past several months have done to;; yours truly 🥰 & this wasn't even intentional!! But I guess there's no turning back once you learn the, "indulge & let go" life 🤤




    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Welcome back! Definitely looks like it's too late to go back -- so might as well just embrace it as you get bigger...and bigger... :D 

    2. biggerisbetter97


      Looks like you've been really enjoying yourself, you look sexier than ever! Glad to see you're back, hope all is well

  5. Watch me struggle as I squeeze into another pair of old shorts after gaining some more weight! I don't think it'll stop any time soon, I've been indulging for too long to turn back now 😉


  6. Haven't been on in a few days, but rest assured I'm still stuffing myself every night!! 🤤 just finished a full plate of meatloaf, fried okra, and mashed potatoes!! Also had about half a bag of chips 😅 ..and yet the night is still very young 😉


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    2. ViolentMasticator


      I believe an update photo may be in order m'veritable ventripotent vixen 

    3. regbill


      It looks like somebody is getting softer.😉

  7. Finally got around to uploading my lingerie nightgown clip!! Now getting to my other clip, both should be approved soon! I can really feel my belly beginning to hang; it seems to be where all my weight is going! And yet I can still feel my entire body continuing to grow 😉 stay tuned!! 🤤

    Screenshot_20190811-191115_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20190811-191034_Video Player.jpg

    1. regbill


      You're filling out quite nicely.:)

      I especially love the 2nd pic because we get a peek at soft thighs.;)

    2. TemptressAurora


      Thank you! I'm hoping I can even out a bit more, but I am enjoying my soft belly 🤗 & aw, thank youuu!! Hopefully my thighs will get thicker too 😋

  8. Finally got around to slipping on my old nightgown! I'm definitely filling it out, but I think it looks better than before 😉 watch my belly begin to hang as I continue to gain weight and play with my belly in bed! Enjoy!! 🥰


  9. Sorry I'm late! I know I mentioned uploading a clip after I got off work, but I haven't found the opportunity to get to it! Well.. That and I've been a little more lazy than usual 😅 But! I'll make it up to you all; I found yet another old summer outfit to try and squeeze into!! So I'll be uploading at least 2 more clips this weekend; something to look forward to!!

    P.S. I've definitely still been gaining, is it becoming more noticeable?? 😉



  10. Good morning!! 😊 so I decided to go through more of my lingerie last night!! This particular dress is a size medium😮 Can you guess what size I wear now? I will try to post a video tonight after I get off work!! Here are some pictures of what's to come 😉



    1. TemptressAurora
    2. regbill


      I love how your lingerie is having a hard time containing your growing figure.❤️

  11. Finally got around to doing a heavy cream video!! I never had it before, so it was definitely interesting 😉 the clip should be approved soon! I'm excited to try new attempts and challenges as I continue to gain; don't be afraid to make requests! I'm open to trying new things 😋

    Screenshot_20190805-184214_Video Player.jpg

  12. Watch me and my first attempt drinking heavy cream! I've never had it before so it will be interesting! I also talk a bit in this clip!! Hope you all enjoy!! 🥰


  13. Hello everyone, I just want to start out by saying thank you!! Thank you for all the positive feedback, and comments everyone has left on my page! Being on curvage has changed my mind set for the better 😅 I'm more confident with my body, I also have been more sexual with my husband😉 I know now that it is ok to be a bigger women. My husband has been trying for years to have me gain weight. And really I had no idea why? I thought to myself hmmm well maybe he just likes bigger women. But oh no when he finally sat down and really talked to me about this community and what it's about, it really opened my eyes. It's much more than just women being bigger. But accepting that your body is meant to grow and women are meant to have curves and give our men a safe place to love & comfort. To give encouragement to those that just want to let go and be beautiful without judgment! These last 4 weeks on curvage have been amazing, everyone is friendly, kind, and so supportive! I was a little hesitant at first, but quickly learned it's not just true in your dreams but it can be reality. Sincerely, Temptressaurora
  14. Hey guys!! I just posted another photoshoot to be approved 🤗 this one is my favorite so far! I am getting more and more comfortable with my body each day! 🙃 


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    2. Kenzo998


      Do you have a goal weight by any chance? 

    3. TemptressAurora


      I do have a goal 😊 I'd like to gain up to 30 more pounds! I think I can do it 😋

  15. I was up all night eating again! 😅 I enjoy it way to much!! 😋 I wanted to share with you some pictures, (showing off my big belly from all angles!)


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